Tale of Three Amigos: Cat Detectives

Tale of Three Amigos: Cat Detectives



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ISBN-13: 9780970606235
Publisher: Aloha Publications
Publication date: 09/28/2002
Series: Cat Detectives Present Ser.
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 7.68(w) x 4.96(h) x 0.24(d)
Age Range: 7 Years

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It was a cold, mysterious night. Wind whistled through the trees as large snowflakes dropped from the sky to blanket the ground. Little One, a petite blue-eyed Siamese cat, and her long time friend and fellow cat detective Captain Spunky, were relaxing in front of a crackling fire watching the dying flames flicker.

Darla and Bill, their human parents, and Noah, their humans' teenaged son, were in the kitchen fixing a gourmet dinner and were being entertained by classical music that was blaring throughout the house.

It was a wonder Captain Spunky and Little One could even think.

Little One stopped watching the fire, choosing instead to clean her toes. For some reason, it was the hardest part of her to keep clean.

Captain Spunky also grew tired of watching the fire and wandered over to the window to look outside at the falling snow. Shiny black hair that framed a muscular cat's body reflected in the glass as he peered out.

The glare from the lights inside the house prevented him from seeing two big eyes staring at him through the window. When he finally did, he was so startled he jumped.

"There's something outside," he whispered.

Little One didn't look up as she continued to chew on her toes. "Oh, you're just seeing things," she declared.

"No, I mean it. There's something, or someone out there." He leaned closer to the glass, breathing so heavily he fogged up the bottom of the window. He wiped the area clear with his paw and peered outside again.

The two yellow eyes were still there!

He motioned to her. "Come here and look."

Hurrying over to the window, she looked out. "Where? I don't see anything."

"Right in front of your nose," he insisted.

She pressed her nose against the window. Immediately, she jumped back. "You're right," she whispered. "Who could it be?"

"I don't know," he answered. "But I'm going to find out." Jogging over to the kitchen door that led to the garage, he lifted the plastic flap of their cat door. "Are you coming?"

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Tale of Three Amigos: Cat Detectives 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read A tale of three amigos and loved it very much. I think everyone should read it. I really liked Captain Spunky. He's my favrite cat.