Tales of Animals: A Compilation of 7 Short Character Building Stories

Tales of Animals: A Compilation of 7 Short Character Building Stories

by Esm?


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Tales of Animals: A Compilation of 7 Short Character Building Stories by Esm?

This lovely family-orientated illustrated story book makes the friendly animal characters come alive as they aim to teach children moral values for everyday issues of life. It is a great tool for parents or teachers of young children to teach a valuable lesson in character building and to share those intimate moments with the children they love as they read these exciting animal stories together.
The fun animal character stories compiled in this book aim to bring about change in the lives of children through character building and valuable moral lessons taught.
The whole writing and illustrating of this book was a true family effort, which in itself encapsulates the essence of the aim for which the stories have been written.
I, the author, would like to thank my mother Bernadette and two of my sisters, Jeané and Ronél, for illustrating the stories and giving the characters in this book faces and making them come alive.
The approval and encouragement of my nephews and nieces, Josua, Kina, Mizé and Mattias, throughout made the whole writing and illustrating process an enjoyable experience.
Great gratitude goes to my parents, John and Bernadette, for loving me and doing an excellent job in raising me my siblings by setting an example with a good foundation of moral values.
A big thank you goes to my husband, whom I love dearly, for his unconditional love for me and support in everything I do. And to my two children, Kristen and William, who give me inspiration through the joy they bring and the great love I have for them.

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ISBN-13: 9781482808544
Publisher: Partridge Africa
Publication date: 09/08/2015
Pages: 82
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.22(d)

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Tales of Animals

A Compilation of 7 Short Character Building Stories

By Esme, Ronel

Partridge Africa

Copyright © 2015 Esmé
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4828-0854-4


The cricket which Henry hired as a wake up alarm, in exchange for his life to be spared, rubbed his legs together and merrily chirped his usual wake up tune.

Henry the hedgehog opened one eye lazily, and then the next. He gave a big yawn and stretched his arms above his head in an attempt to wake up. He slowly pulled the duvet covers open and reluctantly climb out of bed. Still half asleep he lit a candle and dragged himself to the pantry and took out an air dried locust and some juicy purple berries from his food supply. He sat down at the kitchen table and started to munch on his breakfast, hoping that with each bite it would give him some energy to be able to do his routine walk in search of more food.

Henry took his jacket from the hanger and grabbed his food collecting basket. He looked at the objects in his hands to make sure he had everything he needed. He quickly went back to his room to get his head lamp he had almost forgotten and then made his way to the front door. It was still dark outside, as the sun had not come up yet.

Henry rose long before sun up, every morning, in order to do his routine walk in search of food. His favourite was the purple berries that grew close to the stream's cool water. He then tried his best to be back at his house just as the sun's rays peeked over the mountains to say hello to the new day. This was to make sure that he was back inside the safety of his home before all the other animals started making their rounds along the stream, in search of their own food.

Henry was a shy fellow and did not want to bump into any other creature on his roundabout through the bush, just in case they needed him to talk to them. He did not want to speak to anyone, because he was afraid that he would say the wrong things, and then he would be laughed at. The less he saw the others, the less he had to worry about what to say to them. And if he did by some chance see another creature he would curl into a ball, with his spikes pricking towards the outside, to scare them away from him. Due to his shyness, Henry led a very lonely life. He hid away from the other creatures because he was too afraid of what they might say if he made a mistake around them.

What a surprise Henry got this morning as he came closer to the stream. The purple berry bush was under water. He could not even get close to it. Somewhere upstream it had rained a lot throughout the night and now the stream was coming down in a huge flood.

Henry did not know what to do. He was frantic with worry. How was he going to get food to stock his pantry? What if some other animal living near the stream got washed away while sleeping in bed? Henry looked around, all the others were still laying warm and snug in their beds. He looked up to the sky and noticed that the storm clouds were rolling in fast, making the sky even darker. He had to do something! His house, as well as all the other animal's houses near the stream, are most surely going to be flooded if it were to rain now. It is going to push the water levels of the stream even higher!

Adrenaline started pumping through Henry's veins and he forgot about being shy. He knocked on the doors of the still sleeping animals. He did not even notice the surprised looks on their faces as they saw that it was him, shy Henry, on the other side of the door. Some even rubbed their eyes and looked again to make sure they were not still dreaming. Before giving them time to respond, Henry told them what was going on and they started evacuating their houses in order not to lose everything through the damaging stream.

The animals were somewhat exhausted, yet happy that they were now safe, as they sat gathered together on higher ground. Henry was their hero! If it was not for him they might have been in some terrible danger at this very moment. They decided to hold a big thank you party for Henry.


Excerpted from Tales of Animals by Esme, Ronel. Copyright © 2015 Esmé. Excerpted by permission of Partridge Africa.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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