Take Me Home

Take Me Home

by Inez Kelley

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ISBN-13: 9781426897504
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 11/25/2013
Series: Country Roads
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 627,909
File size: 341 KB

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Take Me Home 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
MaryF13 More than 1 year ago
I was so WORRIED about how they were going to work this out! Lovely characters, lovely writing, interesting setting. And HOLY SMOKES, sexy!
These-Pretty-Words More than 1 year ago
Hot hot hot...and sweet First and foremost – you all need to prepare yourself for the hotness that comes from Inez Kelley’s words. Having never read anything by her before, Take Me Home surprised me with its swoon, its wit and its heat. Good lord, the heat. First – Matt. Logging manager (since they’re no longer called lumberjacks…which breaks my heat a bit), responsible, strong, caring, muscles, charming, handsome..I could go on for days. The man is a fantasy in flannel. Even as flawed as he was, and he had a couple of doozies of the keeping-secrets variety, he still had my heart racing and my lips curling up in a smile at every mention. Don’t believe me? QUOTE - In clothing, he was gorgeous. Without them, he was a god. The muscles in his back rippled under her searching hands. She trailed her fingers down his spine, delving into the dip and scoring out toward his ribs. The breadth of his back astounded her. She marveled at his biceps, his forearms. It should be humanly impossible for them to be that hard. See? Hot. And Kayla. I do so love a strong woman. She’s feisty and determined, running a business and feeling the deep roots of the land she’s claimed as her own. There’s no stopping her…from anything. She was aggressive in her pursuit of Matt without coming across as anything less than a woman who knows what she wants. I loved that about her. Loved her sass and her frankness. And I loved that she knew enough about herself to stay strong in the face of the challenges thrown into her path…including a man like Matt who had that unfortunate keeping-secrets flaw. QUOTE - When she was a little girl, all her fantasies revolved around that shining knight on a white charger rescuing her from a tower and whisking her away to his kingdom. The adult woman revised the fantasy. Her knight wore denim and cotton, drove a white pickup with a lumber logo. He hadn’t rescued her. She’d done that herself. But he had pride in her abilities and her strength. The kingdom belonged to her, and she wanted to share it with him, as equals. And the two of them together? Total firestorm. From the first meeting to their first night together to their first fight… Take Me Home was filled with page after page of attraction and swoon, butterflies and desire. Don’t believe me? QUOTE - Repositioning her arms above her head, he dropped a soft kiss on her lips. “I said don’t move.” “You’re going to kill me.” “No. I’m going to lick you until you come. Seriously, quit doubting me. Four stars for Take Me Home. Between hottie Matt, spunky Kayla and all the possibilities for future characters’ stories, this is one heck of a way to start a series. Buy it…read it…swoon over Matt with me…and learn a little bit about forestry and maple syrup along the way.