Tales of Hanuman: Tales From the Eternal Life Of Hanuman

Tales of Hanuman: Tales From the Eternal Life Of Hanuman


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You may have already read many interesting stories of Hanuman in the previous volume of this book. In this book we discuss various stories describing Hanuman's adventures and fights with various evil forces. with suitable illustrations related to the story where ever possible.

This book is an effort of throwing light on the stories which are not mentioned in Ramayana or Mahabharata. However the authenticity of the stories mentioned in this book is supported by the other sacred scriptures like Agastya samhitha and Parashara samhitha.

The aim of this book is to narrate the stories of hanuman from the mentioned sacred scriptures in simple English also trying my best to translate the Sanskrit script as it is.

The story of Hanuman brings in courage and confidence. Devotion and sincerity and all good qualities in the heart of the reader. In the sacred scriptures of the Hindus, it is mentioned that Hanuman is immortal. Many who are familiar with Hanuman are mostly familiar with the stories of Hanuman told in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

In this book we will enjoy the stories from the eternal life of Hanuman, which happen before and after the period of Ramayana and Mahabharatha also.

We will also enjoy reading the stories of Hanuman and his devotees how Hanuman guided them, saved them and blessed them.

We will also learn about various forms of Hanuman like his forms with five faces and ten arms, Hanuman with three faces and thirty two arms , Hanuman with four hands, warrior form of hanuman, the singing Hanuman, and various other forms of Hanuman and stories about their worship. Dhyana shlokas (Original Sanskrit verses describing these forms in detail are also included with simple translation of the verses.) are included where possible.

The beauty of Hanuman's divine adobe of mount Gandhamadhana and a devotee's visit to the place is also narrated.

I am also planning to release more story books on Hanuman based on various sacred scriptures in the near future. hope you will enjoy the stories in the book and come back here for more.

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