Teach Yourself Italian Grammar

Teach Yourself Italian Grammar

by Anna Proudfoot


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ISBN-13: 9780071419932
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 04/22/2003
Series: Teach Yourself Series
Edition description: Subsequent
Pages: 257
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.92(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Anna Proudfoot has taught Italian in London, Cambridge, the USA and Oxford. She is Head of Italian at Oxford Brookes University.

Table of Contents

About the authorxii
How to use this bookxiii
Functional grammar units 1-22
01Asking for and giving personal information1
Say who you are / what your name is
Say where you are from / what nationality you are
Say what region or city you are from
Say what your occupation and marital status is
Ask other people for similar information
Give similar information about other people
02Identifying people and things11
Ask for something
Ask or say what something is
Ask or say who someone is
Indicate or point out something or someone
03Asking about availability20
Ask and say if something or someone exists
Say where something / someone is
Ask and say if something is available
Say how much there is
04Talking about location27
Ask where something or someone is
Say where something or someone is
05Stating choice and preference37
Ask the cost of a thing or things
Express a preference
Specify which item you want
Use numbers
Ask how much or how many
06Talking about the present45
Ask or talk about the present
Ask or talk about where someone lives or works
Ask or talk about when someone does something
07Talking about routine and habits53
Talk or ask about regular actions and daily routine
Talk about something one does for oneself and how
Say how and how frequently one does something
08Talking about possibility and asking permission61
Ask permission to do something
Ask someone if he/she is able to do something
Say you can or can't do something
Ask if something is allowed / possible
09Giving orders and instructions68
Request, order or give instructions
Read written instructions
Tell someone not to do something
10Talking about possession76
Ask to whom something belongs
Say to whom something belongs
Ask what other people have / own
11Talking about events and actions in the past85
Talk about events and actions in the past
Talk about events in the past relating to the present
Talk about events still going on
12Describing the past97
Describe how things were in the past
Talk about events or actions which happened regularly in the past
Talk about events or actions which were in the process of taking place when an event or incident occurred
Talk about events or actions which had already taken place when an action or event occurred
Talk about events or actions which were about to take place
13Talking about the future106
Talk about future plans
Express probability
Express or ask about intention(s)
14Talking about wants and preferences113
Express a wish or desire for something
Express a wish or desire to do something
Express a wish for someone else to do something
Express a preference
15Describing processes and procedures121
Say how something is done
Say how something ought to be done
Give instructions in impersonal form
Describe your reactions to something
16Talking about likes and dislikes128
Talk about your likes and dislikes
Talk about someone else's likes and dislikes
Ask someone about their likes and dislikes
Contrast your and someone else's likes and dislikes
17Asking and giving an opinion136
Express a belief or an opinion
Ask someone else's opinion
Express a rumour
Express a tentative view
18Expressing obligation and need147
Express an obligation
Ask about someone else's obligations
Express one's needs
Ask about someone else's needs
Express a necessity
Say what is needed
19Expressing emotions and uncertainty155
Express emotions or feelings
Express doubt and uncertainty
Express possibility and probability
Express a wish and request for others
20Expressing wishes or polite requests165
Express a wish for yourself
Express a wish involving someone else
Make a polite request
Allow someone to do something
Get someone to do something
Order, suggest, invite, encourage someone to do something
21Expressing regrets175
Express regrets
Say you are sorry
Talk about an action which would have taken place (if ...)
Express hearsay
Express reported speech
22Expressing conditions182
Express a condition that can be met
Express a condition unlikely to be met
Express a condition that can no longer be met
Taking it further191
Key to the exercises195
Grammar appendix208
1Nouns with irregular plurals208
1.1Invariable plural forms
1.2Irregular and other plural forms
2Adjectives extra210
3.1Comparative adjectives
3.2Relationship of equality: adjectives
3.3Superlative adjectives
3.4Comparative adverbs
3.5Relationship of equality: adverbs
3.6Superlative adverbs
4.1Indirect object pronouns
4.2Combined object pronouns
4.3Position of pronouns
4.6Direct object pronouns with passato prossimo
5.1Alcun, ogni, ognuno, ciascuno, tale, altro
5.2Qualunque, qualsiasi, chiunque
7Relative pronouns224
10Question words232
10.1Used in direct and indirect questions
10.2Used in exclamations
11.1Coordinating conjunctions
11.2Subordinating conjunctions
12Linking parts of sentences235
12.1Gerund, infinitive or past infinitive?
12.2Connecting verb and infinitive: introduction
12.3Verbs linked directly to the infinitive
12.4Verbs linked by di
12.5Verbs linked by a
12.6Verbs involving more than one person
12.7Far fare, lasciar fare (getting something done)
13Verbs extra239
13.1Passato remoto
13.2Verbs and verb links
13.3Common irregular verbs
Glossary of grammatical terms249

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