Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu): Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu)Surah Qasas, Ankabut, Rome, Luqman, Sajdah, Ahzab

Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu): Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu)Surah Qasas, Ankabut, Rome, Luqman, Sajdah, Ahzab


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Surah Qasas emphasises new points: how the recipient of inspiration is prepared for his high destiny, even in the growth of his ordinary life, and how the rejection of Allah's Message by groups of men or by individuals is caused by overweening arrogance or avarice. The plight of those who reject the Truth is contrasted with the reward of the righteous.
Surah Ankabut is the last of the series began with Surah 17, in which the growth of the spiritual man as an individual is considered, especially illustrated by the way in which the great Prophets were prepared for their work and received their mission, and the nature of Revelation in relation to the environments in which it was promulgated.
In particular, emphasis is laid here on the necessity of linking actual conduct with the reception of Allah's revelation, and reference is again made to the stories of Noah, Abraham, and Lut among the Prophets, and the stories of Madyan, 'Ad, Thamud, and Pharaoh among the rejecters of Allah's Message. This world's life is contrasted with the real Life of the Hereafter.
Surah Rome, deals with the question of Ma'ad or the Final End of Things, from various points of view. In this Surah the Time theme and its mystery are brought into relation with human history in the foreground and the evolution of the world in all its aspects in the background.
The argument of the Final End of Things is here continued from another point of view.
What is Wisdom?
Where shall it be found?
Will it solve the mysteries of Time, and Nature, and that world higher than physical Nature, which brings us nearer to Allah?
"Yes," is the answer; "If, as in the advice of Luqman the Wise, human wisdom looks to Allah in true worship, ennobles every act of life with true kindness, but avoids the false indulgence that infringes the divine law-and in short follows the golden mean of virtue."
And this is indicated by every Sign in nature.
Surah Sajdah's theme is the mystery of Creation, the mystery of Time and the mystery of the Ma'ad (the Final End) as viewed through the light of Allah's revelation. The contemplation of these mysteries should lead to Faith and the adoration of Allah.
As regards the first, the story of Al Ahzab or the Confederates, who tried to surround and annihilate the Muslim community in Madinah, is full of underhand intrigues on the part of such diverse enemies as the Pagan Quraysh, the Jews (*Banu Nadir) who had been already expelled from Madinah for their treachery, the Ghatfan tribe of Bedouin Arabs from the interior, and the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzah in Madinah. This was the unholy Confederacy against Islam. But though they caused a great deal of anxiety and suffering to the beleaguered Muslims, Islam came triumphantly out of the trial and became more firmly established than ever......
Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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