Tarot Court Cards for Beginners: Bring Clarity to Your Readings

Tarot Court Cards for Beginners: Bring Clarity to Your Readings

by Leeza Robertson


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Tarot Court Cards for Beginners: Bring Clarity to Your Readings by Leeza Robertson

For many tarot readers, the court cards are the most challenging cards to work with. But once you become familiar with how these enigmatic cards work, you can turn them into friends and allies that provide powerful insights and advice. Featuring stories, explanations, and simple exercises, this book explores the many facets of pages, knights, kings, and queens to enhance your journey through the tarot.

Author Leeza Robertson approaches the court cards from a variety of angles, exploring the symbols, legends, personalities, messages, and spiritual influences of each card. Providing unique tips, reading techniques, and spread ideas, this book will help you welcome the court cards into your tarot practice.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738750163
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 05/08/2017
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 786,103
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Leeza Robertson deepened her tarot practice many years ago after a temporary blindness induced intuitive visions of cards and spreads in her mind's eye. She is a member of the American Tarot Association and runs a monthly group called Tarot and High Tea in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
One: A Brief History of the Tarot 5
Basic Tarot Terminology 6
Suit and Rank 8
The Role of the Emperor and Empress 11
Who Is This Card? 15

Two: The Pages, Princesses, and Children 17
History, Myth, and Legend 18
Page of Pentacles: Child of Earth 22
As a person 22
As an archetypal influence 24
As a spiritual influence 26
As a messenger 30
Page of Swords: Child of Air 32
As a person 32
As an archetypal influence 34
As a spiritual influence 36
As a messenger 38
Page of Cups: Child of Water 41
As a person 41
As an archetypal influence 43
As a spiritual influence 45
As a messenger 47
Page of Wands: Child of Fire 49
As a person 49
As an archetypal influence 51
As a spiritual influence 53
As a messenger 56
Connecting Exercises and Spreads 58
Your Inner Child Spread 60

Three: Knights and Princes 63
History, Myth, and Legend 64
Knight of Pentacles: Explorer of Earth 67
As a person 67
As an archetypal influence 70
As a spiritual influence 72
As a messenger 74
Knight of Wands: Explorer of Fire 77
As a person 77
As an archetypal influence 80
As a spiritual influence 82
As a messenger 86
Knight of Cups: Explorer of Water 88
As a person 88
As an archetypal influence 90
As a spiritual influence 93
As a messenger 95
Knight of Swords: Explorer of Air 97
As a person 97
As an archetypal influence 99
As a spiritual influence 102
As a messenger 105
Connecting Exercises and Spreads 106
Chivalry and the knightly code 106
How Far Can I Go? Spread 109

Four: The Queens 117
History, Myth, and Legend 118
Queen of Pentacles: Guardian of the Earth 121
As a person 121
As an archetypal influence 122
As a spiritual influence 124
As a messenger 125
Queen of Wands: Guardian of Fire 127
As a person 127
As an archetypal influence 129
As a spiritual influence 130
As a messenger 131
Queen of Swords: Guardian of Air 133
As a person 133
As an archetypal influence 134
As a spiritual influence 136
As a messenger 137
Queen of Cups: Guardian of Water 138
As a person 139
As an archetypal influence 140
As a spiritual influence 142
As a messenger 143
Connecting Exercises and Spreads 144
Four Queens and an Empress Spread 146

Five: The Kings 151
History, Myth, and Legend 152
King of Cups: Elder of Water 156
As a person 156
As an archetypal influence 158
As a spiritual influence 159
As a messenger 160
King of Pentacles: Elder of the Earth 162
As a person 162
As an archetypal influence 164
As a spiritual influence 166
As a messenger 167
King of Swords: Elder of Air 168
As a person 169
As an archetypal influence 170
As a spiritual influence 172
As a messenger 173
King of Wands: Elder of Fire 174
As a person 174
As an archetypal influence 176
As a spiritual influence 177
As a messenger 178
Connecting Exercises and Spreads 179
What should you be leading with? 179
The Elders of the Four Directions Spread 182

Six: Bringing the Kingdoms Together 189
Exercise 1: Three-Card Spread 190
Reading as if the king were you 191
Reading as if the king were someone else 191
Reading as if the page were you 192
Reading as if the page were someone else 193
Exercise 2: Four-card Spread 193
Reading as if the page were you 193
Reading as if the page were someone else 194
Reading as if the king were you 195
Reading as if the king were someone else 195
Exercise 3: Five-card Spread 196
Reading as if the court cards were you 196
Reading as if the court cards were someone else 199
Reading as if the queen were you 200
Reading as if the queen were someone else 200
Exercise 4: Create Your Own Court Cards 202

Recommended reading 205
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Recommended Reading for Pages 206
Recommended Reading for Knights 206
Recommended Reading for Queens 207
Recommended Reading for Kings 207
Recommended Beginner Tarot Decks 207

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