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A Tailor-Made Bride

A Tailor-Made Bride

4.0 741
by Karen Witemeyer

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Jericho "J.T." Tucker wants nothing to do with Coventry, Texas's new dressmaker. He's all too familiar with her kind—shallow women
more devoted to fashion than true beauty. Yet, except for her well-tailored clothing, this seamstress is not at all what he expected.
Hannah Richards is confounded by the man who runs the livery. The unsmiling


Jericho "J.T." Tucker wants nothing to do with Coventry, Texas's new dressmaker. He's all too familiar with her kind—shallow women
more devoted to fashion than true beauty. Yet, except for her well-tailored clothing, this seamstress is not at all what he expected.
Hannah Richards is confounded by the man who runs the livery. The unsmiling fellow riles her with his arrogant assumptions and gruff
manner while at the same time stirring her heart with unexpected acts of kindness. Which side of Jericho Tucker reflects the real man?
When Hannah decides to help Jericho's sister catch a beau—leading to uproarious consequences for the whole town—will Jericho and Hannah find a way to bridge the gap between them?

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Publishers Weekly
Witemeyer’s debut will grab fans in the historical romance crowd. She blends lively writing, storytelling prowess, and enough romance to keep readers satisfied. Hannah Richards opens her dress shop in 1881 Coventry, Tex., with little more than a dream to help women add beauty to their lives. Livery owner Jericho Tucker, however, finds nothing beautiful in her plans. Despite J.T’s antagonism and Hannah’s strong will, the pair find ways to meet in the middle and come out together. Sidelights include matchmaking on Hannah’s part, a sinister rival, dangerous floodwaters, and two people who truly desire to follow Christ. Readers will ponder, with J.T. and Hannah, the difference between beauty and vanity: “You may see a room full of harmless fashions, but if you open your eyes, you’ll find that, in truth, it is filled with the temptations to indulge in sinful vanity,” he says. “If God had wanted the world to be a somber, colorless place, he would have made everything in black and gray,” she says. Thought-provoking and entertaining faith-based fiction for sure. (June)

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Meet the Author

Karen Witemeyer holds a master's degree in psychology from Abilene Christian University and is a member of ACFW, RWA and the Texas Coalition of Authors. She has published fiction in Focus on the Family's children's magazine, and has written several articles for online publications and anthologies. This is her first novel. Karen lives in Abilene, Texas, with her husband and three children.

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A Tailor-Made Bride 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 741 reviews.
Amanda608 More than 1 year ago
I DID NOT WANT THIS BOOK TO END!! From cover to cover, Karen Witemeyer just blew me away! If you were to combine the "character depth" of a Tamera Alexander novel and the "romantic charm" of a Deeanne Gist novel- let's face it, you would have a truly remarkable masterpiece, but you wouldn't even be scratching the surface of what makes "A Tailor-Made Bride" one of the best Christian historical romance fiction books your eyes will ever have the pleasure of beholding! This is Karen's first novel, and that fact alone will leave you even more wide eyed and slack jawed at her abilities. Most importantly, you will also find the Lord's "thumbprint" on every page. Her words ministered to my spirit in such a deep, penetrating way. Opening my own eyes to appreciate more greatly and see more clearly the beauty of God all around me. This book is "Tailor-Made" for the romantic Christian heart! Her characters live and breathe, not only within the pages but long after the cover is closed. The heroine, Hannah Richards, is the kind of a girl we would all strive to be like. Not only is she beautiful, graceful and talented but she also possess a kind, gentle, yet passionate nature and shines the love of Christ so effortlessly, desiring His will above her own, no matter the sacrifice. The hero, Jericho "J.T." Tucker, is exactly how the author describes him, "a little crusty on the outside, but his heart is true and as big as a mountain." From the start he just took my breath away (however, I did want to smack him a couple of times). He is ruggedly handsome, strong and determined, but set in his ways with no plans on changing. That is until the scales fall from his eyes AND his heart, allowing him to behold the inner and outer beauty of a certain dressmaker. We (along with Hannah) fall head-over-heels with this man and his mountain size heart! We find that he is humble, a little vulnerable, and capable of great kindness, loving with his actions rather than words. With each page we witness a refining process happening in our hero and... gosh, I've said too much already. You'll have to read it yourself *grin* Her supporting characters are great as well, adding even more life, color, and depth to the story, as does her charming Texas setting. And as a side note, she ends her chapters with some of the best closing lines you'll ever read that will have you saying, "Okay, just one more chapter." into the wee hours of the night! Simply put, this book is going on my "to be read again AND again" shelf, with NO chance of collecting even a speck of dust any time soon!!
TammyDMA More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the start, I knew Hannah and JT would butt heads over the store they both wanted. What I liked most about this novel is that while JT disdains fashion and truly believes that desiring beauty leads to greater, sinful temptations, he reacts believably to Hannah. He fights his attraction but doesn't go about in a fake "I hate that woman" state. Likewise, Hannah isn't so taken with JT that she foresakes her dream of a successful dress shop. This story has depth that is sometimes missing in a "light read" romance. The characters are believable and likeable. I especially like two of the secondary characters, Ezra and Tom. Ms. Witemeyer portrays each with equal depth as the main characters. Overall, the novel has a feel of an old-time western -the ones from the 30's and 40's. There is conflict and tension, and even a bit of danger, but it is definitely a feel-good story. Oh, wouldn't it make a wonderful movie! I recommend "A Tailor-Made Bride" to anyone who enjoys a good romance story
DLiesner More than 1 year ago
A Tailor-Made Bride is a delightful period experience with humorous views into the complexity of differences and misunderstandings of men and women. Hannah Richards displays a refreshing combination of femininity, independence, strength and courage, while attracted to Jericho, "J.T. Tucker, who has personal reasons to fear and despise her very character. Consequently, their mutual attraction is a mystery to them both. J.T's jaded view of Hannah's true personality is in constant conflict of others high opinion of Hannah's actions and his attraction to her. Similarly, Hannah's hurt and anger at his unreasonable and unkind rebuffs fight with the realization that she is the only woman he treats in such a manner. Unexpected allies and a surprisingly sinister foe awaken the two bit by bit to their misconceptions - a few times, almost too late, but for enduring faith. Beauty, vanity, faith and trust are redefined in this lovely and entertaining tale.
Orla More than 1 year ago
This was an exciting and absorbing read. I loved all the main and supporting characters, except of course Warren. There was humor, heart, and romance throughout the book which, for me, made it an excellent page turner.
DEVILICIOUS More than 1 year ago
Hannah Richards has come to Coventry, Texas to achieve her dream, to open a dressmaker's shop, having inherited the title of a building from a wealthy customer. But achieving her dream causes her to run head on into J.T. Tucker, who'd planned to buy that building himself. And there is another reason for J.T. to dislike Hannah, her taste for stylish clothes reminds him too much of his vain, self-centered mother. Jericho is a wonderful male protagonist, stubborn but more so generous, handy with tools, protective, and thoughtful. He looks out for his sister, the widow that works next door to Hannah, his assistant, Tom, and even Hannah. He may not want to get involved with her, but he does not want her to get hurt or not have what she needs. Hannah is wonderful too. She's determined, independent, kind and trusting, but also a little insecure, but she is willing to work hard to achieve her dream. A darling love story that will please all who read this!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this. Not only is it an easy read but it's nice to have people change. It's predictable about who the "bad guy" is but if you like historical fiction, with no sex scenes, this is a good one.
LostLenoreLL More than 1 year ago
Even thought Christian inspirational books are not my favorites, occasionally I like to read something light and not very explicit. I found this story a funny and charming one and it did captivate my attention all the time. I really couldn't stop reading it.  It is a wonderful tale of love, friendship and growth to accept the differences in others and see the beauty of it. Hannah Richards is a dressmaker trying to make a life of her own in Coventry believing that God put her there for a reason and indeed, that reason takes shape in the form of J.T. However, the two of them do not get along very well and J.T is rude and arrogant because he believes that the women who prefer fashion to simplicity are evil but Hannah will turn his life upside down...
-Forgiven More than 1 year ago
Jealousy. Anger. Resentment. Attraction. J.T. Tucker: A man who always has a hardened glare and a toothpick to grind at the ready. A man who holds his tongue, using generosity and good manners he was raised with, while inside he simmers. A man whose moral criteria is often failed to be met when it comes to feminine choice of attire. He can't seem to figure out Hannah Richards. Dressmakers are vain, selfish creatures, so why does she seem so...affable? And admirable? Plus, she's becoming to boot. Every time he turns around, though, he discovers a new thread of the fabric of her character, reversing all of his original expectations of her one by one. If only things were different... But good grief, did she have to be a dressmaker?
pjJG More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were believable, funny, and each with their own interesting quirks. For a free book this was exceptional,I wish there were a lot more like it. Unfortunately I refuse to pay the $9.99 price tag for more by this author. A shame but even if they are as good as this one the price is too steep.
cindy_in_va More than 1 year ago
Loved this story and am glad I've found a new author to enjoy. Found the characters' struggle with forgiving people in their past to embrace a different understanding of scripture to be enlightening.
Prolificreader More than 1 year ago
With a prose that stands up and grabs the reader's attention, this debut novel did not disappoint this reader! I found great delight within the pages of TAILOR MADE BRIDE. Jericho, Hannah and Cordelia, even the villains and secondary characters were brought to life. I loved the word usage, the character portrayal, their interactions, it all shouted to me that this book is one to be remembered. Jericho and Hannah's relations are funny and romantic. What a hero! And what a romantic chemistry, it made me sigh and my heart give little jumps. The struggles and faith of the characters are well portrayed without feeling stilted or overdone. Each one had growth and changes and through some had it to grow more than others, it was done in a well written manner. My favorite scene was one of the first in the book when Hannah falls through the floorboard and into Jericho's arms. What a visual image! And this whole book was like reading in a dream. I was there. No doubt about it, this novel is extremely well written. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute in this book and almost wished it to go on and on. A great read, don't miss it!
AmandaCabot More than 1 year ago
Karen Witemeyer's debut novel provides a wonderful portrayal of nineteenth century Americana. Vivid descriptions make the small town of Coventry, Texas and its inhabitants come to life. As if that weren't enough, Witemeyer gives readers an insight into little known pastimes of the era at the same time that she creates a cast of engaging characters. This story of looking beneath the surface is one to savor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Upbeat story with detailed characters. Hard to put down. This is Karen's published book and it is a winner. If you like the author Deanne Gist you'll enjoy all of Karen Witemeyer's books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a wonderfully refreshing story. Loved it from start to finish. Encouraging & inspiring as well as entertaining.
Cindy_Lou_Who22 More than 1 year ago
This is the regular, predictable romance story line. You know the main characters will end up together, but the story of how they get there is entertaining. The religious aspect is blended in well and not heavy handed, making it more powerful. A nice, easy, entertaining read.
PG_Watson More than 1 year ago
For-warning for buying this book - it is a Christian Romance, I hate seeing good authors get bad reviews b/c somebody didn't realize what they were buying during a promotion. That being said it is not a "preachy" book - more Little House on the Prairie style. The Characters are moral, hard working, go to church on Sundays and read the Bible in hard times. They are also headstrong, charming, romantic, funny, and best of all extremely well written! I enjoyed this novel so much that I am going to buy her other books. The book fits well with an old joke - do you want to make G-d laugh? - Tell him your plans. We have two characters who are so bent on proving each other "wrong" and themselves "right" that they don't realize their on the same page - and comedic hijinks, charming romance, and some drama ensues. Good easy read that will leave you with a smile on your face and contented sigh in your heart.
TrixieRed More than 1 year ago
Sweet story, but a bit too much of the religion aspect for me. Good read for a free book.
Amanda Paxton More than 1 year ago
This book was a great getaway to delve into. Love the characters and story development. You wont be disapointed.
Mixandmatch More than 1 year ago
This was a difficult book to put down. The characters were very likable and it truly made me want to live in this little town. I love the magic that slowly and reluctantly develops between the lead characters.
cathy watson More than 1 year ago
Great Story
nite-owlCP More than 1 year ago
Good moral values, good story, couldn't put it down, read it straight through the night! Let thid book speak to your heart
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Probably more of a 3 1/2 star read.... Dressmaker Hannah Richard's first day in Coventry, Texas doesn't start out well. For some reason, she alienates liveryman J.T. Tucker almost before she even speaks to him. What could she have done? Nothing, as it happens. Nothing but turn up in town as the new owner of the shop J.T. was hoping to purchase, a shop she is turning into a place for "fashion-plate items" that he believes Coventry neither wants nor needs. J.T.'s past has left him with an irrational distrust for all things he deems "feminine fripperies", a distrust that is difficult for him to let go of, even when it becomes blindingly obvious that the real Hannah is nothing like the one he's built up in his mind. J.T. spends rather longer than needed with his irrational prejudices, even using the Bible as an excuse for why he can't possibly like someone like Hannah (an excuse he thankfully abandons once he re-examines the passages he was so sure incriminated her). Hannah is justifiably confused by the mixed messages she gets from J.T., but luckily for him she hangs in there while he gets his head on strsight. A cute story--even though the main characters are at times frustratingly dense--all is well that ends well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all, this book takes the award for Most Fabulous Cover of any novel I've seen in a long time. It's not often that you can look at a cover and understand the gist of the story, but this one succeeds in that. And the gist of the story is a clash of beliefs and wills while the heroine attempts to start a new life as a dressmaker in a new town. Karen Witemeyer does an excellent job of explaining the characters' opposing viewpoints, as is so adeptly expressed on the cover, without being judgmental. The male protagonist is Godly and strong; the female lead is delightful and kind. I could've used a little more action in the story, most of which revolved around her setting up shop. But it was a quick read and done well. A fine job by Ms. Witemeyer.
SandiRog More than 1 year ago
I had a lot of fun reading this story. I'd say the overall attitude of both main characters had a hint of Pride and Prejudice in its pages, without the mother, the sisters and other characters. I could totally see JT's side of things, as well as Hannah's, which made their battle all the more believable. Because of their devotion to God, they were able to work things out. This inspired me personally. When folks are committed to following their Heavenly Father, their differences can be worked out. Anyway, I also loved the cover. There aren't many Christian Romance covers I like, but this one was a perfect depiction of the story. I was also impressed with the writing. The author clearly understands craft. All in all, a great read!
ButterflyBlessingsBlog More than 1 year ago
I looked forward to this book ever since I saw the cover. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to read it. It didn't disappoint. I know you shouldn't judge a book by a cover but how many of us do just that? We either are drawn to the gorgeous dress (like on this one) or repelled by what we don't like on another. It's like that in life too. Jericho Tucker takes one look at Hannah Richards and sees all the things he hates and fears. He certainly doesn't want to get to get entangled with the seamstress - no matter how nice she seems. The two of them are like watching old fashioned bumper cars at night. They slam into each other and seem to be causing quite a fuss. But beneath all the noise and clamor you see the sparks flying. Jericho is a wonderful hero. He is two parts stubborn and three parts generous. Add in a little bit wounded, handy with his tools, protective, and thoughtful. He looks out for his sister, the widow that works next door to Hannah, his assistant, Tom, and even Hannah. He may not want to get involved with her, but he doesn't want her to get hurt or not have what she needs. Hannah can't understand why the livery owner is so grouchy and mad at her - and yet helps her so often. Even worse, she finds she likes him far more than she'd like to admit. When she finds out he objects to her job and thinks she is trying to lead women astray by appealing to their vanity, she knows there is no hope he'll ever like her. Hannah is great. She's determined, independent, kind and trusting. She is a little insecure and fearful, but she is willing to work hard to overcome any difficulties that come her way. She was a really like-able person. I found myself wanting to have her for a friend. Maybe we could meet for hot cocoa in the morning after she went for her "constitutional." :o) When you want to sit down with the characters in the book then you know the author has done an excellent job.