Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans' Famous Neighborhood of Jazz

Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans' Famous Neighborhood of Jazz

by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
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Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans' Famous Neighborhood of Jazz by Todd-Michael St. Pierre

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

In Tremé, jazz is always in the air and something soulful is simmering on the stove. This gritty neighborhood celebrates a passion for love, Laughter, friends, family and strangers in its rich musical traditions and mouth-watering Southern food.

Infuse your own kitchen with a Taste of Tremé by serving up its down-home dishes and new twists on classic New Orleans favorites like:

Muffuletta Salad

Chargrilled Oysters

Crawfish and Corn Beignets

Shrimp and Okra Hushpuppies

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

Roast Beef Po' Boy

Creole Tomato Shrimp Jambalaya

Bananas Foster

Including fascinating cultural facts about the music, architecture and dining that make up Temé, this book will have your taste buds tapping to the beast of a big brass band.

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ISBN-13: 9781612430973
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 11/06/2012
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 817,876
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Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans' Famous Neighborhood of Jazz 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Trishie More than 1 year ago
Todd-Michael St. Pierre does it again! Anyone who has cooked using one of Todd-Michael’s cookbooks knows he presents the best of New Orleans and south Louisiana cooking to his following. This time, Todd-Michael goes into a New Orleans neighborhood, Treme, and brings us the tastes, sounds AND food of the people who have lived and are living there. Many of the New Orleans natives learned to cook without recipes. The measurements the cooks would use were “about a thumbnail,” “about the size of a pecan,” “a cup , unless you think you need more or less.” Todd-Michael took these mysterious recipes and tested and retested them until he came up with the precise measurements you can use to recreate these mouth-watering dishes. Now you can cook like a resident of Treme. With “The Taste of Treme” Todd-Michael takes us from breakfast through dinner. And, not only does he bring you fabulous eats, he has notes throughout which will bring the reader/cook a feel for the New Orleans mystique. If you are part of the New Orleans diaspora, you will feel you have returned home when you bite into “Dr. John’s Roast Beef Po’ Boy” or taste the “North Prieur Street Shrimp, Okra and Tomato Sauté.” Todd-Michael has too many wonderful and enticing recipes for me to mention. This cookbook is a necessity in any kitchen. Get one for yourself and maybe pick up a few for stocking stuffers! Your friends will love you.
PhilipMartinPC More than 1 year ago
Much more than just a great cookbook, Todd-Michael St Pierre has done himself, and NOLA, (that's New Orleans for those of you who haven't been there yet) proud with this one. Great recipes that you'll want to try agin and again ? Sure, but there is so much more to this. I've been to NOLA, and the beautiful photographs and artwork took me straight back to strolling through the French Quarter with friends, and heading over to Cafe Du Monde for caf'e au lait and beignets, which I must say should be on everyones 'bucket list'. In addition to being an introduction to NOLA cuisine, and I've yet to see a better one, this is also a guide book, a history lesson, and all in all a great read. I read this from cover to cover when it arrived, and when I'd finished i went back to the start and did it over again. Do you want to know how to make your own Creole/Cajun spice mix ? It's here, with variations for those with a taste for heat, or not ,as the case may be, and thanks T-M for an easy explanation on how to make a roux, now I can get the foundations right, and I'm looking forward to working my way through all the recipes. The thing that strikes me the most about this book is the character and personality that jumps out at you. It's not just "Shrimp Spaghetti" it's "Mahalia's Abundantly Blessed Shrimp Spaghetti". I've had an italian salad, but not from "North Tonti Street", and red beans and rice don't sound anywhere near as good as "Louis's Red Beans and Rice". The names alone make you want to try making the dishes straight away. I have never before read a cookbook that personalises the recipes like this, making them feel like old friends that you haven't seen for a while, the ones that come around and sit a while, visit with you, and leave you feeling better when they go. If you're planning a trip to NOLA, this is a must have. You won't feel bewildered when people talk of the "Second Line", "Buckjumping", "Sidewalk Side and Neutral Ground", "Hubig's pies", "Congo square" and so many other things. In fact this book could probably go under "Tourist Survival guide" as well as "cookbook". You can even blend into the melting pot a little by making your own suggestions for dining, sounding like a regular when you suggest breakfast at "Li'L Dizzy's", lunch at "Mothers" or "Willie May's" and supper at "Dooky Chase". NOLA has something for everybody, and you'll find some of it right here, in these beautifully written pages. The great Louisiana author James Lee Burke once wrote "New Orleans was a poem, man, a song in your heart that never died". Todd-Michael has wrapped up some of that song so you can take it home with you, and never be far away from NOLA no matter where you are. So "Who Dat" ? why, that's Todd-Michael St. Pierre, so welcome him into your home, and your kitchen, sit down with a Sazerac in hand, and enjoy a little piece of New Orleans.
MSRM More than 1 year ago
I have many of Todd-Michael St. Pierre's books (both cookbooks & childrens)and they never fail to delight. The first thing I made from this latest book was Crawfish and Corn Beignets. My husband raved! The recipes truly capture the essence of Louisiana and especially New Orleans. The book's charm is Todd-Michael's approach to his subject, simply sharing the wonder, the uniqueness, the magic that is his birthright as a native Louisianan. The recipes are pure lagniappe, for us to be able to prepare his food and experience his world. If I could give 100 stars, I would. This is so much more than a "cookbook". It's really a door that allows the reader to step into his world. You won't be disappointed!
Catinajoy More than 1 year ago
This cookbook is full of treasures from cover to cover! You would be proud to own it or to gift it; it's one that will be passed on from generation to generation. Todd-Michael St. Pierre put his heart and soul into this one as he shares his knowledge of New Orleans, his love for the culture and some great recipes that are only found in S. Louisiana.  As you flip through the pages, you will see vibrant colors and beautiful art along side written explanations of New Orleans and Treme' area recipes, family traditions, local people, and history.. Taste of Treme' is a collection of fantastic recipes, beautiful art, historic information and is tool every kitchen should have.. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AMAZING !!! Todd-Michael has truly hit it out of the bayou with this one. (at least for me) The recipes are reminiscent of my maw-maw's. I have several other cookbooks including others by T-M, but this one really brought the heart of home back to me. The delightfully appealing photos made my mouth water just looking at them. The tidbits about the area and history was enlightening. I have a new appreciation for the city that is home. The most special part of the book was the explanation of the different seasonings that are used in New Orleans cooking. I have always used them, but never gave much thought as to where they came from. THANK YOU T~M!!! I know that you will not be disappointed in this cookbook.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?” The essential musical question, asked by The Crescent City's beloved favorite son Louis Armstrong, touches the heart of anyone who's ever set foot there. TODD-MICHAEL ST. PIERRE'S lively and colorful New Orleans cookbook A TASTE OF TREME is as richly varied, fun and tasty as the wondrously funky, life-affirming town itself; a place where food cannot be separated from its culture and the topic of conversation quickly drifts invariably to “Where'd y'eat?” or “What you gonna eat?” From even the most casual one-time visitor to those longingly displaced homesick natives, this fine volume beckons; offering a bounty of delectable down-home Nola nourishment An experienced and exuberantly youthful author and cook, this indigenous Crescent Citizen's latest compilation is a tour “de fierce” of The Big Easy's delicious cuisine. It's brimming with exquisitely beautiful photos, paintings and an entertaining kaleidoscope of information framed by whimsical graphics---all arranged in a logical, flowing manner; planned in such a way that by the time the first recipes appear, you'll be virtually salivating to get yourself cooking, and hungrily ready to roll. The title's namesake, TREME (the city's oldest ethnic neighborhood and birthplace of Jazz) has now become widely known as result of HBO's serialized drama set there in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina's government-enforced evacuation. Its story includes some characters struggling to survive in Nola's decimated restaurant universe. Joyfully, Mr. St. Pierre links his book to various episodes, and crafts colorful vignettes that refer to many of its scenes placed in fine dining rooms, casual eateries and neighborhood joints; depicting foods consumed by the characters as they live their colorful travails in New Orleans. A few recipes honor them by carrying their names. You'll look forward to preparing such rich, savory delights as; LaDonna's Crawfish Bread, Davis McAlary's Crab and Corn Soup, and Delmond's Creole Tomato Festival Shrimp Creole. From among the others, Todd-Michael ranges from the deliciously rich Desiree's Chicken and Andouille Gumbo, to the light and healthy Lambreaux's Strawberry and Asparagus Salad. The ingredients are lovingly compiled and smartly designed with expertly written easy to follow instructions. From breakfasts and brunch, to lunches, suppers, snacks and dinners, we're guided through a culinary tour of N'awlins many districts and neighborhoods, traced by streetcar lines on majestic divided boulevards with green neutral grounds, and down avenues dwindling to narrow streets harboring secret alley ways. Like a well-trained tour guide St. Pierre stops along the way, offering the reader informative stories, myths and fact-filled forays into the freewheeling land of these Uptown rulers, Where y'ats, and Mardi Gras Indians, entertainingly pointing out cherished churches, unique traditions and the town's unusual above-ground ancient cemeteries. These snippets, or “lagniappe” (Cajun french, for a little something extra) are liberally sprinkled, like powdered sugar on beignet amidst dishes named for these august places. We page through amazing appetizers, sides, po'boys, soups and stews. Then, advancing to those heavenly Louisiana signature etouffes, gumbos and jambalayas, we eventually discover recipes for those refreshing cocktails and desserts found only “way down yonder.” Why, several veritably authentic seven-course feasts, enticing and worthy of a private Antoine's back-hall dining room could be easily concocted from the pages of this exciting cook's manual. Like a visit to or dwelling in this singular city, A TASTE OF TREME is a very special cookbook well worth the trip, providing a wonderland of earthly delights. Your results from preparing these myriad treats will be deeply satisfying and nearly as memorable as time spent actually in the Crescent City, as you'll glean a surprising amount of new-found New Orleans flavor and cultural knowledge. Come on along and buy this book, y'all; because if you do indeed know what it means to miss New Orleans, you'll find a virtual requite of thoughtful heartwarming solace deliciously doled within these helpful pages. As Todd-Michael and his friendly neighbors all say; “Laissez bon temps roullez!” Reviewed by JOHNNY GOLDSTEIN
NolaMojo More than 1 year ago
What a thrill to add the Taste of Tremè to my kitchen. The beautiful recipe photos, artwork, poems and history make this a culinary travel guide as well. Todd-Michael St. Pierre has researched with great detail the cadence of the Tremè and its many hidden secrets. As a former resident of New Orleans I'm so happy to find a cook book that brings exposure to this very special community and its distinctive flavors. It brings back many memories of walking through my old neighborhood and the lovely smells coming from my neighbors kitchens. It's also a glimpse into the culture and traditions that make New Orleans such a unique and special city. I’m looking forward to trying out some of these recipes with my family. Thank you for bringing a twist to some old and new classics to the dinner table.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great overall book, it does a great job covering the cajun basics, I grew up in East Texas, about two hours from LA, we had a LOT of cajun food all of the time and they nailed it. The BBQ Shrimp recipe was amazing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend buying it, you won't be disappointed... My favorite type of cuisine is southern cooking and in particular New Orleans and southeast Louisiana dishes. This cookbook is filled with new original and traditional New Orleans recipes along with new twists on old favorites. Every recipe I have tried thus far has been nothing short of amazing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'll have another bite of "TASTE of TREME'" Cookbook by NOLA famous author Todd-Michael St. Pierre!!! 5 CRESCENT MOONS!!! This book is way more than just about food!!! Author St. Pierre takes us on a tantalizing journey into the very heart of New Orleans, via eye-candy photos, recipes, and local fare. If you ever wanted to know what's behind the Muffalettas, Gumbos, and the world-famous cuisine, YOU GOT IT!!! The pictures look good enough to lick the very pages. The stories of The Mardi Gras Indians, Congo Square, and those who live in the Faubourg Treme' herself are on genuine display here!!! The book is dedicated, among others, to "Uncle Lionel" Batiste, RIP, the leader of The Treme' Brass Band that marches down her very streets to celebrate the life and death of NOLA. Inside her pages, decorated with paintings and stories alike let you have an inside look behind all that spicy neighborhood, creating a labyrinth of food, music, nostalgia, and all that jazz!!! It all begins with the seasoning, and there is a recipe for genuine flavour. Without spice, the food would lose it's zest. Try making your own "Suck da Heads and Pinch da Tails Creole Spice" (pg.13). Add some shrimp, crawfish, and some "Traditonal Roux" (pg. 20) to begin a beautiful "Gentilly Seafood File' Gumbo" (pg.76). Listen to some funky Rebirth Brass Band while you stir, that'll get you goin'!!! For those Veggies out there, try "Xenora's Gumbo Z'Herbes" (pg.74) and spice it as you like it!!! you won't miss out on flavour here!!! Because you make your own spices, you can add or delete the salt amounts!!! This I love, because pre-bought Cajun Spices contain a lot of salt!!! Mo' pepper please, cher!!! Looking for a little something extra??? Lagniappe found here (pg. 83) in stories of the History of Jazz , Zydeco music, and the Origins of the "WHO DAT" Chant!!! Bourbon Street, Tipitina's, Drive-Trough Daquiris shops, and NOLA Voodoo all found herein!!! This book is like a gumbo herself, mixing music, history, recipes, Mardi Gras Krewes, and the origins of unique peoples who came together in this MELTING POT CITY!!! It's a cookbook for the eyes, mind, taste-buds and o' course, the famous Spirit of New Orleans, seen through the eyes of those living in the NOW-FAMOUS Treme' Neighborhood!!! You Must Buy THIS BIBLE-0-NOLA!!! You'll be glad you did, and when ya momma and dem come ova, you can share it's recipes and stories!!! GREAT BOOK TODD-MICHEAL ST. PIERRE!!! I LOVE DIS BOOK!!! I'll Cherish it and share it's majik with ma famly!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS INQUIRY INTO THE CITY I LOVE!!! VIVA ST. PIERRE!!! Critique by NOLA GIRL Lesli Tokar Whiteman
WeekdayRambler More than 1 year ago
This is more than a cookbook. It's a slice of culture and history. The photos and vignettes are fascinating. And...then there are the wonderful recipes with catchy names and concise preparation directions. This book is my new favorite. It's found a place on my coffee table and in my kitchen. The unique first chapter helps the cook get started with learning about spices and techniques mentioned in the book. After beginning with those basics, there are recipes to take one from Breakfast to Cocktails. I own several of the author's cookbooks and this is his triumph. I believe it is destined to become a classic in the style of the diverse culture of New Orleans food. It should be on the reading list of anyone who is: 1. from the Crescent City, 2. planning to visit, 3. has visited, 4. or anyone who wants an authentic glimpse of Treme. It's a walk through the city with some good food thrown in for good measure! Todd-Michael St. Pierre authored the book with passion in his heart for his beloved city.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago