Teacher Student Romance: Collection

Teacher Student Romance: Collection

by Lauren Fremont


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WARNING: Mature Readers Only - This Book Contains Taboo Adult Content.


Being a teacher is not an easy job! Being a supply teacher can be much harder. However, two days work at the end of the school year sounds like a pretty easy way to earn a little extra money before the summer holidays. Jason might even have enough to take the traveling vacation he has been planning for years.

However, day one throws up a big curve ball; one of the students in his class gets his attention. She might not be the typical beauty but she stirs something in him, a deep seated lust and a desire to do things to her that no teacher should consider with his student.
Perhaps the thoughts would have stayed in his head, but a chance encounter in the car park and the briefest of touches sends his head into a spin. Jason helps her out in her time of need and then crosses the line. Can he make it back, does he even want to?


Rebecca is a student at one of the best universities in the country, and she is top of her class. She has been chosen to assist her professor in a private project that is fully sponsored by the university. As the project nears completion a final adjustment leads to the elation of success. As so often happens in the heat of the moment Rebecca and her Professor cross a line; one that they were not even aware they were at risk of crossing.


Beth is a rarity, she is attractive, popular and a member of the cheerleading squad; yet she doesn't see her own beauty and is very particular about her taste in men. In fact, even though she is in her last year at college she is still a virgin; the right man simply hasn't come along yet.

A chance meeting after the game leads her to enjoy a drink with one of the competitor's players. Even Beth is surprised by the connection and they share a gentle kiss. But the following morning she is set to discover that relationships between her and the other team, are simply not allowed. Will she choose her cheerleading team, or the new man in her life?

The coach is responsible for the team and it is he who has to give her the ultimatum. Beth's thoughts soon move past her new man when she realizes just how attractive the coach is, he draws her in like a moth to a flame. Suddenly she must decide between an illicit relationship with the coach or her new man and the cheerleading team.

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ISBN-13: 9781535057783
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2016
Pages: 106
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