Tales from Aggieland: Home of the Twelfth Man

Tales from Aggieland: Home of the Twelfth Man

by Bo Carter, Mike McKenzie


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ISBN-13: 9781582613314
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date: 04/28/2002
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 8.56(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

Much to Yell About
Heroic Rudder3
Dana Xenophon Bible3
The First Bowl Game of the Future Big 126
The St. Louis Connection8
He's Known as Mr. Aggie Baseball8
Homer Norton and the Tower11
Jolly G. Rollie White Coliseum13
Minnie, Mickey, and R.C.13
The Barbecue's Over15
Recent Aggie Olympians
Persistence Pays Off for Floyd Heard19
Aggie Olympian Jennifer McFalls20
Stacy Sykora: Olympic Dream Come True21
That Fightin' Aggie Spirit
Mike Ricke's Favorite Overachieving Teams27
The Original Rocket Man28
Beloved Tennis Coach David Kent30
Ellis's Linksmen31
Ted Nelson and the Breakthrough Title32
Basketball Trivia, Anyone?33
The Corbellis: A Winning Volleyball Team34
Charlie's Habit Leads to Trouble36
In the Shadow of the Wrecking Crew
The 1986 Cotton Bowl and the Heisman Hex43
Bull Johnson44
Dave Elmendorf and the Diamond45
Paul "Bear" Bryant and the Mid-1950s Turnaround46
Jim Myers and the Legacy of Bryant49
Gene Stallings Gets a Bear of a Surprise50
Unsung Aggie Receivers52
Charley Moran and the Great Manush Ejection54
The Famous Hurricane Game55
Emory Bellard-Hall of Fame Coach and Inventor of the Wishbone Offense58
The Play That Turned Around a Season63
Later Texas-Texas A&M Games Didn't Decide Champs of SWC64
Aggie Greats From the Past66
Dat Nguyen: An All-American Story From Aggieland72
The Snow Bowl of 2000: Sherrill and Slocum Reunited75
Basketball According to Shelby Metcalf
Shelby Definitely Needed More Clothes83
Longview, Texas84
The Great but Unsung Coaches of the Southwest Conference85
The Original Chair Throw86
The Aggies and Pistol Pete Maravich88
The Aggies and the NCAA Tournament89
The Good Dr. Metcalf and the Legendary Dave Campbell90
The Marbury Family92
The Better Than Advertised SWC93
More on the SWC's Most Famous Basketball Fight93
The Impact of the University of Houston on SWC Basketball94
Metcalf on Motivation96
The Winston Crite Era97
The 1976 Basketball Shot Heard Round the World99
Another 5'10" Guard and Misconceptions About G. Rollie White99
Shelby Loses His Favorite Cap100
On the Field with the Maroon and White Nine
Chuck Knoblauch and His Post-A&M Career105
Wally Moon and the Moon Shots106
Al Ogletree108
John DeWitt Against Billy Goat Hill110
Robert Blackmon and the Moon Over Mississippi State111
Injuries and Illness Prove Difficult as Aggies Miss 1996 Baseball Bid114
Beau Bell and the 1951 Aggie Baseball Team116
Fighting (Neal) Farmer and SWC Baseball History117
The Inimitable Davey Johnson119
R.J. Englert: Still in the Record Books After All These Years121
Aggies in the Majors123
The Day They Tarped with the Trucks131
A Media Frenzy
The World's Tallest Fat Man137
When Poker Comes to Blows137
Where's the Bus?138
Wake Up, Bus Driver140
She's Known as "CR"141
CR Remembers142
Stopping a Freight Train144
Batting Practice with Hailstones145
A Dentist as Man's Best Friend?146
Announcing the '79 SWC Golf Tournament147
Debbie Comes to Dallas (and the Southwest Conference)148
A Refreshing Tale150
John Klein, Slim Smith, and Aggie Hospitality150
A Texas A&M Track with Rhode Island-Sized Trailers151
Late Game Not Included152

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