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Tarantulas Up Close

Tarantulas Up Close

by Carmen Bredeson

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About the Author:
Carmen Bredeson, a former high school English teacher


About the Author:
Carmen Bredeson, a former high school English teacher

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Christine Newsham
The full color photos in this book will delight elementary readers of all ages, especially the close-ups of the tarantula's fangs, claws, and eight eyes. Each short chapter contains one full page photo, one close-up photo, and half a page of text. The simple text should be managed by most second through fifth grade students. It offers facts that would appeal to this age group, especially the description of the way a tarantula stabs its prey with its fangs and shoots venom into it so that "The venom turns the prey's insides to mush. Then the spider sucks up its meal. Slurp. Slurp." The photo captions used throughout add facts, including the names of several types of tarantulas such as the Antilles Pinktoe, Costa Rican tiger rump, and Goliath bird-eating varieties. This book would be a valuable addition to any elementary school library or teacher's classroom with its information about the life cycle, habitat, feeding habits, and physical traits of tarantulas. The life cycle of the tarantula is shown in photos with captions. The table of contents, index and "words to know" with pronunciation guide make this book a good resource for research and reports, while the included websites and recommended books from other series lend themselves to further exploration of tarantulas. Part of the "Zoom In on Animals!" series, this book supports the National Science Education Standards for K-4 science. Reviewer: Christine Newsham
School Library Journal

Gr 1-3

The primary focus is on physical characteristics in this simply written introduction. On most of the spreads, short, large-print paragraphs describe key body parts, such as claws, fangs, eyes, and palps, and how they function; the remainder outline hunting techniques, defense mechanisms, diet, and life cycle. Complementing the text is a large, usually full-page, sharp, color close-up of a representative species (captions identify the majority by common names); a smaller, circular blow-up also appears above the text and, in most cases, highlights the body parts discussed. Other shots include newly hatched spiderlings, a tarantula with fresh prey, and photos of the spiders' life cycle. The text is well-organized and clearly written; the few scientific terms employed are defined in simple terms in an opening glossary. Alice B. McGinty's The Tarantula (Rosen, 2002) offers more detail on anatomy, behavior, and habitats, but is for a higher grade level. Bredeson's excellent illustrations and lucid text provide valuable insights into the nature of these hairy, and unjustly feared, spiders.-Karey Wehner, formerly at San Francisco Public Library

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Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date:
Zoom In on Animals!
Product dimensions:
7.38(w) x 8.88(h) x 0.26(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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