Teach Your Herding Breed to Be a Great Companion Dog, from Obsessive to Outstanding

Teach Your Herding Breed to Be a Great Companion Dog, from Obsessive to Outstanding

by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell


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Herding breed dogs such as Border Collies, Corgis, and Australian Shepherds have incredibly strong instinctive behaviors to do the work they were bred for-controlling various kinds of livestock. These behaviors manifest themselves in modern herding breed dogs kept as companions or family pets in a number of ways. These include chasing cars and bicyclists, herding kids, nipping at vulnerable heels, barking incessantly, and acting as the "fun police" in dog parks. All behaviors that are entirely appropriate and necessary when dealing with sheep or cattle, not so great in a suburban neighborhood. Fortunately, these instincts can be redirected in a number of ways that keep these energetic dogs busy and happy as well as out of trouble. That is why so many of these dogs can be taught to excel in agility and obedience trials, love to retrieve, and make great running companions. In her latest book, author Dawn Antoniak-M itch ell offers solutions to solving and preventing problem behaviors associated with herding breeds living in the modern world. And no, even though your Border Collie or Corgi might love it, you don't need to buy a farm!

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ISBN-13: 9781617811623
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
Publication date: 06/28/2015
Sales rank: 342,911
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

1 What Exactly Is a Herding Dog? 5

2 Why Should I Care Which Breed of Dog I Own? Dogs Are Dogs, Right? 14

3 What Are Typical Herding Dog Traits? 25

4 Socialization, Puppy Classes, and a Word About Dog Parks 30

5 How Do Dogs Learn? 41

6 Becoming More valuable Than Livestock in the Eyes of Your Herding Dog 54

7 Management and Training for No-Nonsense Attitude, the Urge to Take Control, and Low Frustration Threshold 68

8 Management and Training for Tenacity, Focus, and Obsessiveness 100

9 Management and Training for Barking 125

10 Management and Training for Exceptional Energy and Uber-Intelligence 138

Conclusion 153

Appendix: Breeds Used to Assist with Herding Livestock 154

Resources 156

About the Author 164

Photo credits 166

Index 167

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