Tao Song and Tao Dance: Sacred Sound, Movement, and Power from the Source for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of All Life

Tao Song and Tao Dance: Sacred Sound, Movement, and Power from the Source for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of All Life

by Zhi Gang Sha Dr.
4.7 19

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Tao Song and Tao Dance: Sacred Sound, Movement, and Power from the Source for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of All Life 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
dlusch More than 1 year ago
Tao Song and Tao Dance is another breakthrough book by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. It is very powerful in delivering wisdom and practical in application. Master Sha teaches all of humanity to chant, sing and dance using the power of the soul and the power of Tao in order to boost energy, heal, prevent sickness, rejuvenate and transform every aspect of life. It is actually so simple to do. It is a joyful way to do spiritual practice for the soul, mind and body. I particularly love singing and practicing with the Tao Song for the First Soul House (first of Seven Soul Houses) because this Soul House is key for developing the foundational power of the body, boosting energy, healing the whole body, enhancing relationships, and developing confidence and stability. I have been practicing this Tao Song for many months now because I learned it before the book was released at Master Sha¿s workshops. I can tell you that over time the power and energy of my whole body increased dramatically. I always feel more grounded and balanced after doing this practice, even if it is for as little as a few minutes. The Tao Song and Tao Dance book has so much Tao wisdom, knowledge and practice. I have absorbed it quickly. I know that this book will serve billions of people over time. It is a great addition and tool for everyone who is serious about healing themselves, becoming younger, transforming blockages in life, developing their spiritual power and abilities, and connecting with the Source of all life.
Liveasy More than 1 year ago
Karma is the root cause of all blockages in our lives. This book teaches how to clear your blockages from your body, mind and soul. When you clear the blockages, you can provide service to others, Mother Earth, your ancestors, by teaching them, singing to them, chanting to them. Also included in this book is a DVD to help you practice. This book is a treasure for your spiritual journey.
UniversalServant More than 1 year ago
After I read this book, I began to practice along with the included DVD in the mornings for about 45 minutes before going to work. After only the second day, I noticed a big difference in how I felt physically. I have arthritis in my spine that makes me feel somewhat stiff, especially in the mornings, but during those first few days of practicing the Tao Songs for Seven Soul Houses, my body felt much lighter then normal and more flexible throughout the entire day. I also noticed a change in my breathing. It felt like I was taking in more oxygen and that it was nourishing every cell in my body. I thought this was amazing because I had only practiced for two days. I am still practicing every day and have never felt better. I feel a big change not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These extraordinary healing treasures can really do the job. I highly recommend this book to all. Trust the power of the Divine and Tao to transform your life. Thank you, Master Sha, for being the channel to bring this kind of amazing healing power to humanity at this time. We are all very blessed.
WisdomSeeker More than 1 year ago
The way to evaluate wisdom is to apply it in your daily life. Applying the teachings and practices in Dr. Sha's previous books has been deeply transforming for me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. His latest book is no different. The simple practices are highly effective. This book reveals powerful techniques to remove soul mind body blockages to healing, preventing illness and rejuvenation. After just a few minutes of practice I feel a sense of deep cleansing taking place on many levels. Included with this book is a DVD of Dr. Sha teaching the reader how to apply the techniques, which is in itself a real treasure.
Marcia_Hal More than 1 year ago
Marcia: Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's Tao Song and Tao Dance book is a true Treasure. As a holistic nurse, I highly recommend this book. Master Sha is able to simplify very deep ancient and sacred wisdom and give practical applications that can be used to transform any aspect of one's life. As more people seek out other ways of attaining health and happiness, Tao Song and Tao Dance are timely. They tap into the universal expressions of song and dance that touch our hearts and souls. As we return to our natural rhythms, our lives become richer, more empowered, healthier, happier. Universal truths dissolve differences of age, country, culture, money, house, job, politics, education and more. In recognizing the Oneness of the Human family and beyond, we are able to heal through Divine and Tao Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light. If you are interested in becoming the person you are meant to be...fully awake, alive, being of service, and have a true desire to make your life and the lives of others, healthier and happier, then try this book. You will find that each reading brings new and deeper understandings of wisdom and knowledge that were once tightly held secrets. This gem of a book will be your how-to-guide for healing, rejuvenating, long life and becoming an asset in the times of transition that are upon us. Hal: The last of 9 books in the Soul Power Series, Tao Song and Tao Dance by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a profound blueprint with step by step instructions for our souls to use to build temples on earth and in Heaven.
DivinePearl More than 1 year ago
This book is so fascinating it is hard to put it down. Earlier today I followed the exercise at page 207 of the book and every part of me, my physical body as well as my mental and spiritual bodies, felt nourished and blessed beyond belief. I have been sensitive to energy for many years, and I could feel the energy within me respond in a powerful way to the exercise. Dr. Sha says to do the exercise for 3 to 5 minutes, and that's all it took to feel the energy within me respond. In addition to guiding the reader through wonderful exercises such as this one, the book is filled with extraordinary teachings which every person should read. Very highly recommend this book.
Trevoray More than 1 year ago
Every moment we are singing Tao Song or dancing Tao Dance, we are transforming every aspect of our life, including health, relationships, finances, intelligence & more. Im grateful for these sacred Tao Song Mantras that open & develop each of our Soul Houses (including our chakras)Sing these Tao Songs in this book and advance your spiritual journey heal rejuvenate and more.Play the DVD and serves every aspect of our life
IoanaB More than 1 year ago
I am extremely grateful to have received an advanced copy of this beautiful new book! The wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques shared are so profound and easy to apply to transform any aspect of our lives! I have been watching and practicing with the DVD that comes with this book every day, and the power within is truly incredible. I am very grateful to have this wonderful tool to accelerate our transformation. I encourage everyone who wants to transform something in their lives to buy this book, to watch the DVD, to sing and dance along, and to benefit from the practices! Find out for yourself! Read! Watch! Sing! Dance! Practice! Experience the power!
MichelleRobbins More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! In the simplist of terms, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha guides you through Tao Song & Tao Dance. DO NOT BE DECIEVED BY THE SIMPLICITY; the subtle, yet immense power, to heal your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies will suprise you. Watch the enclosed DVD one to two times a day, and notice how you feel. The simpliest way is often the very best way. I hope you will enjoy and learn as much from this wonderful healing book as I am.
Brigitte-25 More than 1 year ago
I love all of Master Sha's books, they bring very deep wisdom, knockledge and practical techniques to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body to prevent sickness, to rejuvenate and to transform every aspects of life including relationships, financies, intelligence, business... Tao Song Tao Dance carries the wisdom and essence of very profound secrets. The practices are very easy to learn and they are incredibly powerful! Beside that it is a great healing tool, whenever we have pain or need help, we can apply with it a joyful and easy way to help ourselfves or others. It is not only a wonderful tool, when we are in need, it shows also how to boost our soul houses (chakras) and how we can accelerate our soul journey. We are so blessed, that these technques are available for everyone.
MarleneBelschner More than 1 year ago
We are so blessed to have this book ,along with all the other Soul Power series books, by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha at this time upon Mother Earth. I have always felt that singing and dancing where transformative. Yet, on just the physical level that transformation could take many years. With Master Sha's techniques and practices, transformation can occur much more rapidly - maybe even almost instantly. I belong to a Soul Power group here in Maui, Hawaii and have personally witnessed powerful transformations within myself and within the other participants while using these practices. Through this book you will learn how you can use soul song and soul dance to heal, transform and bless your life, relationships, businesses, situations/events, and other people as well. You will learn many Tao secrets and receive permanent Tao treasures that remain with you forever. I could not think of a more joyful and powerful spiritual practice to transform one's life than through Soul Singing and Soul Dancing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beyond words...this book is full of light that is waiting to bless you and transform any emotional, spiritual, mental and physical challenges..Simple and easy to follow practices that to help boost energy, vitality and immunity..to help you open your seven soul houses ('chakra's) in a most powerful way, the Tao Way. Thank you Beloved Master Sha for sharing this wisdom with humanity.
Douglas3396815 More than 1 year ago
I cannot thank Master Sha for this very powerful book that will make healing all aspects of your life as easy as ABC. The power of this book is beyond words and you cannot understand what I am telling you until to get a copy and use the practices inside. If you want to know if a pear is sweet taste it. If you want to know how this book can change your life read it !! Douglas Ernst
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Magdalena_K More than 1 year ago
The Tao Song and Tao Dance book is a beautiful treasure for all who have ever been interested in singing and dancing and also for all those who are simply looking for a joyful way to heal, remove blockages and to transform the live including relationships and finances.The wisdom and knowledge delivered in this book is straight from the TAO, the Source and therefore the power and significance is beyond our human mind. In many traditional ancient teachings it is revealded that singing can heal and Master and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha explains very clearly how the frequencies of the Tao Songs transform our frequencies and how we can all embody the vibrations of Love, Frogiveness, Compassion and Light and radiate them to all souls on Mother Earth and beyond. Singing the Tao songs after aplying the soul power and using the mind power to focus in our first soul house has brought my own spiritual practice to a completely new level. Combining this with soul dance (body power) directly connected me with heaven and allowed me to really deepy align with the Divine Love by going deep in the condition. After soul dance and soul song practice I can truly feel my entire body vibrating and radiating light. This book will fullfill many hearts and souls with Love and Divine Joy. My is filled with deep Gratitude for this jewel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago