Taking the Leap: How to Build a World-Class Coaching Business

Taking the Leap: How to Build a World-Class Coaching Business

by Kasia Wezowski


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ISBN-13: 9781473657496
Publisher: Quercus
Publication date: 10/17/2017
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 884,377
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kasia Wezowski is the creator and co-producer of LEAP, the first documentary about the coaching profession. She is the founder of the Center for Body Language, the creator of the Emotional Management Method and Micro Expressions Training Videos (METV). She is a unique Business Coach with 12 years experience (with over 3000 coaching hours), and the creator of more than 30 methods for Stress Management, Emotional Consciousness and Leadership Development. She has appeared in international media, including CBS, Fox, Forbes, at and TEDx. in the full feature documentary "Destressed", and at Harvard University. Kasia has completed 3 university Master degrees at the same time: Psychology, Sociology and Law. She is passionate about organizational dynamics, radical effectiveness without effort, intuitive creativity and human behavior. Combined with her passion for extreme traveling, immersing herself in exotic cultures, she believes that successful people normally do what others do infrequently.

Table of Contents

Introduction Kasia Wezowski 1

Part 1 Finding Yourself and Your Purpose

Inner Wisdom: The Yin and Yang of Building a Thriving Coaching Business Marc Steinberg 7

Emotional intelligence: Boost Your EQ to Lead in Business and with Your Clients Relly Nadler 19

Self-Mastery: 7 Critical Areas Where You Can Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business David Taylor-Klaus 29

The Passionate Coach: Tap into passion to increase Your influence, Stay Focused, and Build a Business You Love Sam Markewich 41

Leading as a Coach: Self-Awareness and Leadership Skills for coaches and Clients Beth J. Masterman 51

Mastering Change: How to Grow as a Coach by Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Melinda Fouts 61

Coaching with Heart: How to Build a Coaching Business by Listening to Your Body and Following Your Intuition Katherine McIntosh 71

Defining Your Dream: Creating an Empowering vision of Your Future and Making It Happen Joann Lysiak 81

Possibility Coaching: Push Your Own Boundaries to Empower Your Clients and Grow Your Business Clinton Callahan 91

Part 2 Finding Your clients

Connecting with Experts: How to Partner with Influences and Industry Leaders Mark Thompson 109

Confidence and Self-Belief: Your Self-worth Determines Your Net Worth Peter Sage 119

Specialization: How to Find Your Niche and Establish a Formidable Reputation in Your Field Kelvin Lim 127

Coaching Executives and CEOs: 5 Changes You Need to Make Marshall Goldsmith 139

The LinkedIn Coach: How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads, Customers, and Clients Mirna Bacun 147

The Nonprofit Sector: How to Thrive as a coach by Helping Nonprofits Deliver on Their Mission Patrick Jinks 161

World-class Coaching: How to Develop and Live a Mindset that inspires and Transforms Clients Kasia Wezowski 173

Part 3 Finding Success

Putting Your Mission First: How to Create a Daily Work Life You Love and Become Unstoppable as a Coach Dr. John Demartini 187

The Coaching Business Model: Selecting, Branding, and Selling the Right Model to Maximize Your Impact Heather Ramsey 197

Promoting Yourself as a Coach: How to Get Your Name Out There to Attract Clients and Customers Kieron Sweeney 209

Impossible to Normal: Strategies for Building a Visionary Business Vishen Lakhiani 219

The Super Guru Strategy: How to Achieve international Recognition as a Coach Jack Canfield 229

Coaching, Amplified: How to Take Your unique Value to the Masses and Build Your Business Empire Roberto Re 239

Persistence: How to Stay on Track toward Your Vision Melissa Tietz 247

Seven Keys to Scaling Your Business: Forging a Mission and Legacy Patryk Wezowski 259

Conclusion: Leaving Your Legacy Kasia Wezowski 271

Notes 276

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