Symptomatic Addict

Symptomatic Addict

by Philippa Sue Richardson


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ISBN-13: 9781452527062
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 01/07/2015
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

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Symptomatic Addict

By Philippa Sue Richardson

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Philippa Sue Richardson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2706-2


The Real World

"Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom"

By Dr. Len Lopez Nutrition and fitness expert

The Real world is relentless, demanding and sometimes even cruel.

I like to write in my own time, on my own in a safe environment.

In the world of work, people always want something from you and you're constantly asking for something of others.

I am constantly thinking and I don't always have someone to share my thoughts with. When in different environments different thoughts become verbalised and heard or discussed. I don't always get to talk about what I want to as it would be considered inappropriate.

We all work in different ways, we are different people. How often does your work go unnoticed?

When I was young I felt like I was invisible. My boyfriend at 15yrs old told me "There's nothing to you". I was very insulted. He also later called me boring. One of the many reasons we broke up.

Still when I talk it feels like no one is listening sometimes. Now I do poetry readings up the front on a mic.

When we learn something from another person, we are learning something that is already known by many other people. When we have an understanding of an idea, big or small, we have knowledge. And knowledge is powerful.

The things I have learned I have chosen to accept or reject. Sometimes I just walk around keeping them in mind.

During my time with Strawberry fields Production Team I came across information about who's who.

I will share with you what I found out.

Environmental management
Media relations
Market Stall Manager
Workshop Coordinator
Sound & Lighting
Lead Stage Manager
Bar Manager
Land Owner/BBQ
Kitchen Staff
Head of Security
Head of Medical
Site Manager

I think people try to make you believe in what they accept as knowledge and what they believe in themselves. This may or may not be good for you.

Have they closed themselves to other ideas and possibilities?

Who decides what is true?

Can you explain what's in your mind?

What do people perceive is wrong with my mind?

I hallucinate, not from drugs.

I hear voices, animals and plants.

Music is like words, it speaks to me.

My spiritual beliefs can be interpreted as delusions.

I whole heartedly believe in telepathy.

I interpret what people say differently to how someone else would interpret it.

I don't understand a lot of people.

I think a lot of people don't understand me.

I am grateful for my friends and family, and those who have been kind to me.

I had a blast volunteering with Midsumma Festival as Box Office Manager.

Whatever the sexuality we are all human.

Friends are more important than money.

People earn what they've got Some people have everything they want Some people have everything they need

Dear D

Have you organised team leaders for Performing Arts, Music, Community, Film, Sport, Spoken Word, Parties???

Dear E

I'm totally supportive of the GLBT community. Being a part of this event means a lot to me. I want to have some fun! PS I want your job

I found inspiration from the Midsumma team.

I will be leading some of the Visual Arts Programs: Inquisitarium & Queer Collective

I would like to attend the 'How I found my Niche' event at the substation.

Opening ceremony for Midsumm 2014 is at Alexandra Gardens this coming Sunday.

I have been offered tickets to the after party CONFETTI, where the Presets will be playing.

I have applied to volunteer at the Sustainable Living Festival held here in Melbourne.

Looking forward to finding out new ideas.

I have written a children's book and will be purchasing my Working with Children's Check tomorrow.

Reality people

Some of the amazing things I've done include:

Rock Climbing
White Water Rafting
Horse Riding

A list of Events I have worked at and had the privilege of being involved in include:


2013 ATOM Awards Evening
Usher/customer service

AHA Awards Atlantic Group [v]

Hawks Merchandise
Sales/stocktake/customer service

MasterChef Kitchen Tour
INH Event Assistant Volunteer

Media Launch Spring Fashion Week
F&B Attendant

P!NK Tour Pre Event Function
Event Host

Good Food & Wine Show
Manager Decanter Bar

Melbourne Jazz Festival

St Kilda Film Festival
Event staff/usher/ticket scanner

Noosa International Food and Wine Festival
Waitress/Event Staff

Glow Run
Event Volunteer

Bar Staff

Asset Management Conference
Liquid Learning

Grand Prix
Box Office/ticket seller

Ticket scanning/event staff

Fan packages/box office

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
Chan's Dumpling Festival
Event staff

Wristbanding/event staff

Leadership Psychology Conference
Liquid Learning

St Kilda Festival
Event Staff

Laneway Festival
Bar Staff, cashier

Big Day Out
Bar Staff

Midsumma Festival
Team Leader Visual Arts and Other Events

2012 - 2013 Falls Festival Lorne
Wristbanding 2ic supervisor/manager

2012 Polo in the City
Event staff, ticketing, wristbanding

Melbourne Music Week
Event staff, ticketing, bump in/out

Coldplay Concert Etihad Stadium
Handing out Fan Packages
Event staff/Customer Service

Ride to Conquer Cancer
Event staff, bump in/out, registrations

Pinot Palooza
Volunteer Coordinator
Event Management

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Customer service/usher

Melbourne Writers Festival
Box Office
Customer service, customer enquiries

Melbourne Day
Volunteer Event Management

Bring Back the Beat
Sponsorship Coordinator
Event Management, Volunteer supervisor, front

Bluesfest Byron Bay NSW
Bar staff

2011 - 2012 Woodford Folk Festival
Cafe staff, cashier, customer service

2011 Festival of Voices
Bar staff, fire warden

Living Local Feast
Waitressing, food service, drink service

Three Peaks Race
Time keeping, gear check

Power Plant
Ticket usher, customer service, information

Cygnet Folk Festival
Event staff
Box office

2010 Action Sports
Event staff

Why Didn't I think of That Conference
Event manager assistant
Games coordinator

2009 Soundscape
Waste Management, report
Regatta Grounds Australia Day Celebration

National Series xc
Mountain Biking Australia
Events, assistant
Record keeping, report, Transponders

2008 Hobart Cup Summer Racing Carnival
Serving drinks, bar staff
Event Staff
Box Office, cash registers, ticket sales,

2007 – 2008 Falls Festival
Event staff
Wristbanding, ticket checking, ticket exchange,
customer enquiry
Supervisor: Trish

2006 - 2007 Falls Festival
Vehicle inspection

2005 Big Day Out
Shop Assistant
Health Care

The Great Escape
Loveworks Natural Therapies
Sydney Olympic Park

Events is a passion for me and I have been involved in the event industry for 10 years. I have been a part of management.

Currently volunteering with Midsumma Festival as Visual Arts Team Leader and Box Office Manager.

Midsumma Midsumma
You are my lover
Will I ever find another
You remind me of a brother

My next big job is the Big Day Out 24th January working as bar supervisor.

Today I was supposed to work at the Pier in Docklands at a function for Atlantic Group. Instead I wrote a Grant Proposal for funding for my own event. I am also working on this second book.

I think society would fall apart without its rules and regulations. Regular meal times Educational institutions

There's far more beautiful things on this planet than myself.

What do you tolerate when your around others.

Sometimes a good feed is all you need.

The types of events I like the most are outdoor, art and music, with workshops.

I work full time as an Author and Event Manager.

Etheriala is a business name I have registered and is a business I'm planning to run an event with.

I'm a passionate writer and I'm passionate about events.

This book will see a book launch and possibly a book tour around the world!!!!!!

We'll see how it goes.

Reading The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 3

Where 's my right to security

Article 13

Why aren't people aloud to leave certain countries or states

Article 17

Why can't I own a property

Article 23

Free choice of employment? what?

Article 27

This is my work

Article 37

Who enforces these articles

Human rights are about dignity and personal value.

What have I learnt about living in a share house:

• Organise a housemate dinner fortnightly to eat and talk

• Speak up about household chores, like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom

• Never start a conversation with the word bill

• Don't watch too much tv because you all have to cover the cost

I know I'm old school people, I love books, hard copies and in your hand programs.

Midsumma Carnival on January 12th 2014 was awesome!!!

Met an artist from Japan named Hero. He wanted a lighter and asked for a donation to draw a portrait. I gave him a lighter and asked for my portrait drawn in return. He agreed. I asked for it to be drawn in blue.

Met fabulous women all dressed up in sexy attire. Blue wigs, pink wigs and bikini bottoms.

Today I paid for my Working with Children's check. Cost $102.16. Had to fill out a form online, print it and bring it with several forms of ID to the Post Office.

After seeing this gorgeous little girl I knew I had to work with children.

I am truly grateful to be apart of the Midsumma team 2014.

Today I did a 20 minute workout with Bella Booms in the park near my place.

I did skipping, squats, lunges, crunches, side angle pose, jog, sprint and even played on the children's play equipment. I then fell off the monkey bars and scrapped my elbow =( I hope to organise African Showbizz some gigs in the coming years.

Some I have thought of include:

Melbourne Music Week
St Kilda Festival
Sydney White Gums
Let Them Eat Cake
Rainbow Serpent
Meredith Festival
Falls Festival

Trying to help out a guy I met on the plane to Hobart. He's in a band and they've just moved to Melbourne.

I'll be passing on some venue info to them this week hopefully.

People make immoral decisions everyday.

How do you make an honest million?

I am cautious of the law. I have just applied to study Event Management at Victoria University.

I am looking for a mentor and guidance in the event industry living and working in Victoria.

I would like to learn how to write grant proposals to fund future events.

Units involved include:

• Sustainable Operations

• Event Creation and Design

• Introduction to Events

• Live Performance Management

• Event Operations

• Business Events

• Hospitality, Tourism & Events Industry Project

The reality of events can be a man standing on a horizontal pole only secured at one end trying to take off a top layer of a high structure. UNSAFE.

Reality can also include cheap tape that cuts the tip of fingers of two people. Blood and band aids. Special finger tip band aids supplied by medical services.

Reality of events is several ambulance visits for drug users who've exceeded their limit.

At one event the ambulance had to take a man away for impersonating a medic. He was taken to a psych ward.

I wish I had been there to talk to him, as I have a Mental Health First Aid Certificate. Although in that kind of situation all I could have done was talk to him, and if I couldn't subdue him the ambulance would need to be called anyway.

At events I have been offered drugs time and time again. Pot, Acid, Ecstacy, MDMA. And I always turn them down.

These people are fantastic, but they're stuck in the unreality of fantasy.

Through imagery and music I can escape to unreality. I don't need drugs.

I have read literature about drugs. Some of those people are real wacked. Some are great artists and visionaries. Some are dreamers and explorers. I have interest and respect for some.

Tonight I met my neighbour

She is studying for her last exam.
We had a discussion.
She gave me the idea to have a Christmas Party.
Drinks and nibbles at my place.

Last week I thought of the idea to organise a Reunion for Wyndham College Class of 2004.

I will be flying to Sydney in May, so we will get together then.

I flew to Perth for the very last Big Day Out in February 2014. I was bar staff at the Red Bar.

Some of the people I met in Western Sydney disgusted me.

I'm now pretty open minded, but as a teenager I was disgusted at other people's behaviour and attitudes towards sexuality.

My Father's Keys

The key has snapped
In the bike's lap
My dad is stranded
Where the eagle has landed

Perth WA 2014

Family afar
As far as I have flown
Perth they are
In my life time alone

Questions I have for them
My family I have not seen
10 years to be with again
Sydney for a wedding they've been

So much older now
To fly over is how
I will work at an event
Presents I wanted but I've spent

Will I miss my place
Hope for a warm embrace

Feeling quite excited
I'm coming uninvited

Perth's Big Grand Finale

The last ever Big Day Out held in Perth WA was a success. Crowds flooded to the main stage for big acts like Snoop Dog and Pearl Jam. The boiler room was cranking with dedicated dance fans hitting the dance floor hard all day and night. The Red stage went off, crowds filled the arena and partied to the music of Group Love and Mac Miller.

Snoop Dog Aka Snoop Lion had a sexy ensemble, music videos too go with his suave tunes. Bands praised the state of WA and bid farewell to the beloved Perth as this was the final Big Day Out ever to be held in that city.

The last minute site change caused some confusion to the locals and the international attendees, the new location was announced very late in the planning, Arena Joondalup was chosen for its capacity and access. Traffic measures were taken, roads blocked surround the venue, and traffic restricted to the site.

The production team spared no expense with each stage fully decked out with latest and greatest technology. I was apart of the bar team in the Red Bar and had a fantastic view of the Red Stage.

Security was high, and experienced patrons from previous years knew they had to drink responsibly. Red stage didn't see any disagreements and had few refusals.

As a bar tender at both Melbourne and Perth Big Day Out, I must say Perth had a much better drink system. The one token for one drink and proper disposal of tokens was well organised and efficient. The effort that went into creating the Red Bar at Perth BDO was impressive, clean and tidy.

A Most Desirable Vocation

My music industry career began in 2004 at Sanity Music Stores
I began volunteering at events at the 2005 Big Day Out in Sydney
From there I worked at Falls Festival in Marion Bay Tasmania
I saw Lady Hawk and John Butler
I worked at Soundscape where Grinspoon played
At Woodford I witnessed Gotye playing Somebody That I Used
to Know
I served coffee to the artists
In 2012 I worked at Coldplay at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne
I worked at Falls Festival in Lorne and was 2nd
in charge at
This year I will be Team Leader at Midsumma
I saw Guy Sebastian as I was a waitress at a Christmas Party in
Albert Park.
I managed the Boiler Bar at Big Day Out Melbourne 2014.
I will manage the Rotary bar at St Kilda Festival.

I thought I dealt really well with customer's questions and queries
at Big Day Out Melbourne.

Big Day Out Boiler Bar was amazing!!!
I supervised the stock Coordinator and Staff Coordinator.
Neither of them had much experience.
I had full control over what happened at the Boiler Bar, with the
assistance of the Area Manager.
The staff were great people and the bar ran well.
The staff served hundreds if not thousands of people.
The liquor licensing turned up, I spoke to him and assured him
we were following all the rules.
The supervisors kit that I packed was absolute GOLD!!!
Symptomatic Addict

What's in the inbox today:
New Jobs Tonight in Stonnington
Bar Staff
Monsieur Patrick
The Year of the Horse
Global Test Market
New Survey
The Melbourne Weekend Following Registration
Strawberry Fields
Xlibris Promotions
New Year, New Possibilities
Live Tribe
Volunteer EOI

Melbourne this week has experienced a heat wave. Around 40 degrees each day this week.

Is this Global Warming.

Things to do about the heat:

Wet your head band
Wear loose light clothing
Make sure you have a fan
Close the windows and blinds
Drink plenty of water with ice
Don't exert yourself
Eat cold foods like fruit and salad
Stay out of the sun

This evening I am going to Newport to a venue called the Substation.

The event is called 'How I found my Niche' It's part of the Midsumma program.

My friend Kathryn is driving us both in her black convertible Saab.

Last night we watched the Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo Decaprio.

Just did a 15 minute meditation.

Deep breathing, sending light and love around my body, focusing on the larynx, the lungs, the bowel. The feet and the skin.

I asked the Angel's and Spirit Guides to help me fulfil my life's purpose.

Today February 15th 2014 I did a poetry reading in the famous Federation Square Melbourne.

Dimitris was the Producer and MC.


Excerpted from Symptomatic Addict by Philippa Sue Richardson. Copyright © 2014 Philippa Sue Richardson. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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1. The Real World, 1,
2. Gratitude, 47,
3. What About Love, 71,
4. Save Some, 91,
5. Respect, 105,

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