by Shari J. Ryan


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ISBN-13: 9781620155332
Publisher: Libertary Co.
Publication date: 11/07/2014
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

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TAG 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Carli is at college even though she has graduated. She is in a class called Cognitive Psychology Which is being taught by Professor Lance. Her friend Lexi thinks Caliu likes to pick up random guys but Cali doesn’t really take the guys home it is all part of the act. Cali has watched her sister krissy’s throat be slashed by the man Cali had let in and given her heart to. Before her face Krissy was murdered and was helpless to do anything she had tried to shoot the man but hadn’t really hurt him and then he shot cali. Cali crawled to Krissy and laid beside her and then Krissy’s heart stopped beating . The professor didn’t recognize Cali, she then proceeds to play up to him. She gets professor Lance to admit he raped Krissy and the she admits she is Krissy’s sister and tells him she had recorded him on her phone and the recording was on utube. He wife has left, he had no job, and soon he would be facing jail time and being the one raped. Cali suggest he off himself and he does. Then cali got a phone call from her dad telling her there was a ticket at the airport for her. Now krissy’s murder hunted Cali and this would bring attention to where she now was. Cali was to leave that night. Tango is walking away from the people he loves and is not coming back. Tango’s family thinks he is dead as that is what they were told. Tango had been the one to go to the door of a family once, to give the news to a marine’s family that their son had died but Tango had fought beside their son and felt it was his duty to go to the marines parents even though it shredded his heart. Two days after his funeral Tango joined a mercenary service in hopes of keeping his remaining time occupied. Within a day of enrollment Eli Tate called Tango requesting his services and Tango accepted. In two weeks Tango would fly out from L A to Boston on her flight and start his job in Boston when they landed. Tango wonders if Cali even knows the type of danger that has been following her around for three years.Tango has problems forgetting what he had done in Iraq and Afghanistan while in the marines and in service to his country.Once landing Cali doesn’t have a message from her father yet so she has nowhere to go as he always sets up a safe place for her to live. Then Cali realizes her father has sent Tango and she told Tango she didn’t need him. But Tango said they were still going to be “ roomies and besties”. Cali’s father belongs to the CIA and has taught Cali how to handle herself. Cali is an expert with a gun and knows how to read people. There was one person Cali had misjudged and he murdered her sister. Cali and Tango are to leave Boston as the Reaper- as Cali calls Krissy’s killer- was near. Cali’s dad was seldom around when she was growing up. and once Cali’s mom died from cancer Cali had noone to trust, and lean on, or love her. Now Cali’s father had virtually disappeared and was on the run. But cali does hear from him by phone. Tango irritated cali at times but he was breaking down her walls. There was an attraction between Cali and Tango. Cali and Tango decide to head to Mexico to find her dad and are climbing canyons. They stop in a cave for the night and Cali has to go to the bathroom. Reaper and a cohort Jorge crab Cali and take her away. Jorge is sent back to kill Tango. Reaper roughs Cali up as she had got into his head but Cali slips his grip and he falls down the cliffs. Cali has been hurt but Tango finds her after he takes out Jorge. Will Tango ever tell Ca
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book, big fan of tango and cali
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seems like author is trying to incorporate as much drama as possible into one story line. Plot not very well thought out and rushed. Can't even finish the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I REALLY enjoyed reading this story...actually I loved it! It was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I absolutely could not put it down until I finished it. I usually go for regular romance but lately I've been into suspense ones and boy it did not dissapoint! Cali is amazing...she's stuck on being a b**** and busting everyones chops. She doesn't want to try and be happy and wants revenge....Tango is, I really have no words...he's funny, brave and I fell in love. I can guarentee you will love TAG! I would give 10 stars if I could:)
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Hang on tightly to your heartstrings, because an emotional tug of war is about to explode all around you as two people, deserving or not, have faced a world of pain, deceit and loss in their pasts and hold little hope of change for their futures. Tag by Shari J. Ryan is part tender romance, part nail biting suspense and one hundred percent “Go away-I’m Reading” magnetic! Cali’s life has always been unsettling. Her father was rarely around growing up and now he has virtually disappeared and on the run. As the daughter of a CIA agent, Cali was taught never to let her guard down, never to trust too much. But she did just that, once and it cost her sister her life as Cali could only watch the horror of the man she loved slitting her sister’s throat. When her mother died of cancer, there was no one left for Cali to trust in, lean on or be loved by. She did have her raging anger, the need for revenge and later, as she would discover, a bullseye on her back. Cali was the pawn in the game of cat and mouse being played between unknown evil and her father. It was time to go into hiding with him. Enter Tango, former Marine, toughened soldier, a man doing his job, to protect Cali and bring her in safely. When Tango wasn’t breaking through Cali’s defenses, he was completely irritating her. Tango was also full of his own secrets, both past and future. He has his own demons to deal with and he is not ready to share. When danger follows on their tail, it is Tango who proves he can be trusted to keep Cali safe. But can he be trusted with her heart? Will he bare his past, present and future secrets? Will he explain the blood he coughs up? Does he have ulterior motives to being Cali’s bodyguard? Rest up for this game of Tag because Shari J. Ryan knows how to dig deep and push every button in her arsenal to bring a fast-paced tale riddled with intrigue, mysteries and searing emotions that will leave you raw. Page by page the world around Cali and Tango grows uglier and uglier. Staying alive is at best, a crap shoot and believe me when I say, I felt like I was there as every moment sped past only to slam into another twist or sharp angle. One of the best things about reading is finding a new author to follow and today was my lucky day!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is another great book by Shari J. Ryan! If you are a fan of the "Schasm" series, you will love this book as well. It's suspenseful right from the very first page and Ryan keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire story. Cali is a young girl who has suffered a great deal in a short amount of time- her mother passed away, her sister brutally murdered and her father is on the run. She is left on her own while moving from place to place in an attempt to stay safe from people who are after both Cali and her father. Her mother told her not to trust anyone- and that is a code she lives by until she meets Tango. Tango is an ex-marine who is hired to look after her. In the midst of the action, there is an incredible romance between Cali and Tango. Cali is confronted by mixed feelings- can she trust him or is he another guy trying to use her to lure her father out of hiding? Definitely a great read and highly recommended!! :)
Hazel_G More than 1 year ago
Intense, Sweet, Adventurous and Heartbreaking. Another Fantastic Read! 5 “know everyone.. trust no one” Stars! The Review:  Absolutely Amazing! Shari J. Ryan spins gold once again. Filled with thrilling action and delicious tension, this gripping tale will keep you on your toes while pulling at your heartstrings. Five fabulous stars! Story...  Through no fault of her own, Cali Tate has been on the run for longer than she cares to admit. Since the day her sister was murdered in front of her and her trust completely broken, she’s been on a revenge mission that will either get her what she seeks or get her killed. Either would be just fine by her. She trusts no one and she allows no on into her life. She’s alone and that’s the way she prefers it. Then... Tango shows up out of the blue with a promise to protect her and a job to do but Cali has made it an art to read people and she knows Tango is holding back and keeping secrets.  Tango has one last mission to complete and he’s promised to keep Cali safe. But with one look into her suspicious and beautiful eyes and appreciating her vicious attitude, he realizes this is more than a job. He sees through the walls she’s built and knows the pain she’s endured because it mirrors his own. But he’s also keeping something hidden that could change everything and his only hope comes from a dangerous mission that involves the one he’s supposed to protect. Tango and Cali set out on a fierce and perilous journey to save a life through intense situations, action packed adventure and angsty emotions as Cali tries to trust once again and Tango tries to accept his fate.  Characters...  Told in alternating POV’s, we get both sides of the story which was a thrill to experience. Cali was as tough and strong as they come. She’d been dealt this tragic hand of fate due to her father's misdeeds and even after losing her sister, she found the strength to carry on. She wanted revenge and she trained her body and her mind to accomplish this mission. And when faced with even more dire circumstances, she didn’t waver and she didn’t complain. Her life was chaotic, dangerous and intense and she rolled through all those punches with bravery, a wicked aim and a witty comeback. I enjoyed everything about her. Tango was a hot mess! He survived the war riddled deserts of Afghanistan, leaving dead bodies in his wake, only to return home to his own death sentence. But once he meets Cali, he sees light at the end of his dark tunnel and even if things don’t turn out the way he would like, he values that time he gets with Cali. I loved Tango. He was honorable, strong, powerful and outright ferocious when what he cared about was in danger. Their story was filled with burning intensity and sexual tension as they both tried a “no touching” approach that quickly got vetoed once they got a real taste of each other and all that angst was a lot of fun to read! And that ending.... what a fantastic and beautiful ending that had my eyes watering and my heart soaring!  Special Note... Tango didn’t just waltz out of war without scars. I come from a military family, like the author, and I appreciated the care the author took in creating a realistic hero who suffered for his country. Tango was still very much shell shocked. He’d only been discharged for a month and it was both heartbreaking as well as eye-opening to watch his struggles with PTSD, flashbacks, and his actions and reactions to the things around him. He was faced with doubt and regrets and wondered what it was he was fighting for. I recognized those struggles and the life he was trying to carve out for himself after such harrowing events, only made me love his character even more.  The Wrap Up:  I love this authors style of writing. She doesn’t waste words and her stories are always heartfelt, life affirming and adventurous. I’m once again wowed at how she can rope me in with just a few paragraphs and hold me captive to the very end. I absolutely couldn't put this book down and I enjoyed every riveting moment.  NOTE: * Written for Craves the Angst Book Reviews * TAG is a New Adult Romance, Thriller written by Shari J. Ryan. I was gifted a copy from Jennifer Gilbert with Booktrope Publishing in exchange for an honest review.