Take One a Day: Common Sense Ideas for Living, Loving, and Finding Happiness

Take One a Day: Common Sense Ideas for Living, Loving, and Finding Happiness

by Kenneth C. Potts


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ISBN-13: 9781585009695
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/28/2000
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

1.Some Thoughts on Intimacy1
Our Need for Intimacy3
Our Need for Physical Intimacy5
Our Need for Emotional Intimacy7
Our Need for Intellectual Intimacy9
Our Need for Social Intimacy11
Our Need for Re-Creational Intimacy13
Our Need for Spiritual Intimacy15
Intimacy - Worth the Risk17
2.Some Thoughts on the Family Life Cycle19
The Family Life Cycle21
Dating and Courtship23
The Newlywed Game25
Young and Married27
Almost Family29
Young Families31
The Middle Years33
When Things Get Crazy35
The Empty Nest37
The Mature Marriage39
The Senior Marriage41
Single Yet Married43
Families - Never as Planned45
Stuck in the Family Life Cycle47
3.Some Thoughts on How Marriages Work49
What Makes A Marriage Last51
Friends and Lovers53
Love? Yes! Like? Well55
'Til Death Do Us Part57
Marriage - Not Just a Legal Contract59
Shared Goals Central to Healthy Marriage61
Keeping the Spark Alive63
Will Power and Marriage Success65
Marriage - A Laughing Matter?67
When Couples Share What It's All About69
Building An Enduring and A Happy Marriage71
4.Some Thoughts on How Families Work73
Families That Work75
It Takes Time77
Talk Together79
Show Appreciation81
Are Committed83
Have Faith85
When Times Get Tough87
Building A Family That Works89
5.Some Thoughts on Being a Parent91
Autonomy Mixed Blessing93
Dads and Sons, Moms and Daughters95
Do Nothing Parenting97
Fathers Give Kids Head Start99
Grateful for Dads101
I'll Never Do That To My Kids103
Handle With Care105
I'm Getting Too Old For This!107
Initiative Invaluable109
It Must Be Love111
Just Like Us113
Kids and Down In the Dumps Moms115
Kids and Grocery Stores117
Letting Parents Off The Hook119
Moms Need Helping Mates121
Parenting The Sensitive Child123
Parents In Love Important To Kids125
Stress Management Begins At Home127
Talk To Children About Death129
6.Some Thoughts on Teaching Children Values131
Boredom Bane to Parents133
Kid's Morals Complex135
Kids Need to Find (And Lose) Heroes137
Kids, Parents, and Sports139
Parents Earn "F" at "R" Movie141
Playing with Guns No Longer Play143
Right is Right, Sometimes145
Sex and the Single Teen147
Teach Children Real "Value" of Money149
Teach Your Children Well151
Understanding Video Violence153
7.Some Thoughts on Children and Discipline155
The ABC's of Discipline157
Know Your Goal159
Be a United Front161
Freedom Within Limits163
Take a Stand165
Be Firm, Fair, Consistent and Flexible167
Be Non-Violent169
Be Open and Honest171
The ABC's of Discipline: Some Resources175
8.Some Thoughts on Education177
Dealing with School Failure179
Early Push for Academic Skills Harmful181
Homework - Leave It at School183
Homework Pointers For Parents185
School Problems Often Connected to Family Problems187
9.Some Thoughts on How We Communicate189
Apologizing Complicated191
Communication Confusion or Clarity193
Consider Your Communication Customer195
Destructive Criticism197
Giving Advice - Not So Simple199
Just Explain It201
Reading Between the Lines203
Saying 'Thanks' - It's Serious Business205
10.Some Thoughts on Handling Conflict207
Assigning Blame Makes Problems Worse209
Between Feuding Friends211
Finish Fights Fair and Fast213
Forgiveness - Difficult but Necessary215
Had Any Good Arguments Lately?217
I Told You So - Four Dangerous Words219
Managing Conflict So Everyone Wins221
Managing Marital Conflict223
Managing Marital Conflict (Part 2)225
Pick Your Fights, Don't Pick Fights227
Politics and the Family229
11.Some Thoughts on When Things Don't Work231
Can this Marriage Be Saved?233
Caring for Divorced Friends235
Common Sense: Get Help When You Need It237
Five Reasons to Avoid Marriage Counselors239
"I Saw a Lawyer Today ...."241
"Is this Marriage for Me?"243
"Is this Marriage for Me?" (Part Two)245
"No Fault" - Not "No Pain"247
Real Love Has 20/20 Vision249
Research Offers Hope to Troubled Marriages251
Solving Your Problems Is Never Easy253
When Our Spouse Gets on Our Nerves255

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