Talent Next Door - Cambridge Guelph & Area: Volume 1

Talent Next Door - Cambridge Guelph & Area: Volume 1

by Craig Musselman


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Talent Next Door - Cambridge Guelph & Area Volume 1 -Celebrating Local Canadian Art, This is our third catalogue, and first volume of fabulous artists working in Cambridge and Guelph area as well as the smaller towns nearby. After the successful launch of VOLUME 1 and 2. For Kitchener Waterloo and Area, we catalogued a new area with all new art, and all new artists. Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, Photography, Digital, Metal, Glass, Fiber, Clay, and everything else falls under the category of raw materials transformed into fabulous works of art by the 118 artists featured in this stunning who's who of local talent on 124 pages. Each artist's work has once again been judged by a local and international panel of fine artists and is accompanied by tantalizing bios, websites, locations, and contact information, so that after getting a taste of their work in the book, you can rush off to their studios to snap up their latest offerings while you still can!
Craig Musselman has written several art books on both local and international artists. See his website www.CraigMusselman.com for a portal to each genre.
Talent Next Door - Waterloo & Area : (local artists - 2010 - www.TalentNextDoor.com)
Talent Next Door - Kitchener Waterloo & Area: (local artists - 2011 - www.TalentNextDoor.com)
Machines and Magic: (the best of Science Fiction and Fantasy art compilation from 91 International artists from every continent - 2011 - www.MachinesAndMagic.com )
By mid 2012 look out for several books by Craig Musselman via ShootItFor.me or ShootItForMe.com stock photos and Artist Reference. "Flowers" will be followed by "Sci Fi Fantasy Reference and Tips on Using the ordinary for the extraordinary". As well as "Steampunk" all out in 2012.
Search for "Craig Musselman" on your favourite book seller website to find books by Craig.


Visit the www.TalentNextDoor.com website for discount coupons to buy the book at the createspace store and save at the amazon owned publisher outlet: https://www.createspace.com/3750146

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ISBN-13: 9780987789525
Publisher: Craig Musselman
Publication date: 12/16/2011
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.33(d)

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