Tao Te Ching: My reading

Tao Te Ching: My reading

by Gustav Wik


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Tao Te Ching's wisdom has been around since humans began to create communities. It is however more relevant now than ever before. So, read these verses, understand them with your intuition, and absorb them! Then ponder about whether it makes much difference if we extinct ourselves and those other creatures of the world? When this comes about Tao still remains. These verses are about Tao. Tao is eternal, endless, indescribable, and that cannot be understood through learning. We can only experience Tao through our innermost selves, by returning our origin. If we humans were able to follow Tao, the Earth would again become a paradise. We who have Tao in our hearts do not have to worry. While we wait for humanity to become wiser, we can in stillness admire our rapidly increasing knowledge and how it rages around the world.

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