Systematic Theology: The Doctrine of God, Volume 1

Systematic Theology: The Doctrine of God, Volume 1

by Katherine Sonderegger (Editor)


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The mystery of Almighty God is most properly an explication of the oneness of God, tying the faith of the church to the bedrock of Israels confession of the lord of the covenant, the lord of our Lord Jesus Christ. The doctrine of divine attributes, then, is set out as a reflection on Holy Scripture: the One God as omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, and all these as expressions of the Love who is God. Systematic theology must make bold claims about its knowledge and service of this One lord: the Invisible God must be seen and known in the visible. In this way, God and Gods relation to creation are distinguishedbut not separatedfrom Christology, the doctrine of perfections from redemption. The lord God will be seen as compatible with creatures, and the divine perfections express formally distinct and unique relations to the world.

This systematic theology, then, begins from the treatise De Deo Uno and develops the dogma of the Trinity as an expression of divine unicity, on which will depend creation, Christology, and ecclesiology. In the end, the transcendent beauty who is God can be known only in worship and praise.

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ISBN-13: 9781451482843
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 539
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About the Author

Katherine Sonderegger is the William Meade Professor of Theology at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia. She is the author of That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew: Karl Barth"s "Doctrine of Israel"; (1992). Katherine Sonderegger resides in Alexandria, VA.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Publication Credits ix

Preface xi

Part I The One God

§1 The Perfect Oneness of God 3

§1a The Divine Oneness in Holy Scripture 10

§2 The Divine Oneness as Foundational Perfection 23

§2a The Divine Oneness in Scholastic Theology 30

§2b The Divine Oneness in the Kantian Tradition 36

Part II The Omnipresent One

§3 The Perfection of the One LORD'S Hiddenness: His Omnipresence 49

§3a Divine Hiddenness and Atheism 52

§3b Divine Hiddenness and Holy Scripture 66

§3c Art Excursus on Theological Compatibilism and Epistemology 77

§3d Divine Invisibility in the New Testament 81

Part III The Omnipotent One

§4 The Perfection of the One LORD'S Holy Humility: His Omnipotence 151

Section I Divine Omnipotence A Se 153

§4a The Question of Divine Power 153

§4b Divine Omnipotence in the Tradition 174

§4c Divine Omnipotence in Positive, Scriptural Idiom 185

§4d Divine Omnipotence as Subject and Object 192

§4e Divine Omnipotence and Creaturely Suffering: the Prophet Jeremiah 223

Section II Divine Omnipotence Ad Extra 246

§4f Divine Omnipotence as Personal Relation 246

§4g The Book of Numbers 271

§4h The Mutable Immutability of the Omnipotent One 294

§4i The Book of Genesis 300

Part IV The Omniscient One

§5 The Perfection of the One LORD'S Spiritual Nature: His Eternal Omniscience 335

§5a The Omniscient One's Perfect Knowledge 346

§5b The Divine Knowledge of Evil 362

§6 Methodological and Transcendental Questions in Divine Omniscience 383

§6a The Problem of Grounding 386

§6b The Problem of Representation 389

§6c The Representative 395

§7 The Doctrine of Illumination 415

§7a Compatibilism in the Doctrine of Omniscience 428

§7b The Transcendental Relation 443

Part V Final Things

§8 The Perfection of Divine Love 469

§9 The Divine Perfections and the Exegesis of Holy Scripture 505

Index 531

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