Teach Yourself Japanese Language, Life, and Culture

Teach Yourself Japanese Language, Life, and Culture

by Helen Gilhooly



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ISBN-13: 9780071407175
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 10/21/2002
Edition description: BILINGUAL
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.69(d)

Table of Contents

Author's notexi
1The making of Japan1
The land3
Origins of the Japanese people5
Unification of Japan6
The rule of the shogun 1185-186810
The Meiji restoration and the Meiji era 1868-191218
Events leading to World Wars I and II22
2The Japanese language30
Is Japanese difficult?30
Who speaks Japanese?31
What are the origins of Japanese?32
Are there other languages in Japan?32
Main features of the Japanese language33
They speak too quickly!39
Written Japanese39
3Literature, art and architecture49
Japanese literature (bungaku)49
Japanese art (bijutsu)56
Japanese architecture (kenchiku)64
4Music and the performing arts69
Features of Japanese dance and music69
Origins of performing arts70
Noh and kyogen73
Kabuki and bunraku77
Other performing arts82
Modern music83
Modern dance85
Modern theatre85
5Religion, customs and festivals89
The coexistence of Shinto and Buddhism89
Buddhism (bukkyo)93
Shinto and Buddhism in Japan today99
Confucianism (jukyo)100
Christianity (kirisutokyo)101
New religions (shinko shukyo)101
Annual events, festivals and public holidays102
And finally ...105
6Food and fashion107
Japanese food (washoku) and cookery (ryori)107
Five classic dishes109
Eating out in Japan112
Menrui (noodles)114
Home cooking114
Drinking in Japan115
Fashion and clothing116
Fashion in modern Japan119
Four Japanese designers at the forefront of international fashion120
7Creativity and achievements in modern Japan123
Science and technology123
Masukomi (mass media)126
Telecommunications and the internet134
8Political structures and institutions137
The Meiji restoration (1868) and political reform137
Democratic government in post-war Japan139
Present system of government139
Political and financial scandals144
Process for political reform begins147
Local government150
Justice and the courts150
The emperor (tenno)151
Kokki (national flag)152
Kokka (national anthem)152
9The basics for living155
Education (kyoiku)155
Health (kenko)162
Housing (jutaku)166
Cost of living169
10Japan at work and play175
Keizai (the economy)175
The employment and pay structure181
A day in the life of a Japanese worker183
Japan at play184
11The Japanese people195
The 'uniqueness' of the Japanese198
Social trends198
Social issues202
Social customs and obligations207
Doing business with the Japanese208
Visiting a Japanese home210
12Japan in the wider world214
The exoticism of the West215
The exoticism of the East216
Trading with other countries217
The Japanese abroad219
International issues219
... And the future?225
Appendix 1A timeline of Japan's history227
Appendix 2Three Japanese recipes230

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