Tales of the Witch Hunter

Tales of the Witch Hunter

by Ronald N. Goulden, MBA, PMP

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In the course of his travels, he travels to Poway, California, where he meets with an angry teen-aged ghost who is bent upon reaping revenge for her untimely death against all who come into her path. Trapped by the powerful spirit, Jack must convince her that he deserves to live.

In Wilmington, Delaware, Jack engages a being from a parallel universe. This creature is bent upon opening a portal that would allow it to fully materialize in our world. Jack also encounters a wizard who offers baffling prophetic information about his future.

Traveling to Sitting Bull Falls, New Mexico, Jack and Denise experience an unpleasant encounter with the mythical Chupacabra. They discover many of the secrets surrounding the mythic creatures as they battle for survival.

Finally, in his home town of Wichita, Kansas, he investigates the 'Mystery lights' and meets with an old acquaintance. Jack is also provided with information for use regarding an important individual in his future.

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BN ID: 2940152500165
Publisher: Ronald N. Goulden, MBA, PMP
Publication date: 11/29/2015
Series: Witch Hunter
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 130 KB

About the Author

Ronald Goulden has written novels and stories for thirty years. Having served in Viet Nam as a Translator/Interpreter, He quickly adapts to new cultures and sees a story or an adventure everywhere. He has ‘dabbled’ in witchcraft, though he is not a witch. All of his novels and stories have interconnecting threads that link them into a larger universe, spanning space and time. Some of the links are obvious, while others are very subtle. Some of the events in the stories are based on real life, while others are pure fiction. The distinction between fact and fiction is up to the reader. Having studied witchcraft many years earlier, it had always been in my mind. When I became an IT Director for the Farm Credit bank system in Wichita, I observed the ‘power’ a small group of ladies expressed over others in the bank and their general disdain for many of the men. I had also researched the BTK Killer during his spree and developed a program that allowed me to ‘predict’ his next attacks. As such, I saw the potential for violence in anyone. After being treated rather rudely by the band of bank beauties, I decided to write a story to explain their odd and overbearing personalities. Using newspaper stories and personal experiences, I settled on baby sacrifices and Satanism. While the personalities and physical attributes are based upon real people I knew at the time, their involvement is this story is purely fiction. There are many ‘links’ in this story to the other novels I’ve written over time, essentially building an alternate universe.

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