Tainted Reality

Tainted Reality

by Ashley Fontainne


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DR. EVERETT BERNING achieved his life's work by discovering a cure for drug addiction. Unfortunately, the formula was stolen and fell into the hands of the enemy.

DRUG LORDS from around the world unknowingly released the altered, deadly formula into their supply, affecting millions across the globe.

WITHIN FORTY-EIGHT HOURS, the entire planet is thrown into chaos as the disease spreads.

REGINA PARKER, Chief of Police of the tiny town of Rockport, Arkansas, isn't willing to let the military kill thousands of innocent people in a rush to contain the outbreak. She leads a small contingent of survivors on a dangerous quest to keep her town safe from the soldiers and the dead.

WILL DR. BERNING be able to isolate the contagion and find a way to reverse it, or is it too late to save humanity from the tainted cure? How far will Chief Parker go to save the lives of others as the world collapses around them?

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ISBN-13: 9780692642399
Publisher: RMSW Press
Publication date: 02/28/2016
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

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Tainted Reality 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
This story jumps right into where we left off in book 1. Dr. Everett is in the lab being pressured into making a cure to the zombies. You have the military that have discovered that shooting the zombies in the head stops them but has decided to shoot everyone to be doubly sure that the zombies are eradicated. Then there is Regina. She is trying to keep her little band of survivors safe and alive. Dr. Everett is underground in the Ozarks and being pressured to make figure out what went wrong with the cure and if they can fix it. You also have Regina Parker and her little group of survivors. They think they may have a little rest at a Walmart but nothing is this new world is going to be safe for long. I really enjoyed following Regina, she is such a strong woman and determined to try and save her little group. Of course the odds are stacked against them. I recommend reading this series since this book follows closely on the heels of Tainted Cure. It’s so easy to get into this action packed story. And the ending, OMG!! Talk about a shocker and cliff hanger. Thank goodness I have Tainted Future to get right into. I received Tainted Reality from Silver Dagger Book Reviews for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
This is part two of an outstanding read about finding a cure for any addiction and what the evil people do with that find. In book 1 Drug Lords have taken this cure and mixed it with other things making people depended on drug to keep sales up. They sent it out all over the country to Drug Lords who gave it to their suppliers releasing it all at once. When people started using the world goes mad people changing before your eyes, these things eating people alive making them change and the cycle will continue until there is nothing alive but nature unless they can find the reason and a cure for it. This is a powerful read with the author giving vivid details of everything going on around them as people try to get away from the zombie and go into hiding waiting for the world to go back to normal. There will be many trials as they hunt for a safe place, love ones will die, and others will come up missing as the military is sent to kill all who has not been tested. We follow one little group as they make a run for their lives and another group trying to find the reasoning behind all this horror. Rebecca Roberts narration is outstanding I really like this narrator. She has wonderful character voices that are filled with emotion giving this a highly entertain listen you will get lost in. Her male voices are just as great as her female ones. She has a smooth sexy voice you could listen to all day. Her male characters voices are rough, tough and strong, with the wick ones showing through in her tones. I am so amazed that she can do so many voices so wonderfully. With Ms. Roberts many different tones you have no doubt what each person is feeling. You can hear the fear, how scared they are as she puts just the right emotion into her voice. I heard no background noises or any place where the audio is louder than other places. If a break was taken you cannot tell. You get a clear clean audio that sounds wonderful that will leave you hanging on her every word. You really should listen to anything by this narrator you will be blow away from her voices, tones, emotions and how she really brings the audio to life it is almost like seeing it at the movies. I recommend this very talented narrator. I am sure you will love her as much as I do. As we saw in book 1 this is a very talented author who knows how to hold the attention of her readers giving them a story that will make you hold your breath at the vivid details she writes. There is nothing I didn’t like about this story with its many twists and turns along with the thrills and chills. Just as the first one this will be an audio you won’t be able to put down needing to know the outcome. I can hardly wait to listen to book 3 to see if this will be the end of the human race or if they will stop this nightmare with a cure for the cure. From the start of this audio I was wowed by the story line and all it contained. I feel sure it won’t take you long to be as hooked on this book as I am. I was left with my mouth hung open and at times saying OH MY GOD to even awww with a few lord that is nasty. I doubt you can listen to this and not be very much invested with the vivid details the author gives you. You have a wonderful plot with great characters that have you so invested it will really hit home when one dies or taken away. This is a kill or be killed read. You must never turn you back because you friend might be eating it. The end of the world is a very scare things but what this author does with
SherryF More than 1 year ago
Tainted Reality by Ashley Fontainne is Book II of The Rememdum Series. The books need to be read in order and Tainted Reality picks up where Tainted Cure left off. This is one horror story that will have you wondering….could this really happen? Everett Berning had found the cure for addiction, but the cure had become Tainted with a fatal result. Some preach the end of the world by global warming and nuclear detonation, but no one had anticipated this…Apocalypse. Who will survive? Can they find a cure for the Tainted Cure or will this be a new world that mankind will have to learn to traverse? I love this saying: Courage is being afraid but doing it anyway. “Normal” people’s actions will go above and beyond the horror that is worse than their wildest imagination could concoct. In a time of crises, people show what they are made of, their true character shines through. Some are leaders, some are followers. Some are able to overcome their fears, others are cattle, either saved or lead to slaughter. Which are you? And the government…What happens when it collapses? What happens when the leaders are dead or missing and presumed dead…communications nonexistent. The world has ended, at least any world you would recognize. The dead come to life and they want YOU! Executions, murder, slaughter…See who rises to the top, leads when in doubt, shoots to kill. As a read along, I am always trying to put myself in the characters place. What would I do? Would I step up to the plate or collapse, paralyzed by terror. What would you do? I felt for the characters as they struggled to survive. I felt their sorrow and determination. Is there anybody left who can figure out the answers? Regina and Jesse, a mom and daughter, will step up in a big way. They stand out as exceptional characters to me and I had to mention them…specifically. Ashley Fontainne’s books I have read are unique, fast paced and anything but predictable. I was a bit disappointed as I read along…because it is predictable. After all, how many variations can there be to a zombie story? BUT, Ashley Fontainne’s fantastic writing of such bloody and gruesome savagery, with twists and turns of the plot, filled with love and sacrifice among the horror and conspiracy, makes the predictable work all too well. It’s a new world and the more I read, the more involved I become with the complex characters. Her writing is at such a high level that even the predictable is a cut above the rest. Now…the wait begins for Tainted Future, Book III of The Rememdum Series. I received a copy of Tainted Reality by Ashley Fontainne in returne for an honest review.