Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO - From Nuclear Artillery to Ballistic Missiles, TNWs and NSNWs, Nuclear Modernization, Deterrence, Operation Snowcat, Nuclear Zero, TLE (Treaty-limited Equipment)

Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO - From Nuclear Artillery to Ballistic Missiles, TNWs and NSNWs, Nuclear Modernization, Deterrence, Operation Snowcat, Nuclear Zero, TLE (Treaty-limited Equipment)

by Progressive Management

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BN ID: 2940044377592
Publisher: Progressive Management
Publication date: 03/13/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO - From Nuclear Artillery to Ballistic Missiles, TNWs and NSNWs, Nuclear Modernization, Deterrence, Operation Snowcat 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The official story hub of Haunted &ni<_>mmortal. <p> Stories and their reses should be updated periodically. <p> ~ H&ni
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name~Golden/paw <p> Age~6 moons exact <p> Appearance~Long tailed golden furred she-cat with dark brown tabby stripes and deep blue eyes <p> Does~Saves Thornpaw and Wingpaw from death and the leader invites her to join the clan and Wingpaw starts to like her more than Thornpaw developing a crush for Goldenpaw. <p> Btw's awesome story! Read mine at mjy res 1-3 ming a new one out todays
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For some reason, the whole last chapter vanished. And I forgot to label it chapter 2! Hope you like this chapter! And I really like comments, and a few applications! I don't have many cats!)) <p> "Wingpaw! Thornpaw! Wingpaw! Thornpaw!" The cats chanted and Thornpaw was bur<_>sting with pri<_>de, while Lightkit was looking on with jelo<_>usy. She ignored Lighkit, even though she was a nice cat, this was Wingpaw's & Thornpaw's time. Wingpaw was bouncing on his feet. While she was looking for her mentor, Rippleshine, Flametail, Wingpaw's mentor, padded up. "Wingpaw, we will take a tour of the territory. Thornpaw, Rippleshine is coming." Wingpaw spung in the air, trying to catch a falling leaf. "Great! When can I start ba<_>ttle training?" He said enth<_>usia<_>sticly, digging his claws into the ground. Rippleshine walked up and glanced at him ste<_>rnly. "Wingpaw, its leaf-fall. Save your energy!" She sna<_>pped. When Wingpaw looked downcast, Thornpaw flicked him on the shoulder with her tail. "Come on, we don't want to be left behind. Just focus on learning the territory." She sprinted to catch up to Rippleshine, who was already at the entrance into the forest. Wingpaw lingered a bit, when Lighkit walked past with a vole, he guessed it was for the elders, he waved his tail in greeting and she waved back. Then he sprinted after Thornpaw and their mentors. <p> Once Wingpaw caught up, Thornpaw fell behind and whispered into his ear. "Where have you been? Flametail is lecturing me while Rippleshine is looking at a boring pile of rocks." She purred, amused. Then Rippleshine swung her head around. "Boring? These are the Crystal Stones. They shimmer in the sunshine, and glow in the moonlight!" She purred, pading along a path that had been worn down by many paw-prints. Flametail kept sniffing the air, then, with ears pri<_>cked, her halted and ba<_>r<_>red the way with his tail. "I smell..." Then Rippleshine, glancing behind them, screeched, "Fox! Thornpaw, Wingpaw! Go back to camp!" Then suddenly, they were surrounded by two more. "Too late..." Thornpaw gulped and Wingpaw pressed against her. Flametail and Rippleshine formed a protective circle around the apprentices. "Up the tree..." She hissed, nudging them to a low-growing oak. Wingpaw pushed Thornpaw up first and she grabbed a branch. She turned around to help Wingpaw, but he was being dra<_>gged to the ground by a fox, its teeth in his back leg. This fox was the alpha male, and he was big. Flametail was fi<_>ghting one, while Rippleshine was fi<_>ghting the third. Thornpaw screeched a ba<_>ttle cry & leaped down onto the foxes back. The fox let go of Wingpaw & sm<_>ashed her onto a tree. She fell with a th<_>ud to the ground. <br> The last thing she saw was Wingpaw, ble<_>eding and eyes wide, staring at her while the fox lun<_>dged again. Her vision went dark. <p> ((Hope you liked it! Next chapter tomorrow! ~ Steeil