Taste of Korean Food and Thought

Taste of Korean Food and Thought


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A simple Korean cook book with some well-known English phrases and their Korean equivalents.
Here's what the author said:
"So, in this edition, I tried to focus mainly on how you can make many different dishes with minimum effort using more or less the same ingredients and, although most Korean food is very spicy, only one spicy dish has been included.
The book is a handy size for easy carrying, making it readily available to read wherever you happen to be.
To give you more of an appetite for Korean food and culture, I have selected some 'well-known Korean sayings,' and matched them with English ones, which have the same or similar meanings but expressed differently (a good portion of them are food related).
I had a great time researching these, and had many chuckles while doing so. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did, and that they will be 'food for thought'."
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What people are saying about this book:
Bushra Nazeer
"The Bulgogi beef burger recipe was really great and very easy to follow. I'm finding the book really user friendly because the recipes are simple and well laid out. I was surprised about the amount of spring onion when I was making it, but it was perfect."
Judy Hobday
"It was really great fun to read. The way you wrote it made the contents very easy to understand and also it was great because the size of the typeface is large."
"What a wonderful way to learn and enjoy Korean food and culture. We cooked boolgogi and egg-coated courgettes (hobagh jeon), invited friends around and discussed the Korean sayings. In the follow-up book we'd like some Korean dessert recipes and an explanation of the saying, "I can't have the persimmon, so I might as well poke it." Great conversation point and enormous fun! And ... we decided to book a holiday in Korea this April!"
"It is a nice and simple presentation and to the point which is good. The tips are useful.
I haven't tried any of the recipes yet as I just got it today, but the well-known sayings are really interesting. I really like them."

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ISBN-13: 9781461042464
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/27/2011
Pages: 64
Sales rank: 1,179,724
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About the Author

Having lived in the UK for nearly 30 years, Aeyoung realised Korean food is little known there. In 2001 she went back to Korea and during her seven year stay she worked in the British Embassy for the last 3 years. While working there, the idea of this book was formed. A simple and fun way of introducing Korean cuisine and sharing different ways of thinking through comparing "Well known sayings" from both countries. Upon her return to the UK, inspired and prompted by her son's and many friends' love of Korean food, she finally decided to write this handy book.

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