Tall, Dark and Wolfish

Tall, Dark and Wolfish

by Lydia Dare

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In Lydia Dare's debut trilogy, Regency England has gone to the wolves!

He's lost the most important part of himself...

Lord Benjamin Westfield is a powerful werewolf-until one full moon when he doesn't change. His life now shattered, he rushes off to Scotland in search of the healer who can restore his inner beast, only to find she's not at all what he expected...

She would make him whole, if she could...

Young, beautiful witch Elspeth Campbell will do anything to help anyone who calls upon her healing arts. Then Lord Benjamin shows up, and she suddenly discovers she may need him even more than he needs her...

Praise for A Certain Wolfish Charm

"A Certain Wolfish Charm has bite! With its sexy hero, engaging heroine, and sizzling sexual tension, you won't want to put it down even when the moon is full."
-Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author of Wed Him Before You Bed Him

"Tough, resourceful, charming women battle roguish, secretive, aristocratic men under the watchful eye of society in Dare's delightful Victorian paranormal romance debut."
-Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

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ISBN-13: 9781402252433
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 05/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 931,576
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About the Author

Lydia Dare Lydia Dare is the pen name for writing team Tammy Falkner (author of A Lady and Her Magic) and Jodie Pearson. Both are active members of the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and live near Raleigh, North Carolina.

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If Elspeth Campbell revealed how much she wanted to leave the cold, damp cave, her coven sisters would surely think she was mad. Her plaid slipped from her shoulders, and she fought the shiver that threatened, trying to close her eyes and mind to the chilly Scottish air. She couldn't pull the plaid back into place until the ceremony was over.

They were meeting earlier than scheduled, as Caitrin foresaw trouble on the horizon for the Còig, though she hadn't revealed her fears to them yet. Truthfully, Elspeth didn't think Caitrin was certain what threatened them. They all knew the visions were clearest for their seer when the five of them were together.

To her right, Rhiannon tightened her grasp on Elspeth's hand while Sorcha and Blaire closed the space between them, which tightened the ring of four around Caitrin. In the middle of their circle, the seer's eyes were closed, her hands stretched toward the heavens. Caitrin hummed an ancient melody, passed from one generation of Còig witches to the next. Then she stopped and all was quiet in the cave-so quiet that Elspeth could only hear the drumming of her own heart and Sorcha's rapid breathing to her left.

"I see a handsome man," Caitrin began softly. Her lilting voice echoed off the dark cavern walls.

"I'd like ta see one of those," Sorcha giggled. The murderous look Rhiannon shot the youngest witch prevented any further levity from entering their circle.

"He bears the mark of the beast," Caitrin continued as though she'd never been interrupted.

Chills shot down Elspeth's spine, which had nothing to do with the loss of her plaid or the cool air in the cave. The mark of the beast. She'd heard those words her entire life.

"He will disrupt us. He will try ta take Elspeth from our circle."

Suddenly Elspeth had three sets of eyes on her. It would have been four, but Caitrin's were still closed as the vision played out in her mind.

"The beast canna be allowed ta break our coven. Disaster will fall if he succeeds." Caitrin's haunting blue eyes opened and she focused them on Elspeth. Sucking in a surprised breath, Elspeth tried to snatch her hands back from Rhiannon and Sorcha, but their hold tightened. Her heart pounded faster and she felt certain she would faint.

Caitrin stepped forward and touched her fingers to Elspeth's brow. "Do ye ken the man I speak of, El?"

A nervous laugh escaped Elspeth's throat and she nodded. She had never thought he would actually come for her. After all, he'd abandoned her mother long before she was born. "My father," she whispered.

Though Elspeth had never met her sire, she knew he wore the mark of the beast. So it must be him. Who else would try to take her from her coven? Caitrin's brow furrowed. "He felt younger than that." Elspeth shook her head. "I doona ken another man with the mark, Cait."

Finally the seer nodded. "Very well. Ye must be diligent. He canna be allowed ta take ye from us. The future of the Còig depends upon it."

Elspeth nodded. She'd never known Caitrin's visions to be wrong, but in her twenty-one years, her father had never even contacted her. It didn't seem likely he would suddenly show interest in her well-being. "I will be careful."

At the same time in London...

Rain poured over the brim of Lord Benjamin Westfield's beaver hat. He stepped out of the darkness and crossed the threshold of Canis House, the exclusive social club to which he belonged. He handed his drenched greatcoat and ruined hat to the awaiting footman and walked into the warm light of the drawing room.

Ben glanced around at the other members, searching the faces for his older brothers. They weren't there.

Thank God! He didn't think he could put on a cheerful face tonight, and they would most certainly see through his dark mood.

"Is the Duke of Blackmoor here this evening?" he asked the footman just to be certain.

The man shook his head. "I have not seen His Grace. However, Lord William was here, my lord." Ben looked around the room once more. He didn't see Will. If he was quick, he could leave before his brother ever knew he was here. "And Major Forster?"

The footman gestured toward the back of the drawing room. "At his usual table, my lord." Ben took the first relieved breath he'd had in days, hopeful the major could help him. He thanked the footman and then crossed the room to where his father's oldest friend sat in a dark corner, sipping whisky. "Am I interrupting?"

Major Desmond Forster's dark eyes twinkled as he looked up from his drink. "Ah, Benjamin. It's been an age. Please, please." He gestured toward an empty chair at his table. "To what do I owe this honor?"

Ben swallowed. It wasn't something he could just blurt out. In fact, now that he was here, he didn't know what to say to Forster at all. "I, uh, could use your counsel, sir."

"My counsel?" The old man leaned back in his seat and grinned. "I am flattered. I thought you generally sought out Blackmoor."

Usually he did want his brother Simon's advice. But this wasn't something he could discuss with either of his brothers. In fact, keeping Simon and Will from learning his secret was of the utmost importance. Ben took a deep breath and leaned in close over the table. "I'm in trouble, Major."

The man's smile vanished instantly. "What sort of trouble, Benjamin?"

He held tightly to the table and willed the words out of his mouth. "I didn't change."

"You didn't change?" the officer echoed.

"With the full moon last night," he explained. "I. Didn't. Change."

For the first time in his life as a Lycan man, Benjamin Westfield hadn't sprouted a tail, long snout, or paws with the coming of the full moon. He'd sought the moon the same way he always did, this time in a clearing in the woods, for his transformation. But last night nothing had happened. A moonbeam touched him, but the change that was so much a part of him didn't come, and he'd stood there for an eternity waiting and wondering why he was broken.

Major Forster's face drained of its color and his mouth fell open. "You didn't change?" he repeated, this time in sotto voce, with a world of meaning in his words. Ben shook his head. "Do you know why?"

"Benjamin, we always change."

"Well, not me. Not last night."

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Tall, Dark and Wolfish 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 258 reviews.
BookAddictPatti More than 1 year ago
Well, Ms. Dare, you've done it again! I am totally in love with the Westfield Brothers - all three are completely sigh-worthy... In this second book in her werewolf trilogy, we are introduced to Lord Benjamin Westfield, the youngest of the three brothers. We don't meet him in A Certain Wolfish Charm, except to hear he's missing and possibly gone off to Scotland. He has gone off to Scotland; he wasn't able to change at the last full moon, and he's in search of a healer. He plans to stay with an old friend, Alec MacQuarrie, while he searches for this old woman. When he arrives, Alec is on his way to a ball with a young woman he's been pursuing. Alec asks Ben to escort the young lady's friend, Elspeth. Elspeth Campbell is a young witch. Her best friends are all witches and her closest friend has forseen that a wolf will tear Elspeth away and destroy the coven. Elspeth knows this must refer to her father, who was a werewolf - she has the mark on her skin, passed down by her father. She plans to seek out her father and confront him; the only problem is she doesn't know who he is - he left her mother and never came back When Ben tells Elspeth who he's looking for, she realizes he wants her mother, who is dead. She tells Ben she can help him but even though he feels drawn to her, he is reluctant to disclose his secrets. Then he sees her powers and thinks maybe she can help. As Ben and Elspeth are drawn to each other, the coven sisters are trying to keep her from falling in love and leaving the coven. Of course there are many misunderstandings and twists along the way to this HEA: Ben needs to change to his wolf shape, Elspeth wants to find her father, the coven doesn't want to be separated. Not to sound like a squeeing fangirl (which I am), but I loved this book! At first I was a little hesitant when I realized the heroine was a witch (I'm not much for witch stories) but I was so wrong to be worried! I liked Elspeth and adored Ben! Elspeth was a strong heroine without being obnoxious, and I liked that she wasn't willing to settle. Ben was your typical clueless bachelor who did't know what hit him once he fell in love, but he was soooo sweet! Their friends were fun to read and full of surprises. (I hope we see more of Alec and Elspeth's friend Caitlin in the next book). The middle brother, Will, who I fell in love with in the first book, is back for this book. He comes across as something of a "himbo" but he really cares for his family and friends. His non-relationship with Prisca (from book 1) is hinted at again here. This book was sexy and sweet and I couldn't get enough!
Cajunbooklady on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Lydia Dare totally lived up to my expectations on this one! I loved the first one in the trilogy and I loved this one also! The writing style just flows really well for me and I love how the stories all mesh so well. Now this is the second book in the series but I personally think that you can read them as a stand alone. (which I promise you won't do because you WILL fall in love with these brothers!)To Summarize: In Tall, Dark, And Wolfish I loved the characters and the storyline. This is another one that I just couldn't put down! Once again, I have nothing but good things to say about this werewolf trilogy! Pick it up if you haven't yet...really! You just can't beat these historical paranormals. *smile*
thewalkinggirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Warning: half the characters speak in Romancelandia Scottish dialect. On the plus side, it's mostly consistent in application. Still kind of hurty, though.Ben loses the ability to transform into a werewolf (or Lycan, whatever) because he's a douche. He goes to Scotland in search of a powerful witch who can heal him, where he meets Elspeth. Within 24 hours of their meeting, practically on top of Elspeth's grandfather's corpse, they start making out -- their chemistry is just that powerful. (My reaction to that scene can be described as O.o) Despite Elspeth's poor judgment in falling in love with the consistently immature and kind of dumb Ben, I did mostly like her.
haleyknitz on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Rating: 3.75Lord Benjamin, the youngest of the Westfeld brothers, is a broken werewolf. He can no longer change in the light of the full moon. Horrified at himself, he seeks out a healer¿a witch, although he isn't sure he believes in them¿and comes across the beautiful Elspeth Campbell. But in order to let Elspeth heal him, he has to tell her everything. And spilling his guts to a beautiful Scottish girl isn't the easiest thing in the world. Elspeth isn't quite sure what to think of Lord Benjamin¿ especially when her sister witch, a seer, claims that he will take her away from them forever. She vows not to leave them, but when she meets him¿ she begins to have second thoughts. Falling in love with him hadn't been part of the plan.Tall, Dark, and Wolfish was really cute. I adored Elspeth: she was a fun, stubborn, slightly sarcastic character who was strong in herself. And Benjamin¿ poor broken Benjamin who lost his wolf-ness. I loved their interactions and I loved their dialogue. I especially liked the interactions between Ben and Will, his brother. They're just¿ great. The writing was satisfactory¿ but the accents were great. Elspeth and her witch sisters spoke in their Scottish accents, and it was written with the accent. Although it was a little hard to read at first, you can catch onto the sound of their voices quickly, and it adds to the character.I was pleased at the plot: at first I was wondering how Dare would stretch the limited romantic plot into a full length novel, but there were a lot of aspects and sub-plots that were woven in, making it an exciting fun story.Although, all things considered, it was just a tad sappy. But not enough to make me put it down. I think I read it through from beginning to end in about four hours.Content/recommendation: some language, some sex. Ages 18+
vampiregirl76 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Benjamin Westfield is a werewolf, but he has lost the most important part of his being. A loss so deeply felt that it makes him feel broken. After some advice he rushes of the Scotland where he encounters the healer, Elspeth. In her hands, he believes he'll find his salvation. But fate is at work and what he finds is so much more.I have been on a bit of shifter kick this month, and Lydia Dare has added fuel to my addiction. I'm not sure if this will be everybody's cup of tea -- but I'm really loving this series. Tall, Dark, and Wolfish has turned out to be a very sensual story, the heat is definitely turn up in this installment. Elspeth is a spirited lass, and one strong heroine, while our hero Ben is the kinda man mother's warn their daughters about. So of course he is very hard to resist. The only thing I disliked was Ellie's meddling coven. While there hearts are in the right place, they were a bit annoying at times. Otherwise for me this was a page turn and I can't wait to read the next installment.
MasonCanyon on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Who could resist a title like that. When this book was offered for review, I was quickly drawn to it. It is the second installment in the Westfield Werewolf trilogy by Lydia Dare.Even though at the time I had yet to read the first book (A Certain Wolfish Charm), I thought this book sounded interesting. The cover and the blurb were catchy and had a bit of suspense to it.Elspbeth Campbell is a fiery-red headed Scott with emerald eyes. She¿s a bit of an outcast from most of the town due to the circumstances of her birth. Despite her lack of acceptance in certain circles, Elspbeth is sought after as the local healer.Having a kind and gentle heart, Elspbeth never refuses to help anyone. She uses her healing power, along with other gifts inherited from her mother to help the people in her town. She has the aid of four close friends, each who have also inherited special gifts from their mothers.Benjamin Westfield is the youngest of the three brothers. He is known for his womanizing-ways, as well as his sometimes rowdy moods. What isn¿t known by many is that Ben and his brothers, like their father before them, are Lycans - werewolves.However, Ben has a bit of a problem he can¿t bring himself to share with even his brothers. Seems the pull of the full moon has stopped pulling him to turn into a wolf.Seeking help for his problem, Ben is sent to find the healer. But the healer he seeks (Elspbeth¿s mother) is dead and he finds Elspbeth instead.Through a series of twists, turns and out and out confusion, Elspbeth and Ben are soon fighting their attraction to one another. In addition, they carry a mysterious physical link neither can explain.Though the description and actions of Ben would melt any female¿s heart, Elspbeth is the character that steals the story. Her wit, charm and courage is spellbinding. I can¿t help but compare Elspbeth and Ben to the characters Maureen O¿Hara and John Wayne played in THE QUIET MAN.To me the only way this story could have been any better is if it was an audio read by someone with a beautiful Scottish accent. The dialect and descriptions will transform you to Scotland before you finish the first chapter.TALL, DARK AND WOLFISH is a stand alone book. There are some references, but no missing parts you need from the first book to appreciate this wonderful read. However, once you met Ben you¿ll want to find out about his oldest brother, Simon. And soon you¿ll be able to learn more about the middle brother, William, in THE WOLF NEXT DOOR due out next month.Find a comfortable chair because once you start reading TALL, DARK AND WOLFISH, you won¿t want to put it down until you finish the final paragraph.
tarenn on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
TALL,DARK, AND WOLFISH by Lydia Dare is a delightful Regency Paranormal Romance. Set in 1816 Edinburgh, Scotland and England. It in the second in this series, but can be read as a stand alone.It is well written, fast paced, page turning and did I say Delightful. The characters both the hero and heroine and the secondary jump off the page with sensuality, haughtiness, and wit. You have witches meet the Lycan with electricity and sparks flying. You have romance, sensuality, shape shifters(Lycan), a little mystery,intrigue, witches with wonderful spells and of course Regency England and Scotland. This in my first read in the Lycan experience and I have to say I was not disappointed. I would highly recommend this book. This book was received for review and details can be found at Sourcebooks and My Book Addiction and More.
loverofromance More than 1 year ago
Benjamin Westfield is a werewolf and couldn't ever imagine losing his wolf. Then one night under the full moon, he doesn't change and is at a loss as to what to do. He feels as if he has lost a huge part of himself. When he starts to investigate and research he learns of a healer in the highlands of Scotland who might be able to bring his wolf back. So he heads up to Edinburgh. Elspeth Campbell is a witch and her focus is the healing arts. She is a vital part of a coven of five witches , as close as sisters. When one of her fellow witches has a vision of a dangerous wolf that will come and take her away. When Elspeth first takes notice of Benjamin, she is charmed and instantly drawn to him. She doesn't see danger from Ben she sees a man who is respectful and tender toward her. When she learns of his ailment and that he is actually seeking her , she only desires to heal him so his wolf may be restored. When her coven sisters try to interfere in the intimate relationship that is forming between herself and Benjamin she knows where her heart lies. Tall Dark and Wolfish is the second book in the Westfield series. Ever since I first started reading this author I fell in love with her writing from the very beginning. There is such a tender and strong connection between the characters from the very beginning. When Benjamin and Elspeth first meet, the instant attraction between them is obvious and they don't shy away from it, they embrace it. You see how each of them need love and I enjoyed seeing Lydia Dare taking the unique setting and the way the plot unravels. There is a slight mystery, a bit of a conflict trying to get Benjamin's wolf back, but I found this story to be a poignant and sweet read. I enjoyed seeing how Benjamin handles the other coven witches. They definitely put him through a series of tests and he comes out on top and handles their assaults with patience. I found that I liked the relationship between Benjamin and Elspeth. Elspeth is a sweet heroine, she doesn't hide her feeling from Benjamin. I found her to be one of my favorite heroines. She can be strong willed when she is fighting for what she wants. But I love the gentle like quality she has about her. Benjamin is a mix between dominant wolf and yet has a gentle side when it comes to Elspeth. Even though he is determined to find his wolf, Elspeth becomes his top priority. There is a couple of misunderstandings that occur between them, and you see how stubborn they both can be. However I found it quite amusing and I loved the outcome of them working it out in the end. Overall I couldn't help but admire the way the author puts this story together. It is always fun seeing how she blends in the historical setting with the paranormal of shifters and witches. A unique mixture of in depth characters, romantic setting, a rich plot and a charming love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book two of this series was as good as the first. Wolves and witches are my favorite subjects to read about and this series is wonderful! Can't wait to start book three.
maria1213 More than 1 year ago
I love it.  First time reading Lydia Dare book and I just had to have all her wolf, and vampire books I just couldn't put this book away until I finished the book to the end and it was worth it 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book 2 in the series....What a surprise Brother Ben finds in the little healer Elspeth! History and mystery and travel combine in this fated love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didnt even look at the plot or comments or whatever. I just wanna say that the title oof thos book is so idiotic i couldnt help but write this. Im laughing right now lol
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love it. But I do wish that I knew wich was first. I believe ye would love this book it's truely amazing
Cajun_Cutie15 More than 1 year ago
One of the best in the series!! I love Elspeth and Ben story!! Love all Lydia Dare's books!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PanolaJD More than 1 year ago
He's lost the most important part of himself... Lord Benjamin Westfield is a powerful werewolf-until one full moon when he doesn't change. His life now shattered, he rushes off to Scotland in search of the healer who can restore his inner beast, only to find she's not at all what he expected... She would make him whole, if she could... Young, beautiful witch Elspeth Campbell will do anything to help anyone who calls upon her healing arts. Then Lord Benjamin shows up, and she suddenly discovers she may need him even more than he needs her... Ben has lost his wolf, literally . . . he cannot change when the moon is full anymore and he seeks out the only help he can find - a Scotland healer (aka witch). Elspeth's coven is having visions of her being hurt and torn away from Edinburgh by a wolf and on that very night meets a British Lord (aka werewolf). Instant chemistry between the two sparks a sweet love story that reveals discoveries for Ben's future (how to change back into a wolf before the next full moon) and hidden secrets from Elspeth's past (who exactly her Father was/is). Elspeth was very enjoyable. She's emotionally strong, stubbornly loyal, confident in her powers, and adorably loves Ben. Her friends want to protect her at all costs and her town deeply depends on her healing powers, thus when she falls for the outsider - things begin to drastically change. She keeps a smart head on her shoulder throughout the story and doesn't let Ben boss her around. Oddly enough - Elspeth's coven detests Ben, even to the point of using their [witch] powers to distract him from her charms. Overall, the witches add much needed drama and humor to the tale, plus they open up the possibilities of future couples/matches for later in the series. Ben was very demanding, but quite cute. He is desperate to change back into his old self - werewolf self that is. He panics when the moon no longer affects him as it did and seeks advice as to what to do; which leads him to Scotland. Expecting to find an old healer, Ben instead locates Elspeth, a much younger and attractive witch who claims to know of his kind - including being half werewolf herself. Being instantly smitten, Ben quickly warms to the idea of marriage between the two and soon finds himself living in her cottage eating blueberries in everything (since they're "ruled by the moon") and taking soaked baths in Magnolia flowers (since they're also "ruled by the moon") but happily enjoying their shared nights together while avoiding fireballs and rouge vines caused by her coven. Sadly, this book didn't have as much intrigue (for me!) as the last books I read in the series did, but these characters definitely were the kinkiest by far. I enjoyed how confident the two were in their love for each other, but there was something else missing for me that I couldn't quite put my finger on. All in all, another great read that makes me want to re-read Book #3 to catch up with Ben and Elspeth again. I'll be taking a break from this series for a bit before reading Book #4 - The Taming of the Wolf Likes: Yummy bedroom scenes that even had me blushing! Plus, the matching half-moon marks was really hot! Dislikes: I think I was expecting a little bit more from the story coming off of Book #1 and felt the story could have had a little bit more plot intrigue since they both knew about each others secrets (ie. werewolf/witch) from the beginning and the discovery of the father