Tarzan of the Apes - The Original Classic Edition

Tarzan of the Apes - The Original Classic Edition

by Burroughs Edgar

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Tarzan of the Apes - The Original Classic Edition by Burroughs Edgar

Edgar Rice Burroughs started writing adventure novels nearly 100 years ago. The most famous of his characters is, or course, Tarzan. And this book is the one that got the Tarzan legacy started.

In this book you meet Tarzan, learn who he really is, where he came from, how he became lord of the apes and protector of the jungle, and the English Earl of Greystoke. You also learn the story behind the story about Tarzan and Jane.

This Tarzan book is probably the best of the all. If you read a lot of Tarzan books back to back you will see a somewhat formulaic approach to some of the installments. This first book, however, is original, interesting, and immensely entertaining.

I encourage you to read the book that got it all started in 1914 -- the premis, the character, and the mystique that spawned numerous films, and other spin-off media, and a series of books that spanned publication dates from 1914 well into the 1940s.

Move over Indiana Jones and James Bond -- Tarzan is the real McCoy. Hes strong, brave, modest, wise, and good. Hes got the attributes that we could sure use in a hero today!

Give this book a look. Youll be glad you did. Its a book that you could enjoy reading to your children.

5 stars for story, character development, readability, and content. Is it a literary classic? Yes, in that it holds its own respected place among fictional literature. Will it ever will literary acclaim? I dont think that Joyce or Faulkner need to worry.

But, hey, its a fun read! Give it a try.

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