Tao, Art Of Flow

Tao, Art Of Flow

by John A Salat



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Tao, Art Of Flow by John A Salat

Tao, Art of Flow;
An Inspirational Journey through Intimate Wisdom

Written and illustrated by John A. Salat

Personal Growth - Zen Prose - Spiritual Psychology - Eastern Philosophy

- Experience deeper dimensions of a powerful being.
- Allow your spirit to Flow effortlessly and timelessly.
- Pleasantly watch miracles pour daily through your life.

Steer your life towards radical new levels using innovative tools. Receive rich insights that actively transform your health, your career, and your relationships. John Salat's personal experience freshly reveals this ancient knowledge to you with an intimate, artful Flow. His poetic, expressive, and meditative writing leads you through a warm spiritual journey of touching invisible, conscious streams. He explores Tao through an insightful personal story that unravels ancient secrets and leads you to explore a step by step series of guided contemplations in a fresh, new way.

For thousands of years, the organic knowledge of Tao (meaning "path") has guided souls through an endless, serendipitous Flow. This living wisdom is energy that moves freely without our interference, because the world's natural course carries this intelligence fluently with life's balances of changing cycles. The mysterious philosophy of Tao is often sought from China's Lao-Tzu's writings of Tao Te Ching. This book, however, journeys beyond traditional writings by immersing you deep within your primordial awareness to reveal universal insights and inspiration for living in today's contemporary world.

You will be touching everyday life situations responsibly through exploring a series of distinctions, open inquiries with warm reflective moments. This wisdom profoundly ignites while discovering your ways to hold this conscious path wide open. Through the natural course-ways, the soul begins powerfully to liberate and honor what it really needs. Accepting these magical synchronicities creates more than just meaningful coincidence; it taps intimately with having extraordinary experiences.

When pioneering human consciousness, we form as social innovators, visionaries and spiritual evolutionist. Whether you're a coach, C.E.O, teacher or leader, this book profoundly opens fresh insights of laying these new foundations for your life. With this groundwork, the soul can expand having rich deep experiences, instead of letting these idle expressions rest quietly beneath our complex lives. Opportunities will further draw the soul inspirationally to touch life from a whole new world experience.

John Salat is a certified transformational leader, Chi Master, licensed architect, and signed musician. His meditative mediums are featured in many publications and broadcasted on both radio and television. He teaches weekly classes on effective communication skills, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, healing and Reiki. His clients include well-known actors, producers, writers, politicians and health practitioners. John Salat has traveled extensively throughout China and lives with his family in Southern California.

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Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 10/29/2010
Pages: 310
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