Tales of humour, Gallantry & Romance

Tales of humour, Gallantry & Romance


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There dwelt in Rome two very intimate friends and relations of the family of Savelli, the one named Bacciuolo, and the other Pietro Paolo, both nobly bom and possessed of sufficient wealth. These young men determined to go and complete their studies at Bologna; one wished to study the common law, and the other the canon law. They accordingly took leave of their friends, and came to Bologna, and assiduously applied themselves to their respective pursuits, which they continued for some time. Now, as you no doubt know, the former improved himself much sooner than Pietro Paolo, for which reason, being now a licentiate, he determined to return to Rome, and said to Pietro Paolo-"Brother, since I am now a licentiate, I have resolved to return home." Peter Paul answered, "I prithee do not leave me here-oblige me by remaining the winter-then in the spring we will go together-thou in the mean time mayest learn some other science, by which means thou wilt not waste thy time." Bacciuolo willingly agreed to the proposal, promised to wait for him, and in order not to lose his time, went to the professor

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