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Tannis Root Presents: Freedom of Choice

Tannis Root Presents: Freedom of Choice


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Dipper   Track Performer
Connells   Track Performer
Das Damen   Track Performer
Hypnolovewheel   Track Performer
Mudhoney   Track Performer
Lee Ranaldo   Guitar
Redd Kross   Track Performer
Sonic Youth   Track Performer
Yo La Tengo   Track Performer
Superchunk   Track Performer
Tiny Lights   Track Performer
White Flag   Track Performer
Polvo   Track Performer
Finger   Track Performer
Chia Pet   Track Performer
Muffs   Track Performer
Permanent Green Light   Track Performer
Erectus Monotone   Track Performer
Mark Arm   Vocals
Kevin Collins   Guitar,Vocals
David Connell   Bass
Michael Connell   Guitar
Donna Croughn   Vocals
Dan Cuddy   Bass
Andy Demos   Bass Clarinet,Drums
Dave Dreiwitz   Bass,Vocals
Gere Fennelly   Keyboards
Kim Gordon   Bass
John Hamilton   Guitar
Georgia Hubley   Drums
Stephen Hunking   Guitar,Vocals
George Huntley   Guitar
Victor Indrizzo   Drums
Ira Kaplan   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Kurdziel   Guitar
Matt Lukin   Bass
Doug MacMillian   Vocals
Jeff McDonald   Vocals
Steven McDonald   Bass,Background Vocals
Thurston Moore   Guitar,Vocals
Dan Peters   Drums
Michael Quercio   Bass,Vocals
Dave Ramirez   Guitar,Vocals
Brad Rice   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Shelley   Drums
Ken Stringfellow   Organ
Steve Turner   Guitar
Jennifer Walker   Vocals
Jim Walters   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Watkins   Drums
Kim Shattuck   Guitar,Vocals
Ronnie Barnett   Bass,Bass Guitar
Lois DiLivio   Violin
Doug Graves   Trumpet
Robert Hecker   Guitar
Bill Goffrier   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Peele Wimberley   Drums
Ricky Hicks   Guitar
John Howie   Drums,Vocals
Mac McCaughan   Guitar,Vocals
Jon Singletary   Bass
Woody Giessmann   Drums,Vocals
Laura Ballance   Bass
Greg White   Vocals
Ash Bowie   Guitar,Vocals
Pat Fear   Guitar,Cello,Conductor,Keyboards,Vocals
Gary Waleik   Electric Guitar
Melanie Vammen   Rhythm Guitar
Chris Bruckner   Drums,Vocals
Dave Brylawski   Guitar,Vocals
Karen Catchpole   Vocals
Andy Freeburn   Guitar
Lyle Hysen   Drums
James McNew   Bass
Dave Mofamed   Bass
Steve Popson   Bass,Vocals
Brian Quast   Drums
Duke Saino   Guitar
John Styklunas   Bass Guitar
Alex Totino   Guitar
Jessica Vikus   Bass
Bobby Weeks   Guitar
Jim Wibur   Guitar
Jon Wubster   Drums
Matt Devine   Guitar,Vocals
Trace Element   Percussion,Drums
Abby Travis   Bass
Darrell Ashley   Tenor Saxophone
Mary Ann Marshall   Drums
Finger   Track Performer
Criss Crass   Drums,Vocals
Peter Walsh   Drums
Jello B. Afro   Trombone,Background Vocals
Brian Reitzel   Drums

Technical Credits

Connells   Producer
Debbie Harry   Composer
Mudhoney   Producer
Yo La Tengo   Producer
Kramer   Producer,Engineer
Finger   Engineer
Erectus Monotone   Producer
Charlotte Caffey   Liner Notes
Thomas Caffey   Engineer
Gerald V. Casale   Liner Notes
Neil Finn   Composer
John Hamilton   Producer
Earle Mankey   Producer
Tim O'Heir   Engineer
Conrad Uno   Producer,Engineer
Butch Vig   Producer,Engineer
Jerry Kee   Engineer
Jim Barnes   Engineer
Pat Fear   String Arrangements
Brian Kehew   Engineer
Darrell Ashley   Engineer
Jim Harper   Producer
Iggy Pop   Composer
Tannis Root Productions   Producer

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