Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto for iPad

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto for iPad

by Richard Wentk


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Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto for iPad by Richard Wentk

A visual guide to Apple's new photo editing software for the iPad

iPhoto for iPad is an exciting program that puts powerful photo editing capabilities right at your fingertips. Taking full advantage of the iPad's magnificent touchscreen, it allows you to manipulate and add to your photos, create photo journals on your iPad, and much more. This visual guide makes it even easier to master all the possibilities of iPhoto for iPad. Learn to use the built-in, multi-touch editing tools, organize your photos by date and location, group similar images, and much more.

  • iPhoto for iPad is an exciting new program with a visually rich interface that takes full advantage of the iPad's touchscreen features
  • The software is perfectly suited to visual learners, and this guide gets you up and running quickly and easily
  • See how to use the multi-touch editing tools to enhance your photos, add special effects, organize your images by date and location, group similar photos, and more
  • More than a million copies of iPhoto for iPad were sold in the first 10 days

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto for iPad will quickly have you taking advantage of everything this cool software can offer.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118443606
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/29/2013
Series: Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech) Series , #140
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Discovering iPhoto for iOS

Take a First Look at iPhoto 4

Browse Groups of Photos 5

View Photos 6

Explore Albums 8

View Events 10

Explore Journals 12

Investigate iPhoto Settings 14

Get Help 16

Find Further Help Online 18

Investigate Other Apps 20

Chapter 2 Taking and Importing Photos

Understanding the Camera App 24

Take Photos with Camera 26

Using Camera Options 28

Control Exposure and Focus 30

Take Photos from the Lock Screen 32

Record Video 34

Understanding Photo Management 36

Get Started with the Photos App 38

Using the Camera Roll 40

Save and Share Photos 42

Using the Camera Connection Kit 44

Copy Photos to a Mac or PC 48

Chapter 3 Using iCloud and Photo Stream

Understanding Photo Stream 52

Set up Photo Stream for iOS 54

Set up Photo Stream on a Mac 56

Set up Photo Stream in Windows 58

Add Photos to Photo Stream 60

Delete Photos from Photo Stream 62

Reset Photo Stream 64

Chapter 4 Introducing Photo Browsing

Understanding Photo Browsing 68

Introducing the Thumbnail Browser 69

View Single Photos 70

Introducing the Thumbnail Grid 72

Select Multiple Photos by Dragging 74

Select Multiple Photos by Tapping 76

Select a Range of Photos 78

Using the Loupe 80

Find Similar Photos 82

View Photo Information 84

Chapter 5 Organizing Photos

Understanding Albums and Events 88

View Albums 90

Create an Album with Photos 92

Set the Key Photo 94

Create Albums on a Mac 96

Import Albums and Events 98

Clear the Camera Roll 100

Chapter 6 Tagging and Flagging Photos

Understanding Photo Tagging 104

Flag Photos 106

Create Favorites 108

Add Custom Tags 110

Hide Photos 112

Search Tagged Photos 114

Caption Photos 116

Chapter 7 Getting Started with Editing

Learn about Editing 120

Using Auto-Enhance 122

Fix a Sideways or Inverted Photo 124

Fix the Horizon 126

Rotate a Photo Manually 128

Crop a Photo 130

View Edited and Unedited Photos 132

Using Undo and Redo 134

Chapter 8 Correcting and Enhancing Photos

Learn about Enhancement 138

Control Enhancements by Dragging 140

Understanding Exposure 142

Enhance Shadows and Highlights 144

Work with Contrast and Brightness 146

Learn about Color 148

Add and Remove Color 150

Work with Different Colors 152

Understanding White Balance 154

Using a White Balance Preset 156

Fix White Balance Manually 158

Chapter 9 Using Brush Effects

Understanding Brush Effects 162

Manage Brush Effects 164

Zoom for Fine Control 166

Repair a Photo 168

Remove Red Eye 170

Make Colors Pop 172

Remove Color Selectively 174

Add Emphasis and Lighten a Photo 176

Add Impact and Darken a Photo 178

Sharpen Parts of a Photo 180

Create Soft Dreamy Effects 182

Edit Matching Areas 184

Erase Brush Effects 186

Chapter 10 Using Filters and Effects

Understanding Effects 190

Add Ink Effects 192

Create Warm and Cool Colorings 194

Master Duotones 196

Convert Color to Black-and-White 198

Pick Out Strong Colors 200

Create Vintage Film Effects 202

Convert a Photo into Art 204

Chapter 11 Creating Advanced Photo Effects

Understanding Advanced Editing 208

Add a Color Gradient 210

Work with Vignettes 212

Create a Fake Miniature 214

Add Mood and Atmosphere 216

Improve a Portrait 218

Prepare a Photo for Framing 220

Combine Effects 222

Chapter 12 Sharing Photos

Learn about Photo Sharing 226

Save Photos to the Camera Roll 228

Share Photos with iTunes 230

E-Mail Photos 232

Beam Photos to Another Device 234

Print Photos 236

Share Photos via Twitter 238

Upload Photos to Flickr 240

Post Photos to Facebook 242

Create and View a Slide Show 244

Using Other Sharing Options 246

Chapter 13 Creating Journals

Learn about Journals 250

Create a New Journal 252

Change a Journal’s Background 254

Add Photos to a Journal 256

Add Other Items to a Journal 258

Lay Out a Journal Automatically 260

Move and Resize Items 262

Swap Items 264

Edit Special Content 266

Share a Journal to iCloud 268

Share a Journal to iTunes 270

Chapter 14 Using iPhoto on the iPhone

Compare Devices 274

Using the Thumbnail Browser 276

Access the Edit Tools 278

Using Settings and Options 280

Take HDR Photos 282

Index 284

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