Tau Bada: The Quest and Memoir of a Vulnerable Man

Tau Bada: The Quest and Memoir of a Vulnerable Man

by John E. Quinlan




Tau Bada: The Quest & Memoir of a Vulnerable Man is a true-action story about money, new love, cultural challenges, the essential messages of the American West and of the South Pacific, and, throughout, a personal trek of self-discovery. In the dangerous, laughable and profound experiences of Tau Bada are revelations that connect the vulnerabilities in us all. The question is, as the author says: “What was risky, and what was I fearful of? Was it the untraveled asphalt and concrete roads or the uncharted inward journey? There were no maps for the latter.”

John E. Quinlan founded Growth Strategies Global L.L.C. (GSG), headquartered in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, in 1986. As managing director, he has designed the firm to operate from a unique philosophy that balances his broad range of experiences in upper management with tested management consulting practices, underpinned by behavioral science knowledge. 

Mr. Quinlan has provided integrated financial, operational and change management services to U.S. and international companies. He was a founding CEO of a publicly traded financial services company. The successes and failures he experienced during that period played a major role in creating the foundation and operating philosophy of GSG. He has been an advisor to for-profit, non-profit and municipal organizations and has extensive experience in executive coaching. 

He holds a BA in Economics from Albion College in Michigan and a Master of Science in Organizational Development from the American University, Washington, D.C.  

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ISBN-13: 9781634139564
Publisher: MCP Books
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Pages: 348
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Tau Bada: The Quest and Memoir of a Vulnerable Man 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
‘The quiet transitions to real courage and the soul milieu that connects and binds us as mutual occupants of a shared planet.’ Michigan born author John E Quinlan makes his literary debut with a book so fascinating on every level that he calls up the spirit of adventure in all of us while at the same time carrying the standard for being genuine and trusting of ourselves and authentic with others. John is an organization development specialist, having founded and served as CEO of a publicly traded company, a management consultant and a leadership coach. Having graduated in economics from Albion College in Michigan he also earned a Master of Science in organizational development from the American University in Washington, DC. In the skillfully written Introduction John shares that in 1985 his publicly created trading company failed and it is the seeking of refuge to lick his wounds and avoid public humiliation that started his journey toward self-discovery. He motorcycled from Michigan to the Pacific Coast and beyond to Australia and Papua New Guinea. ‘I ended up in an all-consuming and near fatal struggle at the other end of the world – and learned that the struggle was all the while, within myself.’ ‘The human collage, set against the backdrop of such profound natural beauty, challenged my cultural and social attention-deficit disorder. It permitted me to move into self-reflection and create meaning.’ And with that eloquent overture we are invited to join John on his journey to and through Australia and Papua New Guinea’s Oro Province. He meets (in Colorado) and marries Fiona Delaney from Papua New Guinea and from there a journey through Fiona’s home opens more windows on fascinating experiences at the heart of every true adventure than is imaginable. In synopsis, ‘Over a period of seven years, John Quinlan and his wife, Fiona, traversed the rivers, valleys and mountains of Papua New Guinea, visiting innumerable villages on a remote plateau located in the Oro Province. During this time, they generally were considered a familiar and welcome presence, greeted warmly by the region’s farmers and villagers as they concentrated on building Java Mama, a locally based certified organic coffee business. And all of this is accompanied by fine color photographs of a culture that is likely new to most of us. The title of John’s book TAU BADA means ‘big white man’ and while that title refers to John as he explored and discovered the secrets of Papua, the true essence of the book is one of the global similarities in all men. We are all vulnerable, but as John states, ‘What was risky, and what was I fearful of? Was it the untraveled asphalt and concrete roads or the uncharted inward journey? There were no maps for the latter!’ Rich in humor as well as adventure, this memoir should find a very wide audience: everyone searching for meaning to this life will grow as they accompany John, a Tau Bada!
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
A fascinating journey. Ever dreamed of doing something different, going to exotic places, stepping right out of your safety zone and taking the bull by the horns? Do you wonder if people really do just change direction, start new businesses in different countries, juggle their lives, just like that? Is it possible? Well, in this incredible biography the author takes the reader on his remarkable journey. After the end of his marriage he gets on his motorbike, leaves Grosse Point (a suburb of Detroit) and begins an adventure which takes him from the American West, through to Australia/Papua New Guinea. An established CEO- entrepreneur, the author is not afraid of taking risks, and going with the flow. This bravery takes him on travels to amazing places, where he forges forward with the courage of a true entrepreneur. On his odyssey, he finds new love and is never afraid to go with the moment, something I truly admire. The book is beautifully descriptive and I especially loved his account of his life whilst he was running his South Pacific fishing business, which gave some fascinating insights into what life is really about living on-board ship. His first impressions and dealings with the South Pacific island natives and his business dealings with them are interesting, and the great thing is, that whatever the outcome he brushes himself off and starts again. Juggling life between his business interests in Grosse Point and other part of the world is difficult at times, emotionally and financially draining, however, he copes with everything and is an inspiration to those of us who would love (or imagine they would love) to walk in his shoes. He was known as Tau Bada, ‘big white man’ by the native farmers of Papua New Guinea where he worked hard to build them a sustainable living through the selling of coffee and chilies. Travel lovers will thoroughly enjoy his accounts of his visits to different places, and wish they were a fly on the wall watching him meet people from many nations. It is an exciting way to really learn what it is like to live amongst various peoples and learn their customs. This book is truly an awe-inspiring quest of discovery for one man, re-evaluating his life, taking on challenges, dealing with the consequences and all the time living life to the full. Whatever your dreams and ambitions, I would highly recommend this book, it is inspirational, informative and very thought provoking.