Talent for Humanity: Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage to Inspire You on Your Journey

Talent for Humanity: Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage to Inspire You on Your Journey

by Patrick Gaffney (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781626341814
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
Publication date: 04/21/2015
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Talent for Humanity is co-authored by Rachel Deghati, Nadine Taylor, Barry Fox, Nicola Rowe, Joanne Payton, and Facundo Ponce de León, and edited by Patrick Gaffney. 

Table of Contents

Foreword Thierry Sanchez ix

Introduction Patrick Caffmey 1

My Seven Voyages Reza 13

Making the World a Better Place Through the Arts Sherry Bob Jason 33

Rise! Aliza Hava 53

In My Own Voice Deeyah Khan 75

Connecting the Dots Yarrow Kraner 99

On Tastes, the Journey, and Clowning Daniele Finzi Pasca 121

Putting Our Heart into the World Patrick Gaffney 145

My Letter to Humanity You 167

A Note from the Editor 171

Biographies and Further Information 173

Acknowledgments 183

Notes 185

About Talent for Humanity 187

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Talent for Humanity: Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage to Inspire You on Your Journey 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Vincent-Armand More than 1 year ago
Talent for Humanity book starts with this phrase: "We are all born with the power to imagine what does not yet exist. What if we used this power to create the world we all dream of living in'for ourselves and for others?" . I believe that we have this power in all of us, and the book stories are there to prove it. This book might not change your life but it will certainly give you the courage to start pursuing your own journey. I was deeply moved by the stories I read, and also by the conclusion written by Patrick Gaffney. It is beautifully written and very moving. It is definitely a highly inspirational book, and not a traditional self-help one as Patrick Gaffney had mentioned "This book is neither another self-help book, nor a set of moral directives about what anyone is supposed to think, believe or put into action. Far from it.' It's an invitation to never stop imagining, and to join a conspiracy of compassionate action, and to sign up to a lineage of kindness that we can pass on forever. They have found a creative way of involving the reader by offering him or her to write the final story: 'A few pages at the end of the book are left blank. The final story, if you accept, can be yours' How would you put into words your wishes for the world and your aspirations to do something to bring change? Now imagine a million new friends just waiting to hear from you!" I recommend it to anyone who has a heart that carries love, creativity and compassion. Let's never stop imagining!
CourtneeyLin More than 1 year ago
Talent for Humanity: Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage to Inspire You on Your Journey is an awe-inspiring account of the extraordinary care and compassion human beings are capable of showing each other. It is a reminder that, despite being wonderfully unique individuals, we are all the same; we feel the same love, share the same desires, and deserve the same compassion and opportunities for happiness. As the author, Patrick Gaffney, points out “We all have the capacity to transform ourselves, change the world, and inspire others.” Talent for Humanity serves as a pillar of inspiration for everyone who is in search of their purpose in life; everyone seeking “something more.” Discovering the people highlighted in this book is like discovering a light within yourself that you didn’t know you had. It makes you feel empowered and capable of making a splash in the world just by acknowledging the things that make you special. If we all set the intention to ‘pay it forward’ by shining a little light on all the places where there isn’t any, the world we live in will become a much brighter and more compassionate place. Patrick Gaffney has created something really special with this text. He has taken action to put inspiration in the hands of limitless amounts of people. He has passed the torch for helping humanity by sharing stories about the incredible things we are all gifted enough to accomplish. If you really want to know what you are going to get out of this reading, consider Gaffney’s own explanation: “This is a book about passion and creativity, about friendship and kindness, determination and, as we will see, focused and undistracted attention. It is a book about compassion, because everyone in it has been driven by a compelling desire to alleviate suffering, along with it’s causes. It is a book about courage and resilience…” You cannot help but feel admiration for the 7 souls introduced in Talent for Humanity. Each of these individuals has taken their God-given talents and turned them into a tool for serving mankind. Talent for Humanity is so much more than just a feel-good call for self-improvement. It has managed to capture the essence of what it means to be a human being and what it feels like to realize how powerful Love is. Changing the world begins with one small act of kindness and Patrick Gaffney has offered us 7 beautiful examples of positive change in motion. EVERYONE needs to read this book. Once you get your hands on a copy, be sure to pay it forward and share it with someone you care about.