Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu): Surah Al An'am

Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu): Surah Al An'am


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This is a Surah of the late Makkan period. The greater part of this Surah was revealed entire.
Summary- The nature of Allah and the method by which He reveals Himself are first expounded, and the weakness of Paganism is exposed (6:1-30).The emptiness of this world's life is contrasted with the evidence of Allah's wonderful handiwork in all Creation. It is He who holds the keys of the Unseen and secrets of all that we see (6:31-60). Allah's working in His world and His constant care and guidance should give a clue to His unity as it did to Abraham when he argued with those who worshipped false gods (6:61-82).
The succession of prophets after Abraham kept Allah's truth alive, and led up to the Quran. How can man fail to understand the majesty and goodness of Allah, when he contemplates Allah's creation and the Messages to mankind? (6:83-110).
The obstinate and the rebellious are deceived; they should be avoided. Though they turn for assistance to each other, they will receive due punishment (6:111-129).Allah's decree will come to pass, in spite of all the crimes and superstitions of the ungodly (6:130-150).The better course is to follow the straight Way, the Way of Allah, as directed in the Quran, with unity and the full dedication of our lives (6:151-165).
Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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