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ISBN-13: 9781541098442
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/31/2016
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Donna M. Zadunajsky started out writing children's books before she accomplished and published her first novel, Broken Promises, in June 2012. She then has written several more novels and her first novella, HELP ME!, which is a subject about suicide and bullying.
She is currently working on a novel series, which she had completed three books, Family Secrets, Hidden Secrets, and Twisted Secrets.

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Talk To Me 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Skyler Boudreau for Reader Views (11/17) Carly Boyles has gone through more at age fifteen than most adults have through their entire lives. The reader is thrown into Carly’s turmoiled head as she struggles to survive a deeply traumatic situation, while obstacle after obstacle is thrown in her face. “Talk to Me” by Donna M. Zadunajsky tells an important story in a simple and engaging format. Zadunajsky does an excellent job of portraying not just one important issue, but two. Teenage suicide and sexual violence are some the largest crises our country faces today and not enough people are educated about them. Suicide is rarely caused by a single factor, and Carly is a strong representation of that statistic. She is bombarded by a series of triggering events, some she doesn’t even recognize until much later. The hopelessness and despair she experiences pulls the reader deep into her tragic life. While Carly’s experiences and the ways she handles them are plausible, her voice is sometimes “wishy-washy.” There are short sections where she reads as much older than fifteen, and while it is certainly possible for a teenager to sound older than they are, it is at odds with the rest of her character. There is also an unnecessary supernatural element that appears half-way through the novel and is never explained. It is not needed to further the plot in any way and could be edited out of the novella entirely and replaced with another realistic experience without sacrificing any part of Carly’s story. One major issue prevented me from giving “Talk to Me” the four stars I had originally planned. The ending is incredibly sad and powerful. It is a fantastic conclusion that leaves the reader wondering and trying to fill in the “afterwards” on their own. Or it would, if it wasn’t for the epilogue, which reads more like an author’s note and tells the readers exactly what happens after the ending. There isn’t any real story provided, but instead a summary that ties up the few loose ends left in Carly’s short life. Leaving the ending messy would have fit with the rest of the novel much better. Overall, “Talk to Me” by Donna M. Zadunajsky accomplishes what it is set up to do; provide an emotionally draining story about a teenager struggling with suicidal thoughts and extreme grief. The epilogue significantly weakens the story itself, but the message is still there. “Talk to Me” is not for readers triggered by suicide and sexual violence. Those who are not will be in for an emotional journey of a young girl who life has treated more than poorly.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite As a teenager in high school, this should be the best time of your life. In high school there is so much to explore and experience, from parties and hanging out with your friends to discovering a new outlook on your future, but instead this can also be the scariest, most uncertain, and lowest time of a teenager’s life. Talk To Me: HELP ME! Book 2 by Donna M. Zadunajsky deals with the essence of the social issues that affect the life of a teenager. While this is a true account of the lives that our teenagers are living today, when reading this book parents must be aware that some of the material is for mature audiences. Carly Boyles feels that her world is falling apart. Her friend, Mick Connors, is a cutter. Taylor Ryans is her ex-boyfriend who not only caused a wedge between her and her best friend, Staci Garrison, but he's also a rapist. Carly discovered that not only did he rape her, but he raped her best friend, Staci, who later hanged herself. What should she do? Who will be his next victim? Who should she tell? Should she keep what she knows to herself? Would they believe her or blame her? So many questions and conflicting emotions are running through Carly’s mind and body; what would you do? This book brings to light the epidemic affecting our children and youth every day. It has been estimated that within their personal circle a teenager is aware of at least one teen living a depressed existence or a life full of anxiety. Of those within the same circle that have either thought of or have attempted suicide, some succeed. According to, at least 90% of the 15-24-year-olds that commit suicide experience some type of mental illness, behavior or alcohol, drug, sexual or physical abuse problems. Despite the traumatic accounts contained in this book, I'm glad that Donna M. Zadunajsky is continuing her efforts to bring these horrific details to the forefront. Readers will also find some questions and resources that they can use immediately to help one deal with the after-effects of rape.
Holly More than 1 year ago
Talk To Me is the story of a young girl who is faced with a decision to end her life over a mistake to only have a heartbreaking ending. Carly Boyles was a popular girl who was dating Taylor Ryans who was the captain of the football team until Taylor changed everything about their relationship. With it being two weeks after the incident with Taylor, Carley discovers that her best friend, Staci has the same secret but kills herself in the process of dealing with the aftermath of what had happened. As Carley deals with losing Staci, she tries to overdose on pills but is caught in time by her mother before doing much damage to her system. With Carley in the hospital recovering from the overdose, a chance to leave for a day to attend Staci's funeral will bring more revelations and a setback for Carley. As Carley continues to recover, something will happen to Carley that everything will be finally reveled on what Taylor did to her and to Staci. With everything out in the public, Carley thinks she can be free from that secret but to only have a heartbreaking ending to this story. Wow is all I can say about this story with all the emotions that come with it, it truly is a great story that needs to be in high schools everywhere. I wasn't expecting how it all ended which will make you tear up for what happens to Carley in the end but the thing that got me the most was how true of a story this can be for anyone. I personally think this book needs to be in schools where it could help out a person who just might get the help they need before anything truly bad happens. Thank You to Donna M. Zadunajsky for writing a fantastic book in this series! I received this book from the Author in exchange for a honest review!