Talon, Connected

Talon, Connected

by Gigi Sedlmayer


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Matica still lives in the small village of Pucara with her brother, mom and dad, who is recovering from his near-death experience. Her 11th birthday is coming up and the things she is about to encounter proves she is very brave.
Events take a sudden turn when she is invited to see Elcano, the very old and frail father of the village elder Pajaro. Not once, but three times he summons her. She is afraid of him but he fascinates her. He calls her 'his daughter' Why? The amazing things he is about to tell her could be life-changing, things she had never thought about.

Matica nearly jumps out of her skin at what she is told. 'Who me?' she questions herself. 'Really me?'

Will Matica be able to cope with these life-changing disclosures?
In the midst of all this, the poachers are back, looking for eggs and birds - and Talon.

TALON, CONNECTED is far more than a kids' story. It is a story about growing up, friendship, and the challenge of moral choices and respect. Ride along during the ongoing adventures of Matica and her best friends, the condors Talon, Tamo and Tima, characters many readers already know and have learned to love.

TALON, CONNECTED is the fourth book of the epic adventure series TALON.

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ISBN-13: 9780987468666
Publisher: Aurora House
Publication date: 09/19/2013
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.84(d)

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Talon, Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer | 9780987468666 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite The Talon series is uplifting and inspiring and in Talon, Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer, this story takes off from where the previous book, Flight for Life, ends. Matica and her family are grateful to the condors for helping Matica and her father, Crayn, on their journey to Cajamarca, and for saving her father from his near-death experience after being bitten by a huge poisonous spider. As the story progresses, readers get to see Crayn recovering from that bite, and Matica meeting Elcano, the oldest and wisest man of the village. His words that Matica, her family, the Indians, and the condors are all connected is the strong message that readers get from this story. Matica also finds out that poachers are planning on killing Talon and they are coming near her village. The story has its focus on special needs children and it gives readers an awareness about the existence of children like Matica, who is congenitally small in stature. Though Matica is nine years old, she resembles a two-year-old and is the story’s main protagonist. The thread of optimism and positivity that runs through the entire story and the series make it a must-read and a must-have in one’s personal collection. Readers will find the characters lovable and together they spread joy and capture the beauty of the Peruvian landscape. The detailed narration gives a good pace and movement to the story and makes the scenes and characters vivid. It is a story about friendship, love, caring, trust, compassion, bravery, and self discovery. This heartwarming story also celebrates life through the hardships and what stands out is the word ‘connected,’ which forms the essence of the plot.
JeyranMain More than 1 year ago
Connected is the fourth book in the Talon Series. Matica and her village are getting along very long. The village elder Pajaro tells her something that changes her life on her 11th birthday. The poachers are back wanting to steal bird eggs and so the life of her beloved birds are again at risk. There are a lot more incidents happening in the fourth book for Matica and it has a much more mature take on things. The story has a strong message embedded within its tale and that is the connection we all have to one another. There is also a hint of romance between Marica and Amos, a young boy from the tribe, which was nice. I loved how the story demonstrated the reality of things we face today. The fact that our lands and nature are always threatened by people that only seek beneficial gain for themselves is another message this book provides to its reader. The literature standard and the flow of content was superbly done. The author is consistent with her style of writing and her beautiful descriptive nature in storytelling. The birds shape Matica’s personality and the love she has for these animals is wonderful to see. I recommend this book to young adult readers, bird lovers and fantasy fans.
Jamztoma More than 1 year ago
Bible? Check! Family Values? Check! Animal rights? Check! Hooray! Hooray! It’s Talon time again! Well, this is the fourth book in this award-winning series from Australian author Gigi Sedlmayer. It starts off right where the third book, Flight for Life, ended. Matica and her family are forever grateful to the three condors: Tamo and Tima and their son Talon for aiding Matica and Crayn (her father) while they were traveling on foot to and from the city of Cajamarca in Peru. Crayn’s foot that had been bitten by a spider was slowly healing due to the medicinal leaves that the condor family provided to him and Matica was set on finding out what they are by showing them to her Peruvian friends Pajaro and his very elderly father Elcano. Throughout the book, Crayn’s injury slowly recovers. What I like about Sedlmayer’s style of writing is the colorful way she incorporates the South American settings into the story. She expertly brings the Peru Indians and their habitats to life and adding to it Matica and her Caucasian family is just endearing for me. Also, she blends in her Biblical knowledge making this story a family-oriented book not just for children but for adults too who are looking for a healthy, heartwarming tale to fan the hardship flames of their lives away. I think this book should be distributed to rehab centers for the disabled and the oppressed across the world for it teaches us about compassion, friendship, self-discovery, God, family values, and peace among two different races. It is harmonious and that’s what the world needs in this time of turmoil and warfare. I recommend this book highly for Bible school students and those aforementioned because I think it is great for instilling healthy values and a world peace message in readers across the world. I think this whole series should be recognized for being this way and the author Gigi Sedlmayer should be commended for her humanity efforts too. Oh! And the most important theme of this series is animal rights. How this disabled little girl stands her ground in protecting her condor friends from the-you-know-who (poachers) is a notable deed indeed! Buy this book and its other four parts today because I must tell you, good is the only lesson you’ll be getting from them. And that’s getting your money’s worth right? Right!
ToddSimpson More than 1 year ago
This is a great series. I’ve really enjoyed following Matica through each book on her adventures with the condors. It would be quite an amazing thing to be able to fly on their backs around the jungle, and Gigi Sedlmayer has done a wonderful job in depicting this in her stories. Matica is happy to be home after her dad was bitten by a spider in the jungle, on their return trip from Cajamarca. If it wasn’t for the Condors showing her the leaves to use to treat the bite on her father, she may have lost him. Matica makes her dad promise that he won’t make any of the trips through the jungle by himself in the future, after what happened to him. Especially since there was more than one poisonous spider the area where he was bitten. If it wasn’t for Tamo, Tima and Talon, Crayn would have certainly lost his leg. Matica finds out about the leaves that saved her dads life that Tamo brought to her in the jungle, from Pajaro dad Elcano. Being 117 years old, Elcano had been around long enough to have experienced many things. Then to Matica’s horror she hears about the poachers they are back in the area looking for the condors. She hears that they may be looking to kill Talon, so Tima will lay another egg for them to steal. She’s going to need to do everything she can to protect the condors from being harmed. I think this story would appeal to all age groups. It was certainly an entertaining and enjoyable read.
Lprice More than 1 year ago
Her Dad suffers a near-death experience while having a bad reaction to the bite and the poison. Her family discusses the possibilities of what might have happened if he had been alone. The children learn how much faith their parents have in them. Matica tells her family how the journey ended and of the dangers she had to face alone. The condors show more of their personality and intelligence. Matica learns that she doesn't need money to give her brother a gift for his birthday that will make him happy. She learns that the poachers are near her home and they want revenge. She is in danger as much as the animals are. Elcano, before he dies, shares with Matica that he predicts that the Condors will be protected by all because Matica, her family, the Indians and the Condors are all connected. This book has a beautiful theme that resonates throughout the entire series. It is all about friendship, family, faith, respect, and caring for the animals. It is appropriate for many ages and for sharing with others. Give it as a gift, or make it a part of your family time. Many great questions to discuss with children to help them learn about danger, and choices they can make in all situations.
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Talon, Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer is the fourth book in the Talon series. In this book you'll find Matica feels more mature and responsible. She also begins to understand the idea of getting older and passing away. This is a great story of love, trust and how families and groups are connected. This would be a great addition to your bookshelf or a great gift to give anyone. It is a good book to read for any age. I gave it 5 stars but it does deserve many more. I highly recommend it to everyone.