Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College

Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College



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ISBN-13: 9780470550472
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/26/2010
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Doug Lemov is a managing director of Uncommon Schools and oversees its True North network. He is the former president of School Performance and former vice president for accountability at the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute. He also trains school leaders and teachers and has taught English and history at the university, high school, and middle school levels. Visit Doug Lemov at www.douglemov.com.

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Table of Contents

DVD Contents ix

Foreword xi

Acknowledgments xv

The Author xix

Introduction: The Art of Teaching and Its Tools 1



1 Setting High Academic Expectations 27
Technique 1: No Opt Out 28

Technique 2: Right Is Right 35

Technique 3: Stretch It 41

Technique 4: Format Matters 47

Technique 5: Without Apology 51

Reflection and Practice 55

2 Planning that Ensures Academic Achievement 57

Technique 6: Begin with the End 57

Technique 7: 4 Ms 60

Technique 8: Post It 63

Technique 9: Shortest Path 64

Technique 10: Double Plan 65

Technique 11: Draw the Map 67

Reflection and Practice 69

3 Structuring and Delivering Your Lessons 71

Technique 12: The Hook 75

Technique 13: Name the Steps 77

Technique 14: Board = Paper 82

Technique 15: Circulate 84

Technique 16: Break It Down 88

Technique 17: Ratio 92

Technique 18: Check for Understanding 97

Technique 19: At Bats 104

Technique 20: Exit Ticket 106

Technique 21: Take a Stand 106

Reflection and Practice 108

4 Engaging Students in Your Lessons 111

Technique 22: Cold Call 111

Technique 23: Call and Response 125

Technique 24: Pepper 131

Technique 25: Wait Time 134

Technique 26: Everybody Writes 137

Technique 27: Vegas 141

Reflection and Practice 144

5 Creating a Strong Classroom Culture 145

Technique 28: Entry Routine 151

Technique 29: Do Now 152

Technique 30: Tight Transitions 154

Technique 31: Binder Control 157

Technique 32: SLANT 158

Technique 33: On Your Mark 159

Technique 34: Seat Signals 161

Technique 35: Props 163

Reflection and Practice 165

6 Setting and Maintaining High Behavioral Expectations 167

Technique 36: 100 Percent 167

Technique 37: What to Do 177

Technique 38: Strong Voice 182

Technique 39: Do It Again 191

Technique 40: Sweat the Details 195

Technique 41: Threshold 197

Technique 42: No Warnings 199

Reflection and Practice 201

7 Building Character and Trust 203

Technique 43: Positive Framing 204

Technique 44: Precise Praise 210

Technique 45: Warm/Strict 213

Technique 46: The J-Factor 214

Technique 47: Emotional Constancy 219

Technique 48: Explain Everything 220

Technique 49: Normalize Error 221

Reflection and Practice 223

8 Improving Your Pacing: Additional Techniques for Creating a Positive Rhythm in the Classroom 225

Change the Pace 226

Brighten Lines 228

All Hands 229

Every Minute Matters 230

Look Forward 231

Work the Clock 232

Reflection and Practice 233

9 Challenging Students to Think Critically: Additional  Techniques for Questioning and Responding to Students 235

One at a Time 237

Simple to Complex 239

Verbatim (No Bait and Switch) 240

Clear and Concise 240

Stock Questions 241

Hit Rate 243

Reflection and Practice 245



10 How All Teachers Can (and Must) Be Reading Teachers 249

11 The Fundamentals: Teaching Decoding, Vocabulary Development, and Fluency 263

12 Comprehension: Teaching Students to Understand What They Read 283

Conclusion: The End Is the Beginning 309

Appendix: Behind-the-Scenes Interviews 311

Index 325

How to Use the DVD 331

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From the Publisher

Praise for Teach Like a Champion

"Doug Lemov knows that teachers can create powerful learning environments that will help all students make dramatic progress. With Teach Like A Champion, teachers across the country will be better prepared to wake up on Monday morning and help their students climb the mountain to college. This book provides more evidence that highly effective teaching is learnable—that many more teachers can draw from the tactics of their most successful colleagues in order to realize educational equity."
WENDY KOPP, chief executive officer and founder of Teach For America

"Every teacher should own at least two copies of Doug Lemov's Teach Like a Champion. One for home and one for school, so that they are never far from the roadmap to excellence that lies within. Lemov pulls back the curtain to reveal that the apparent wizardry of the most successful teachers is really a collection of clearly explainable and learnable techniques. This will certainly be one of the most influential and helpful books that any teacher ever owns."
DAVID LEVIN, co-founder of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program)

"Doug Lemov's Teach Like a Champion is a breakthrough book that is both visionary and comprehensive. If you are a teacher who wants to increase the academic success of your students, you should read this book. If you are an administrator with the same goal, you must get this book into the hands of your teachers!"
LEE CANTER, author of Assertive Discipline

"Doug Lemov has captured in one place the specific, practical techniques used by the best teachers in some of our country's best urban schools. Any teacher, principal, or policymaker who is interested in what it takes on a classroom level to close the achievement gap should read this book."
DACIA TOLL, co-chief executive officer of Achievement First

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Teach Like a Champion 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 63 reviews.
nsudnick More than 1 year ago
I am only half way through this book, Teach Like a Champion, and I can already tell it is going to have a HUGE positive impact on my public school teaching!! I am so glad Doug Lemov listened to Norman Atkins and published these techniques. I am going to tell anyone that will listen that they need to read this book...NOW!! What I value the most are the video clips. Seeing it in action, the ability to replay it and seeing how the students respond are extremely valuable to me. Thank you, Mr. Lemov, for 5 years of investigation and dedication!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first glance, this book seems like a dream come true - how does one truly master the art and craft of teaching - these 49 techniques should put anyone on the fast track....but unfortunately, from what I saw on the DVD, and read in the text, these techniques harken back to the stone age of education - where pupils are NOT engaged in thinking for themselves, but rather, are part of the "drill and thrill" mentality. I would be curious to see how the students identified perform on a longitudinal scale, when asked to engage in problem solving, or critical thinking.
Rhodes More than 1 year ago
Teach Like a Champion, by Doug Lemov is a collection of techniques aimed at improving everyday teaching techniques. The author has been involved in small school reform movements among urban poor populations. The techniques in the book are drawn from those experiences. Lemov is careful to describe his approaches as techniques aimed at specific situations rather than educational strategies, which he believes are more generalized approaches. The text is divided into eleven chapters focused on a particular area, such as high academic expectations and engagement. Each chapter then contains five or more specific techniques to improve the area of focus, as well as reflection and practice activities. A DVD is also included with videos of most teaching techniques described in the text. This text would be a great reference or how to guide for novice teachers. The techniques are focused, clearly described, and quick to implement. Although the book is written in a style novice teachers will find useful, the text is also user-friendly for experienced teachers as well. If I am working on my student questioning techniques, I can look it up in the table of contents and immediately have five to eleven strategies at my immediate disposal. Each technique is a quick read and if I still need clarity about the strategy I can reference the video. Teach Like a Champion would be a great text to use for one's own professional development library, staff development, or focused intervention strategies with a struggling teacher.
spedteacher5 More than 1 year ago
I'm only half way through, but I'm enjoying this book and find that it's very helpful. The DVD that shows each strategy in use is also wonderful. I'm pleased that I've already successfully incorporated many of the strategies in this book, prior to reading it. Nevertheless, it's a good affirmation and review.
marikolee on LibraryThing 8 months ago
This book was an excellent read about the craft of teaching. I would recommend it for anyone with any interest in teaching. This book broke down and explained in clear detail "what to do" (technique 37) to teach students what you would like them to learn. For good teachers who want to become better, I might recommend starting at part 4 or 5. Parts 1-3 are about planning your lesson. Most teachers already know the basics of how to do these things, but Lemov offers helpful pointers that are worth reading, such as "No Opt Out" and "Double Planning." Part 4 is about engaging students in your lessons. It has some useful techniques, such as "Cold Call" that speed up the pacing of your classes and lectures. However, most diligent teachers usually know how to plan a lesson. What is hardest is creating a positive classroom culture and preventing misbehavior from derailing the entire class. This problem can be particularly acute at inner city schools, where time spent off task could mean a fight breaks out in the classroom. Parts 5 and 6 (Creating a Strong Classroom Culture and Setting and Maintaining High Behavioral Expectations) help deal with these problems. Lemov discusses why having a standard entry routine (technique 28) helps students transition into your classroom environment ready to work, regardless of what happened at home or in their other classes. He also explains to teachers "What To Do" (technique 37) when giving directions. Basically, he argues that teachers need to be painfully clear when giving directions. It's not enough to say, "Joey, pay attention!" Joey might not know how to pay attention or what that looks like. It's more effective to tell Joey what you mean, which is usually something like "Sit-up, Listen, Ask and answer questions, Nod your head, Track the speaker." His school summarizes this instruction as "SLANT" (technique 32).The section on "What To Do" is novel for several reasons. In this section, Lemov makes the critical distinction between incompetence and misbehavior. He points out that if incompetence is confused with defiance and punished, the student may come to believe that consequences are random. If, however, misbehavior is treated as merely incompetence and is allowed, then hat student is able to disrupt the entire classroom with impunity. Many fail to understand the distinction between incompetence and misbehavior when trying to teach in a classroom, which can result in learned helplessness or unnecessary class disruptions.There were many more useful techniques in the book, such as "100%", "Strong Voice" and "Right is Right." While I do not teach, learning these techniques made me more interested in teaching and I have used them when interacting with children in psychiatric hospitals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
teach_to_inspire More than 1 year ago
This books deals with the fundamentals of teaching. This book gives 49 very specific and clear ways on using routines, procedures, and classroom management. These will not take long to learn and implement. I agreed with over 40 of his strategies. I have chosen to ignore the few I don't see implementing. How wonderful to have all these 40+specific ways to get students to better listen and engage in the classroom. I have found these "little" things make a big difference in my classroom in getting students to listen ad perform better. This book doesn't pretend to have highly engaging and exciting activities. There are plenty of other books for that, and I encourage all educators to find such books or resources. This book will help all educators from rookies to those experienced. With the challenging behavior we are seeing in the classroom, this will be an important book for those in grades 2-12. I wouldn't recommend it to grades K and 1.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found most of the techniques to be intuitive and already things most teachers already do, but developing a common lingo is very useful across classrooms. The accompanying video is great but very basic common sense approaches to classroom management. A must read but it won't solve your problems.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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