Teach Yourself Visually MAC OS X v.10.3 Panther: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn

Teach Yourself Visually MAC OS X v.10.3 Panther: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn


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ISBN-13: 9780764543937
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/10/2003
Series: Visual Read Less, Learn More Ser.
Pages: 305
Product dimensions: 7.98(w) x 8.78(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Mac OS X Basics
Introduction to Mac OS X2
Using the Dock4
Scroll Through a Window6
Close a Window7
Using the Sidebar8
Switch Between Windows10
Move a Window12
Resize a Window13
Minimize a Window14
Force an Application to Quit15
Restart Your Computer16
Shut Down Your Computer17
Getting Help18
Chapter 2View Files
View Personal Folders and Applications22
View the Contents of Your Computer24
View the Contents of a Disc26
Change the View of Items in a Window28
Arrange Icons in a Window30
Clean Up a Window31
Display File Information32
Chapter 3Work with Files
Select Files36
Open a File38
Open a Recently Used File39
Rename a File40
Duplicate a File41
Create a Folder42
Delete a File43
Restore a Deleted File44
Move or Copy a File46
Create an Alias48
Search for Files50
Label a File53
Print a File54
Manage Files Waiting to Print56
Copy Files to a CD or DVD58
Erase a CD-RW Disc60
Send a Fax62
Set Up Your Computer to Receive Faxes64
Chapter 4Customize Your Computer
Add or Remove Icons from the Dock68
Customize the Dock70
Change the Screen Saver72
Change the Desktop Picture74
Change the Display Settings76
Change the Energy Saving Settings78
Change the Sound Settings80
Change the Mouse Settings82
Change the Keyboard Settings84
Add Fonts85
Change the Date or Time86
Open Applications Automatically at Log In90
Add a Printer92
Using Speech Recognition96
Change the Way Your Computer Speaks100
Update Software104
Chapter 5Using Mac OS X Applications
Play Chess110
Using Preview112
Using QuickTime Player114
Using Address Book116
Using iCal122
Using the Calculator126
Using TextEdit128
Using Stickies134
Using Font Book138
Using DVD Player140
Chapter 6Play Music Using iTunes
Listen to a Music CD144
Listen to Radio Stations on the Internet146
Copy Songs from a Music CD148
Using the iTunes Library150
Create a Playlist152
Create a Smart Playlist154
Create Your Own Music CDs158
Copy Songs to an MP3 Player160
Chapter 7Manage Photos Using iPhoto
Copy Photos from a Digital Camera164
Create an Album166
Edit a Photo168
Add a Title and Comments to a Photo172
View a Slide Show of Your Photos173
Design a Book174
Print Photos178
E-mail Photos180
Publish Photos to the Web182
Chapter 8Create Movies Using iMovie
Transfer Video from a Digital Video Camera186
Add a Video Clip to a Movie188
Rearrange Video Clips189
Save and Open a Project190
Create a New Project192
Crop a Video Clip193
Add a Transition Between Video Clips194
Add Sounds to a Movie196
Add a Photo to a Movie198
Preview a Movie200
Save a Movie as a QuickTime Movie202
Chapter 9Share Your Computer
Add a User Account206
Delete a User Account210
Log Out or Log In212
Change the Login Options214
Quickly Switch Between Users217
Set Limits for a Standard User218
View Shared Files222
Chapter 10Work on a Network
Turn on File and Printer Sharing226
Share Files on a Network228
Access Shared Files on a Network230
Chapter 11Browse the Web Using Safari
Connect to the Internet236
Start Safari237
Display a Specific Web Page238
Stop Transfer of a Web Page239
Move Through Web Pages240
Block Pop-Up Windows241
Download a Picture or File From a Web Page242
Display History of Viewed Web Pages243
Display and Change Your Home Page244
Create a Bookmark246
Search the Web248
Chapter 12Search the Internet Using Sherlock
Start Sherlock252
Search for Web Sites254
Search for Pictures255
Search for Stock Information256
Search for Businesses257
Search for Movies258
Search for Goods and Services260
Search for Flight Information262
Search for AppleCare Documents263
Search for a Definition264
Translate Text265
Chapter 13Exchange E-Mail Using Mail
Read Messages268
Send a Message270
Select a Name from Address Book272
Save a Draft of a Message274
Reply to a Message276
Forward a Message277
Print a Message278
Delete a Message279
Attach a File to a Message280
Sort Junk Mail282
Chapter 14Exchange Instant Messages Using iChat
Start iChat286
Add a Person to Your Buddy List290
Send an Instant Message292
Send a File294

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