Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women

Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women

by Elizabeth Ghaffari


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ISBN-13: 9781440832611
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/30/2014
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Ghaffari is president and CEO of Technology Place Inc., a corporation that delivers strategic technology advisory services to U.S. and international business clients.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

The Ancient Story of Mentor xii

Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You xiii

Acknowledgments xv

1 At Home: Family Mentors 1

Reading at Nap Time 2

If You Want to Play with the Big Boys, You Have to Be Prepared 2

Keep Away 4

Emma 5

Vive La Difference! Vive La Diversité! 6

The Island 7

The Milk Carts 8

Teach Your Children Well 9

Look It Up! 11

Learning from Our Brothers 12

Babushka 14

When Something Collapses 15

2 At School: Educational and Childhood Mentors 19

Mrs. Packard 20

The Patch 21

Irma T. Jackson 22

Expectations 23

Another Odyssey 25

Checks and Balances 28

Mentoring Vision 30

Eyes on Fire 32

The "Nice Men" Who Take Care of Us 33

How Change Happens 36

Women in Leadership Business Case Studies 40

3 At Play: Mentorship in Sports 43

The Game of Kickball 44

The Softball Throw 45

Good for the Heart 47

On Title IX 47

Billie Jean King 49

Joan Benoit Samuelson 50

The Game of Life 51

The Lemonade Stand 53

The Take Away 54

Gimme Ten! 56

4 At Work: Mentors from Business to Careers 59

Quantitatively Different 60

Rose McNally 63

Tegucigalpa 65

Beresh-teh 67

How of One Career 70

Deferring Enjoyment 73

Julia Bloomfield 74

How We Do Business 76

Overcoming Fear 78

Accidental Mentorship 80

The Shepherd Boy 81

Talent Search 83

Whom Do You Admire? 84

Indra Nooyi 85

Joline Godfrey 86

Jill Ker Conway 90

Evelyn Y. Davis 91

Girl Taxi 92

V.S. Shirley 93

Sheila Ronning 98

5 In the Media: Mentorship Stories in Published Works or about the Media Itself 105

In the Company of Women 106

Diagnosis and Treatment 109

Necessary Dreams 111

Networking or Building Alliances? 114

Under-Earning 116

Assume the Position! 117

Ellen Welty 118

How Times Have Changed 119

Another Wise Woman 120

Women in Media-Hu Shuli 122

6 In Politics: Women Who Are Political Change Agents 123

Momentum 124

Women in U.S. Political Leadership 125

Women U.S. Cabinet Members 127

Emily Card 131

Patsy T. Mink 133

Brooksley Born 133

Sandra Day O'Connor 135

What Does She Mean? 137

Is America Ready for a Female Leader? 138

7 In Memoriam: Mentors Who Are No Longer with Us and Their Lessons 143

A Little More from Ginger 144

Two Good Women 145

The Type E* Woman 146

"Just" 43 Years Ago 148

First Women Corporate Directors 148

8 Conclusion 155

The Lessons of Mentor 156

The Modern Mentor and Protégé Relationship 157

Notes 161

What People are Saying About This

Gayle Wilson

"Elizabeth Ghaffari encourages us to be aware of the people we admire and to ask ourselves why—what is it, specifically, that we admire about our role models? Their common sense? Their wisdom? Their integrity? How can we acquire the traits we admire? Touching on many diverse and interesting stories about both mentors and mentee, Tapping the Wisdom That Surrounds You should be a must-read for young women and men who are seeking guidance in their lives."

Kay Koplovitz

"In her book, Elizabeth Ghaffari simplifies the process of finding mentors by illuminating events and people in everyday life. Great advice for those starting out on careers and in life."

Dian M. Gottlob

"Elizabeth Ghaffari expands our understanding of mentorship and in the process provides a cradle-to-grave spectrum of opportunities from which women can learn. In story after story, Ghaffari illustrates that wisdom need not be dispersed or consumed only in the classroom, the boardroom, or on the first tee. Guides and guideposts are already mapped into our daily lives."

Frances Hesselbein

"Elizabeth Ghaffari's new book provides an exciting challenge for women—for those who mentor and those who are mentored. The latter are rarely considered. Ghaffari brings a new and interesting dimension to the study."

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