Take Me Now

Take Me Now

by Carly Phillips

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He acts like he barely knows her.

But she knows he's the one.

Matt Banks was ready to tell Harper Sanders that he loved her, that he'd always loved her and that even though they were young, she was his forever girl.

Then her brother stepped in, wanting more for his sister than a garage owner. Too young to stand up for himself, Matt made her brother a promise that he's regretted every day since.

After years of being ignored by the guy she's always loved, Harper is on a dating binge. No one is Matt, but a girl can keep on trying. Then she gets stranded on the side of the road, and she has no choice but to call the only mechanic in town.

Matt comes to her rescue, and then to her bed. It's an idyllic, passion-filled weekend—but there's still the matter of his promise. And a man's word is his bond.

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BN ID: 2940161072929
Publisher: CP Publishing LLC
Publication date: 08/29/2019
Series: The Knight Brothers , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 5,215
File size: 347 KB

About the Author

Carly married her college sweetheart and lives in Purchase, NY along with her three crazy dogs and has raised two incredible daughters. Carly is the author of over 50 romances and is a Wall Street Journal, NY Times and USA Today Bestseller. Visit www.carlyphillips.com and subscribe to her newsletter for 2 FREE BOOKS and find out where to find Carly on social media. She loves interacting with her readers!

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Take Me Now 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 24 days ago
$3 for 30-some pages?! When I started reading, I actually had to flip backwards because I thought I was reading the "blurb". Didn't finish it.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Not worth the money, only 31 pages.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this story .Harper has loved Matt since they were very young just when she thought they might finally get together he turns cold and looks right through her . She decides to date and move on but she finds it's hard to stop caring for him after several dates . She decides she will not date at all . She's going to a conference to lear coffee Technics . Harper's car breaks down and she calls Matt to come rescue her . She is in for quite a surprise and finds out the truth why Matt has avoided her all these years . This story is truely delightful and romantic . I highly recommend reading .
JennieF 6 months ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Take Me Now is book 5 in the Knight Brothers series by Carly Phillips. Matt and Harper have always had eyes for each other but Matt made a promise to Nate, Harper’s Brother when they were young to leave his sister alone... Short novella, steamy, promise made to be broken, integrity, quick read are all rolled up in this book!
EileenAW 6 months ago
Harper and Matt’s love story in Take Me Now, book five in The Knight Brothers series by Carly Phillips is another winner. Matt wanted to tell Harper that he loved her but her brother interfered extracting a promise that Matt would leave her alone as she deserved more than what Matt could offer. Harper has always loved Matt but he ignores her. She decided that dating lots of other guys would be one way to forget him; only finding frogs, no princes. When Harper gets stranded on the side of road Matt comes to her rescue. Allowing himself a chance to get the girl he’s always wanted Matt takes Harper to her conference, stays with her, sharing her bed and fulfilling both of their dreams. Harper feels like she has finally found her prince after all. Matt is truly a man of his word and will not be content until Harper’s brother releases him from that promise. Ms. Phillips wrote a wonderfully emotional and sexy story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Harper and Matt a chance for happiness, love and a future together. I highly recommend Take Me Now to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Nicolerko 6 months ago
This was a nice short story to the series. We know Harper from a previous book because she's best friends and business owner with Emily. I love we get to go back to visit Montlake. It was sweet reading Matt and Harper's story. Matt needs to make his move before it's too late. This book as a easy flow that makes you read it quickly. It can be easily read in one sitting. This was a good installment to the series.
moonfox1234 6 months ago
I really enjoyed Matt and Harper's story. I liked it so much I wished there had been more to it. This quick read was fun and steamy but I felt that these characters deserved more than what they were given. I can only hope that maybe at some point the author will chose to expand this book. Still a good read if there was a lot of unexplored potential.
Cali-Jewel 6 months ago
This is a very quick, sweetly thrilling, highly entertaining romance filled with so much longing..... childhood friends that are destined for so much more in so many ways...Loved it!
Cheryl-S 6 months ago
This is book 3.5 in the Knight Brothers series and it features Harper and Matt. These two have known each other since they were kids. Always close but after college he changed and they’ve been like acquaintances ever since. Now, she’s finally coming to terms that she must move on because he’ll never return her feelings. Who should come to her rescue when she’s on her way out of town and her car breaks down? Yes! It’s Matt and he’s ready for more than car repair! This is a fun, fast-paced and sexy read that was over way too soon. This entire series was BRILLIANT!
charlligirl 7 months ago
I was a little bummed how short this story was and how fast Matt and Harper jumped into bed. Yes, they've known each other forever, but I was looking forward to the buildup. With that being said, I love seeing the backstory of why they never dated. And also seeing how each of them are stronger and more independent and worthy.
KindleKat64 7 months ago
Short, sweet and oh so sexy! I love that the author is giving some of the supporting characters from one of her books their own HEA. This is a fast paced story about Harper and Matt both who we met in Take Me Down. I am so happy to see Harper find her forever with Matt. So many years they could have had together, but at least Matt finally makes his move. I really enjoyed this quickie!!
tsmb02 7 months ago
We met Harper Sanders in Take Me Down....she is Emily's best friend and business partner. Harper has always had feelings for Matt Banks since they were teenagers and she thought Matt returned those feelings but time has shown her something different. Now a days it seems Matt only wants her for her coffee. Matt is still in love Harper but because of a promise he made to her older brother, he has kept his distance. Well Matt is tired of ignoring what he really wants and that is Harper. When he see an opportunity for something real, he decides to take a chance and go for it. Now he just has to hope that Harper is willing to take that same chance. This was a fun, short, sexy story. These characters are so fun I wish the book was longer!
Kindle_Loving_Mom 7 months ago
This was a super fun, and sexy, short story to cap off this series. What a great bonus! Harper Sanders has been in love with Matt since forever. They grew up together, and were friends, but she always felt something more. When she came back after going away to college though, he acted like they were strangers. She didn't understand, and it hurt her every time she saw him dating someone else. So, she decided to put herself out there and date too, hoping to forget about her feelings. But, it never worked. So, she's decided to just be alone, and to forget about dating, and her stupid heart, altogether. Now she just runs her business, a coffee shop/bakery, with her best friend, and business partner, and tries to ignore Matt right across the street every day. Matt Banks owns the only car repair garage in town, and his shop is right across the street from Harper's cafe. He goes there every morning for his coffee, and tries to ignore all the dates she's been on lately. He's always had feelings for her, but her older brother made him promise never to pursue her. As a young man, he gave his word, though he didn't want to, and now he feels paralyzed by that promise. But, when Harper has car trouble heading out of town, and needs him. He has to be there for her. He needs her, and he decides he doesn't care about that promise any more. Matt and Harper's chemistry was a blazing fire, and I loved watching them combust. During their trip, they really got to know each other again, and fell even harder. I loved their connection, and how it never died, regardless of the time and space between them. Their sexy times were super steamy, and I loved seeing that part of their connection forge so quickly. Since they weren't strangers at all, it didn't seem too fast the way they got together for good. There was a bit of a mystery side plot here with someone messing with Harper's car, and it was resolved fairly quickly. Overall I really enjoyed this short story, and getting a final look into this world, with a HEA for 2 side characters that we loved throughout the series. As always, I can't wait for what's next from this author, the final Dare brother, Jason, getting his story in the first book of her new series!
AREEDAR 7 months ago
Harper has been in love with Matt for years and she knows she needs to move on but just can’t seem too. Heading to a barista conference she is hoping she finally can let Matt go. Fate has other ideas! Matt having been warned again Harper by her brother is finally going after what he wants. What he wants is Harper! So happy these two got their happy ending!!
LynnB888 7 months ago
4 1/2 STARS! TAKE ME NOW is a bonus short story in The Knight Brothers series by Carly Phillips. If you've been reading this series, you will likely recognize these characters as side-characters in the main story line previously and you'll see some familiar faces here and there. This story is a super quick weekend between a couple who have been dancing around each other for years now. A novella is always too short to really sink your teeth into, but this snippet was extremely sexy and satisfying and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a quick happily ever after and in particular fans of the series.
kahea46 7 months ago
***5 Stars*** When this baby showed up as a nice little treat from the author, I was, of course, pleasantly surprised, but was a little confused since I’d heard nothing about it.So, I did a little searching and found nothing, but then I opened it and I did a little happy dance because after meeting Harper in Take Me Down I really wanted her to get a HEA and she has! I loved Harper. Sweet, sassy, driven and loyal. She’s the total package. Matt...well, he had to work a little bit harder at getting to the same position as Harper for me, but he did by finally stepping up to the plate, coming clean and showing Harper just how much she meant to him. While this is a short story, it gave me everything I was hoping for and a bit more and ended up being a fun, quick read. ~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~
nku 7 months ago
Take Me Now (The Knight Brothers Book 5) by Carly Phillips.....Thanks to Carly for letting me preview this book....It is a short story that is not really "second chance" but more "it's about time romance". This fast pace story is Harper and Matt's and it has angst, laughs, lots of steam all getting them to their HEA. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Page-turner Steamy Happily Ever After Funny Wonderful characters Entertaining Romantic Easy-to-read Great world building
Theresakerch-28 7 months ago
Great quick read This was a bonus book and so worth it. It was novella and it was able to be read quickly but so worth it. Harper and Matt needed and got a story, you were not disappointed. Carly Phillips never disappoints and this whole series was top of her game.
heater_28 7 months ago
Harper Sanders and Matt Banks have always been drawn to one another, but timing has just never worked out for them. Harper's brother got involved where he shouldn't have when Matt was going to tell Harper how he felt and so he stayed away and now years have passed and neither of them is happy because they are pining for one another, but trying to move on. When car trouble brings Harper squarely into Matt's orbit, he decides he's had enough and is going to tell her how he feels, and has always felt. They give into their feelings, but with other forces keep them apart or will they finally get a chance at their happily ever after? While this was a short and sweet story, I really enjoyed it and there is definitely a heat factor! You won't be sorry if you pick this one up!
Lashea677 7 months ago
The girl he can't forget has become the woman he can't live without. When it comes to love all bets are off. Matt and Harper finally get what's been in their hearts and on our minds. Take Me Down introduced us to Harper, Emily's loyal friend and future business partner and Matt, the guy who held Harper's heart. Take Me Now is the catalyst of years of unrequited love. Will they or won't they becomes a thing of the past. The answers are finally revealed. Phillips proves that the best things come to those who wait.