The Tarot and the Magus: Opening the Key to Divination, Magick and the Holy Guardian Angel

The Tarot and the Magus: Opening the Key to Divination, Magick and the Holy Guardian Angel

by Paul Hughes-Barlow


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This is by no means simply a theoretical treatise accessible only to specialists. Any discerning reader can cope with the initiatory contents of 'The Tarot', perceiving completely new horizons of thought, activity, psychology, cosmogony and practical magic in this traditional form of Hermetic Occultism. An enormous number of questions that occur to the earnest seeker are answered in new and fascinating ways. The attentive reader is offered the opportunity to understand the true meaning of one's own life and destiny, as well as that of the epoch in which we live.

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ISBN-13: 9781904658023
Publisher: AEON Books
Publication date: 01/01/2004
Pages: 204
Sales rank: 901,531
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Paul Hughes-Barlow is a practicing Magician and Tarot Reader. He currently resides and practices in Brighton, England. He has previously published The Tarot and the Magus.

Table of Contents

Introduction; 1) The Fool, The Universe and the Aces: The Opening of the Key Spread; 2) The Magus, The Aeon, the Twos and the Kings: Overview of Reading the Cards; 3) The Priestess, The Sun, the Threes and the Queens: Pairing the Cards; 4) the Empress, The Moon and the Fours: Elemental Dignities; 5) The Emperor, The Star and the Fives: Card Counting: Golden Dawn Tarot Sutras; 6) The Hierophant, The Tower, the Sixes and the Princes—Unaspected Cards; 7) The Lovers, The Devil and the Sevens: Love Relationships; 8) The Chariot, Temperance (Art) and the Eights: Performing Readings for the Public; 9) Justice (Adjustment), Death and the Nines: The Visionary Experiences of the Shaman; 10) The Hermit, The Hanged Man, the Tens and the Princesses: Sex Magick; 11) Fortune, Strength (Lust): The Spirits of the Tarot; Appendix I: Meditations; Appendix II: The 22 Mercurial Spirits of Liber 231; Appendix III: The Qliphot and the Tarot; Appendix IV: Self Initiation and the Neophyte Spread; Bibliography; Afterword by Tim Rifat.

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