Take Your Health in Your Own Hands

Take Your Health in Your Own Hands

by Stef Mintiens


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Take Your Health in Your Own Hands by Stef Mintiens

The author is a naturopath with over twenty-five years’ experience. This book shows the reader how to take control of their own health through a series of natural remedies, cures for common health issues and a number of healthy recipes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789402601343
Publisher: Aerial Media
Publication date: 04/18/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Stef Mintiens is a naturopath who has promoted healthy food and a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years. Parallel with and following his training as a dentist at university, he studied various more traditional and renown natural healing methods in Germany, the cradle of natural medicine. His knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, neural therapy and Kneipp-hydrotherapy finds a synthesis in the EAV diagnosis and treatments in his everyday private practice. It is Mintiens' mission to show and prove his patients and readers that a symptomatic treatment is not the best long term solution for health problems and that one can achieve a good health and condition through good food and other habits.

Table of Contents

Salsa 6

Wood and Spring

Characteristics of the Wood Element 22

Essential Oils for Wood Element 25

The Great Spring Cleaning 27

Diagnosis in Natural Medicine 32

Electroacupuncture According to Dr. Voll 34

Allergies: Another Look 39

The Spring Kitchen 42

Red Beet Power Juice 43

Home Made Green Ice Tea 44

Elderflower Lemonade 45

Spring Rolls Veggie 46

Mango Dip 46

Spring Rolls Raw 47

Asparagus à La Flamande 48

Creamy Asparagus-Soup 49

Nettle Soup 50

Sorrel/Dandelion/Buckwheat Pancakes 51

Spring Wok with Sprouts and Leeks 52

Ravioli with Feta and Spinach 53

Lamb in Baby Blossoms 54

Rhubarb Crumble with Ginger 55

Chocolate Mousse in Two Ways 56

Fire and Summer

Features of the Fire Element 59

Essential Oils for the Fire Element 62

Sunscreen and After-Sun 62

The Meridians of the Fire Element 64

Food Storage 67

Raindrops Therapy: Restore Your Balance 77

Soulprints, Soulmates and Being Happy 80

The Summer Kitchen 85

Ice Cream, Sherbert, Sorbet and Gelato 86

Cow's Milk Free Vanilla Ice Cream 87

Lavender Ice Cream 87

Gelato with Pistachio 88

Sorbet with Red Berries and Violets 88

Quick Forest Fruit & Banana Ice Cream 89

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream 89

Tapenade 90

Bruschetta 91

Quick Zucchini Soup 92

Artichokes with Blossoms 93

Salade Niçoise 94

Summer Ratatouille 95

Strawberry Tarn with Whole Strawberries 96

Orange Marmelade 97

Blueberry Jam with Cane sugar 97

Earth and Early Fall

Characteristics of the Element Earth 99

Essential Oils for the Earth Element 101

The Nutritional Values in Berries, Fruit, Nuts and Grains 102

The Myth of 'Lactose and Gluten-Free' 131

Food Intolerance in Newborns 138

Healthy Baby Food 143

Almond Milk 143

Alternatives for Intolerance to Basic Foods 144

The Natural Approach to Diabetes 148

Harvest Feast, in the Kitchen 154

Oatmeal with Fruit Breakfast 155

Making Your Own Sourdough 156

Butternut Pancakes 156

Butternut Squash Soup 157

Filled Zucchini Blossoms 158

Graavilohi 159

Sweet Corn on the Cob with Gomasio 160

Romanesco 161

Pesto Genovese 162

Tomato Chutney 163

Apricot-Mango Soy Yoghurt Dessert with Blueberries 164

Dried Apples with Spices from the Five Elements 165

Metal and Fall

Characteristics of the Fall Element 167

Essential Oils for the Metal Element 169

Herbs and Their Medicinal Properties from A to Z 170

Herb Reductions and Infusions 214

Flu and Immunity 215

Regulatiestarheid 217

Herbs and Love: ancient applications from the Flora Magica 220

Falling Leaves in the Kitchen 223

Bread 224

Baguette artisanale 224

Seeded Sourdough Bread 225

A Healthy Spelt Bread 226

Soft Buns 227

Tempura classic 228

Tempura raw 229

The Dip Sauce 229

Jerusalem's secret 230

Silky Soft Celeriac Soup 231

Risotto with Squid 232

Risotto with Mushrooms 233

Doves in Pink grapefruit and Watercress Puree 234

Lasagne with Mushrooms 236

Moemoe's Apple Pie 238

Red Cabbage 239

Ginger snaps 240

Apple Cider Vinegar 241

Water and Winter

Characteristics of the Water Element 243

Essential Oils of the Water Element 246

Hydrotherapy 246

Twenty Steps to a Happier Life 270

The Health of our Mouth 275

Diet and Behavior 280

Cooking by the Fireplace 287

Breakfast Cake 288

Chocolate Spread 289

Chocopasta With Pure: Chocolate 289

Green Curry Soup with Parsnip and Coconut Milk 290

Split Pea Soup with Spelt-Sourdough Croutons 291

Quick Hash Mashed 292

Dried Kale with Curry 292

Bouillabaisse 293

Madeleines from Lorraine 294

Hazelnut Cookies 295

Speculaas 296

Cupcakes with Fruit 297

About Austerity 298

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