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Teach Yourself VISUALLY QuickBooks 2015 / Edition 1

Teach Yourself VISUALLY QuickBooks 2015 / Edition 1

by Elaine Marmel


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The visual way to master QuickBooks 2015

If you learn better by seeing rather than wading through confusing text, then this visual guide is for you! Teach Yourself VISUALLY QuickBooks 2015 gives you hundreds of succinctly captioned, step-by-step screenshots that reveal how to master QuickBooks 2015 and get your business finances in working order.

QuickBooks 2015 is the world's most popular accounting software, but that doesn't mean it's easy to figure out on your own. In this great guide, you'll find tons of visual references that make it easy to navigate QuickBooks 2015. Learn how to store and process company names, addresses, and account information, track accounts payable, compile and integrate data, produce reports for tracking and analyzing financial data, and so much more—all with visual references that won't make you pull your hair out!

  • Find out how to choose a company identity and set up your sales tax
  • Cut through the jargon and see how to edit paycheck information and track employees' time records
  • Create invoices and estimates with QuickBooks 2015
  • Follow along with easy-to-decipher screenshots that make it clear how to pay bills online and print financial reports

If you're a visual learner interested in getting your business finances in order, this see-as-you-go guide makes it easier to master QuickBooks 2015 without the headache of trying to figure out hard-to-read text.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118915202
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/20/2014
Series: Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech) Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started with QuickBooks

Prepare to Use QuickBooks 4

Create a New Company 6

Understanding the QuickBooks Window 9

Select an Icon Bar 10

Using the Customer Center 11

Using the Vendor Center 12

Using the Employee Center 13

Set Accounting Preferences 14

Set Checking Account Preferences 16

Set General Preferences 18

Open an Existing Company 20

Chapter 2 Setting Up General Information

Create a New Account 24

Enter Opening Account Balances 26

Set Up an Existing Bank Account 28

Create Classes 30

Create Other Names 32

Chapter 3 Preparing to Invoice

Create a New Item 36

Create a New Subtotal Item 37

Create a New Discount Item 38

Create a New Group Item 39

Create a New Payment Item 40

Set Up Sales Taxes 41

Create a New Sales Tax Group Item 44

Create a New Service Item 45

Create a New Inventory Part Item 46

Create a New Inventory Assembly Item 47

Create a New Non-Inventory Part Item 48

Create a New Other Charge Item 49

Chapter 4 Setting Up Customers and Vendors

Set Preferences 52

Create Profile Information 55

Create Sales Rep Records 56

Create Customer Types and Subtypes 57

Create Job Types 58

Create Payment Terms 59

Create Payment Methods 60

Create Customer Messages 61

Create a New Price Level 62

Create Shipping Methods 64

Create a New Customer Record 65

Create Vendor Types 68

Create a New Vendor Record 69

Chapter 5 Set Up Payroll Background Information

Set Up Payroll 74

Create a Payroll Schedule 75

Create a Payroll Item 76

Create a State or Local Tax Item 78

Set Payroll & Employee Preferences 82

Create an Employee Record 84

Set Up Workers’ Compensation 90

Chapter 6 Handling Payroll and Tax Reporting

Pay Employees 96

Print a Paycheck Stub 100

Edit or Void Paychecks 102

Print a Termination Check 104

Pay Payroll Liabilities 106

Adjust Payroll Liabilities 107

Create Federal Payroll Tax Returns 108

Process W-2s 112

Summarize Payroll Data in Excel 116

Chapter 7 Tracking Time and Mileage

Set Time Tracking Preferences 120

Record Time Single Activity 121

Record Time Weekly 122

Pay Employees for Recorded Time 124

Add Vehicles to the Vehicle List 126

Track Vehicle Mileage 128

Create Billing Rate Levels 130

Invoice for Time, Expense, and Mileage Charges 132

Reimburse Employees for Mileage Expense 134

Chapter 8 Invoicing and Recording Payments

Create an Invoice 138

Using Statement Charges to Invoice 140

Create a Sales Order 141

Create an Invoice from a Sales Order 142

Create Credit Memos and Refund Checks 144

Print Invoices in a Batch 146

Assess Finance Charges 148

Create Customer Statements 150

Manage Customer Leads 152

Import Leads 154

Create a To Do for a Lead 156

Convert a Lead to a Customer 157

Record a Cash Sale 158

Receive a Payment 159

Make Bank Deposits 160

Chapter 9 Working with Estimates

Create a Job Estimate 164

Convert an Estimate to an Invoice 166

Duplicate an Estimate 168

Create a Progress Invoice 170

Chapter 10 Managing Vendor Bills

Create Purchase Orders 174

Enter Bills 176

Manage Recurring Bills 178

Enter Credit Card Charges 180

Pay Bills 182

Write Checks 184

Print Checks in a Batch 186

Pay the Sales Tax Liability 188

Print 1099s and 1096s 190

Change Item Prices 196

Build Assemblies 198

Count and Adjust Inventory Quantity or Value 199

Chapter 11 Working with Bank Accounts

Handle NSF Checks 202

Reconcile a Bank Statement 204

Resolve Discrepancies 206

Move Funds Between Accounts 208

Chapter 12 Performing General Tasks

Find a Transaction 212

View Transaction Details 214

Delete or Void a Transaction 215

Memorize a Transaction 216

Enter a Memorized Transaction 217

Work with a List Window 218

Track Back Orders Using Pending Invoices 220

Calculate Sales Commissions 222

Track Unpaid Invoices by Salesman 226

Chapter 13 Working with Reports

Find and Print a Report 230

Memorize a Report 232

Print Memorized Reports 234

Create a Custom Summary Report 236

Create a Custom Transaction Detail Report 238

Work with the Doc Center 242

Using the Income Tracker 244

Chapter 14 Working Your Own Way

Define Custom Fields 248

Work with Reminders 250

Create a To Do Note 252

Set Desktop View Preferences 254

Set Up Favorite Features 255

Set Email Preferences 256

Set Preferences for Finance Charges 257

Set Preferences for Reports and Graphs 258

Customize the Top Icon Bar 260

Customize the Left Icon Bar 262

Switch to a Different Form Template 264

Download a Form Template 266

Customize the Data Layout of a Form 268

Chapter 15 Managing QuickBooks Data

Update QuickBooks 274

Back Up Your Company Records 276

Restore a Backup 280

Create an Accountant’s Copy 284

Import Accountant’s Changes 286

Condense Data 289

Verify or Rebuild Data 292

Set Up Security 294

Index 298

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