Tackling Unemployment: Cause and Cure

Tackling Unemployment: Cause and Cure

by Richard Layard, P. R. Layard




Richard Layard is one of Britain's foremost applied economists, and his work has had a profound impact on the policy of debate in Britain and abroad. This book contains his most influential articles on the subject of unemployment. It is published along with a companion volume, Equality, which deals with these topics and with economic transition. Unemployment explains what causes unemployment and proposes remedies to reside it. There is a strong focus on how unemployed people are treated and how this affects unemployment--including Layard's well-known recommendation of a job-guarantee for long-term unemployed people. Other topics covered are the effect of unions on wage bargaining, the effect of low skill, and the possible role of rigid employment laws.

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ISBN-13: 9780312215774
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 06/19/1999
Pages: 557
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About the Author

Richard Layard is Director of the Center for Economic Performance at the London school of Economics and Political Science.

Table of Contents

Why I am an Economist
Part I: Reasons
Introduction to Part I: Explaining Unemployment
Wage Rigidity and Unemployment in OECD Countries
The Performance of the British Labor Market
On Vacancies
Does Long-term Unemployment Reduce a Person's Chance of a Job? Mismatch: A Framework for Thought
European Versus US Unemployment: Different Responses to Increased Demand for Skill?
Why Does Unemployment Persist?
Combating Unemployment: Is Flexibility Enough?
The Cause of Graduate Unemployment in India
Part II: Remedies
Introduction to Part II: Policy Remedies for Unemployment
Unemployment in Britain: Causes and Cures
Preventing Long-Term Unemployment: An Economic Analysis
Preventing Long-Term Unemployment: Strategy and Costings
The Efficiency Case for Long-Run Labor Market Policies
The Case for Subsidizing Extra Jobs
Is Incomes Policy the Answer to Unemployment?
The Real Effects of Tax-based Incomes Policies
How to End Pay Leapfrogging
Is Unemployment Lower if Unions Bargain over Employment
Europe in 1984: The Case for Unsustainable Growth
Appendix: Publications by Richard Layard

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