Take Care of your People: The Enlightened CEO'S Guide To Business Success

Take Care of your People: The Enlightened CEO'S Guide To Business Success

by Paul Sarvadi


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The Success Of Your Business Relies On The Success Of Your People

When author Paul Sarvadi cofounded Insperity, an HR
• utsourcing company, he concentrated on building a business plan that focused on people and values rather than cold, hard economics. By believing that one’s business is only as strong as their human capital, Paul was able to grow Insperity into a multibillion-dollar company. In his debut book, Take Care of Your
People: The Enlightened CEO’s Guide to Business Success, you will learn how to establish a strong human capital strategy that exudes your company’s values and propels business success. Backed by Paul’s thirty-plus years of experience in corporate management and aiding the struggles of small- to medium-sized businesses, Take Care of Your People is the perfect resource for any CEO or executive who wants to improve their business outcomes through their most valuable resource: their people.

Praise For Take Care Of Your People

“Take Care of Your People is like an owner’s manual for business leaders.
Paul Sarvadi provides detailed instructions to help CEOs and their teams come together around a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy,
and a relentless implementation plan that creates a smart and healthy organization that delivers sustainable value creation for all stakeholders.
Exceptionally helpful and very encouraging!”
ALAN MULALLY, Former CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Ford
Motor Company

“When you walk into the lobby of Ingram Entertainment Inc., there is a portrait and quote from founder E. Bronson Ingram that reads: ‘I believe in taking good care of associates because associates who are taken good care of will, in turn, take good care of the company.’ Paul Sarvadi’s book provides a number of good ideas regarding ‘taking care of the people.’
Doing this correctly is the true secret sauce for business success.”
DAVID B. INGRAM, Chairman, Ingram Entertainment Inc.
Chairman and Founder, DBI Beverage Inc.

“Wow! What a read! This book will be a cornerstone for business leaders for years to come. It was so engaging that I could not put it down and finished it in one sitting. From the establishment of the culture to the bonus strategy of faith at work, Paul communicates so clearly how we can put actions into place on a daily basis. This book can transform your leadership style and company!”
GUY WADE, President, H+K International

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ISBN-13: 9781946633675
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication date: 01/31/2019
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 328,331
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About the Author

PAUL SARVADI is the chairman and chief executive officer of Insperity.
Paul attended Rice University and the University of Houston before following his entrepreneurial instincts and starting and operating several small businesses prior to co-founding Insperity in 1986. He played a major role in establishing a new industry—outsourcing the HR function—and served as president of the National
Association of Professional Employer Organizations. He brings substantial business and operational experience, including an extensive knowledge of sales and marketing, customer relationships, and issues affecting small- to medium-sized businesses. He led Insperity through a public offering on to the New York Stock
Exchange in 1997 and has continued as the company’s CEO for more than twenty years. Paul was recognized as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the service category in 2001 and was inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame 2007.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Acknowledgments xv

Chapter 1 Take Care of Your People 1

Chapter 2 Ten Strategies (and Decades of Wisdom) 9

Chapter 3 Strategy #1: Getting Your Culture Right 17

Chapter 4 Strategy #2: Finding, Hiring, and Keeping the Best 35

Recruiting, Selection, and Retention

Chapter 5 Strategy #3: Compensation, Recognition, and Rewards 59

More Than a Paycheck

Chapter 6 Strategy #4: Compliance and Liability Management 77

Playing Defense

Chapter 7 Strategy #5: Employee Performance Improvement 99

Knowledge Rightly Applied

Chapter 8 Strategy #6: Employee Administration and HR Technology 117

Turning Bureaucracy into High Performance

Chapter 9 Strategy #7: Human Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions 135

Look Before You Leap

Chapter 10 Strategy #8: Organization and Leadership 143

Lead by Serving Others

Chapter 11 Strategy #9: Employee Communications 163

Keep the Door Open

Chapter 12 Bonus Strategy #10: Faith at Work 173

Chapter 13 Should We Continue The Conversation? 181

Customer Reviews

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Take Care of Your People: The Enlightened Ceo's Guide to Business Success 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
OriOriLori 9 months ago
Paul Sarvadi personifies a servant leader and this book shows how a business idea can grow to a multi-billion dollar industry with hard work, determination, and the right people. Even having the "right people" is not always enough, because great companies lose amazing talent every day due to inadequate leadership. Through ten simple principles, Mr. Sarvadi explains how taking care of your staff will produce results and grow your business. This is a beautiful story and so insightful for business owners and employees alike. A must-read for anyone in a supervisory role.
Anonymous 9 months ago
The decades of wisdom and experience Paul imparts in "Take Care of Your People" is truly a gift for entrepreneurs and leaders of growing businesses. This must-read book is not only a valuable resource for human-capital-driven leaders, but it also serves as a great inspiration!!
Anonymous 4 months ago
In Paul’s book, Take Care of your People, The Enlightened CEO’s Guide to Business Success, he shares his 30+ years of experiences in creating not only a thriving business but an entire industry and the highs and lows that go along with it. I have had the privilege of seeing these principles lived out daily in my tenure with Insperity. It read as the soundtrack to my work life for the past 18 years! It is a must read for any business leader who wants to utilize their most important asset – their people – to propel their business forward. The 10 strategies that Paul shares are easy to understand and demonstrate the power of taking care of your people in driving business success.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Filled with 30 years of insight. Great mix of high level wisdom and guidance along with how to "live it" on a daily basis. We can all get bogged down in chasing the next big thing, but if you don't get the people part right, you'll keep chasing and chasing. Well written...plenty of anecdotes...lots of actionable advice. Highly recommend it.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Fantastic book. Timeless in it's approach - an intentional people strategy drives greater business success. Highly recommend.
vmed328 7 months ago
This book drives home a strong message to businesses that there is measurable value in taking care of your employees. My husband and I have both worked for small businesses, and our experiences were less than positive because the owners didn't put value in the thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas of the non-owner employees. They treat you like a burden, as opposed to an asset. Entrepreneurs often have a hard time with humility, and have an "it's my way, or the highway" attitude. Their loss! They lost good employees that would have loved to be part of their growing business and achieve personal success and growth alongside the company. As an Insperity employee of 16 years, I feel part of something, and because of the culture, have a level of commitment to the organization that I've not had at any other place I've worked. I wouldn't take an ink pen from this organization. I've worked for 2 large international companies, and several smaller companies. The smaller companies were so awful that I vowed to never work at a small company again. Read this book business owners - and step outside yourself and take it in.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This is a great company to work for and a must read book! Please share with your family and friends!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Treat your employees right with a culture that encourages giving discretionary effort is the blueprint for the ultimate in client satisfaction. "Take Care of your People" is a read that will show you how to make it happen. This is a step by step guide to business success. Bravo!
Anonymous 9 months ago
Paul Sarvadi has had incredible success due to practicing everything he says in this book. Insperity has flourished and his employees consistently have nothing but respect and admiration for him. Insperity employees are grateful to work for Insperity and to work under Paul. That is a true rarity. Every leader should read this book and take the advice in it. The results you will see will blow you away!
Anonymous 9 months ago
Paul Sarvadi gives business owners and organizational leaders a new vocabulary to describe the impact that people play in the success of a business. Refreshingly honest and endlessly practical, this book provides an extensive guide on developing a strategic and systematic way of implementing a human capital strategy that leads to business success. There are a lot of business books out there on culture, engagement and sustainable growth. But, this one is born of roll-up-your-sleeves experience and guided by a "north star" of enduring faith and optimism.
Anonymous 9 months ago
This book is truly amazing! Read it twice and had to use 2 highlighters. I highly recommend this to business owners that care about their people.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Probably the best advice you could get if your a business owner, HR rep, controller, or startup.
Laura Rogers 9 months ago
I could not wait to get my hands on this book and read the advice from Paul Sarvadi. It's not every day you will find such a successful CEO give the ingredients of what has made his company succeed. Business owners all struggle with something. It's an everyday occurrence. To have the secret sauce told to us in such a conversational approach is uplifting, provides hope, valuable insight and applicable practices that can propel any business to be the best. I appreciate the generous guidance and hope he writes more books. This is a MUST-READ book for any business owner! 5 stars all the way!
Anonymous 9 months ago
Fantastic read. If you are a business owner and want your people to be excited Sunday nights about coming to work Monday morning, read this book and deploy the strategies Paul shares with you. These are not "tips" but rather strategies that Mr. Sarvadi used to build his company from 2 employees to over 2,600. Fraught with all the ups and downs that come with consistent growth over 30+ years, this book promises to give you a step by step roadmap to success. Its all about the people.
ChrisWalker1986 9 months ago
Paul shares his incredible knowledge and expertise on taking a business from good to great through its people. A must read for any business owner!
Anonymous 9 months ago
Strategic HR at its BEST! There is nothing more important to any successful organization than harnessing the power of its people. Paul Sarvadi does an excellent job of illustrating the critical importance of a well designed corporate culture and the key components of a modern strategic human capital strategy. This is a must read for the business leader who wants to take their organization to the next level!
Anonymous 9 months ago
The road to success for a business is often paved with pot holes, multiple paths, hills and mountains. There is never one single path to success. In Take Care of Your People, Paul Sarvadi, takes the reader on a fulfilling ride to help them navigate this often trying journey. Mr. Sarvadi highlights the importance of human capital and specifically 10 key strategies that any business leader can use to help them navigate the complexities of running a business in the 21st century. This is a must read!!!. Whether your a student of business, an entrepreneur just getting a business off the ground, or a leader navigating your organization through bumpy business roads, you will find the tenants outlined in this book valuable in helping you smooth out your ride.
Anonymous 9 months ago
This is an excellent book that gives practical, invaluable and enlightening advice to managers and CEO's to value their most important asset : their employees. Paul Sarvadi is an extraordinary genuine leader that introduces 10 business strategies for business owners to implement in their business. A huge thanks to Paul for sharing his journey of humble beginnings, to lessons learned along the way; to growing Insperity to a multi-billion dollar industry. Paul teaches us that by demonstrating servant leadership you have to give to others in order to receive. Such an amazing authentic playbook for leaders.
Larryinsr 9 months ago
I've had the privilege of working under the author, Paul Sarvadi, here at Insperity for 20 years now. The principles he outlines and describes in this book regarding building a great culture and putting people first are real. They have been proven and lived out by Paul and Insperity over many years. I highly endorse "Take Care of your People" and Paul as a leader and author!