Tax the Rude, not me!: Put the Tax Bite on Bullies and Bozos Instead

Tax the Rude, not me!: Put the Tax Bite on Bullies and Bozos Instead

by Sylva Zamchyn


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ISBN-13: 9780967833002
Publisher: Riptide Press
Publication date: 05/01/2000
Pages: 160

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ALPHABET SOUP TAX -- companies that use words in their toll-free numbers, so you have to sit there stupidly staring at the keypad trying to spell out the phone number

PINATA TAX -- neglectful surgeons who sew up a patient's body cavity, after they've left a spool of thread, retractor, cloth, clamp, pair of scissors, or other surprise inside

OPERATOR ASSISTANCE TAX -- manufacturers of cell phones who don't provide etiquette manuals as standard equipment, with guidelines for cell phone use in public for the chronically self-important

FLIMFLAM TAX -- stores that require you to check all your bags, but also post a prominent sign stating, "Not responsible for personal property"

ANATOMY 101 TAX - dinner companions who season your meal with gross details about their hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, vaginal deliveries, spastic colons, oozing, incisions, constipation, and sinus drainage

ON-LINE SHOPPING TAX -- nervy supermarket customers who park their grocery carts in front of you at the checkout and then roam through the store harvesting more items, claiming that they're "on line"

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