Teacher Thinking Twenty Years On: Revisiting Persisting Problems and Advances in Education

Teacher Thinking Twenty Years On: Revisiting Persisting Problems and Advances in Education

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Teacher Thinking Twenty Years On: Revisiting Persisting Problems and Advances in Education

The papers from the first two International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching conferences are presented in this title as book chapters. Each paper has historical value, marking as they do, both a change in topic focus and a revolution in research practice. They also have a practical value in that they provide a large reference source for, and a wide range of examples of, both topics and methods of research. Value for the future can be found in the texts that note lacunae in research and unresolved issues. Further, since the chapters derive from research conducted in a variety of national contexts, revealing some evidence of common constraints and opportunities impinging on education at the time, questions are stimulated about what has changed and what has stayed the same in the interim.

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ISBN-13: 9789026519543
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/01/2003
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Section A Teacher Thinking: Practical Theories
Chapter 1 Teachers’ Teaching Criteria

Rob Halkes and Rien Deijkers
Chapter 2 Professional Literacy, Resourcefulness and What Makes
Teaching Interesting

Alan F. Brown
Chapter 3 Teachers’ Instructional Quality and Their Explanation of
Students’ Understanding
Rainer Bromme and Gudrun Dobslaw
Chapter 4 How Do Teachers Think About Their Craft?
Sally Brown and Donald McIntyre
Chapter 5 Information Technology and Teacher Routines: Learning From
the Microcomputer

John K. Olson
Chapter 6 Planning and Thinking in Junior School Writing Lessons:
An Exploratory Study

James Calderhead
Chapter 7 Categories in Teacher Planning
Harm Tillema
Chapter 8 Teachers’ Thinking − Intentions and Practice: An Action Research
Christopher Day
Chapter 9 What makes Teachers Tick? Considering the Routines of Teaching
John K. Olson
Section B Personal Beliefs: Self as Teacher
Chapter 10 Teachers’ Epistemology and Practice

Maureen L. Pope and Eileen M. Scott
Chapter 11 Teacher Thinking and Teacher Routines: A Bifurcation?
Joost Lowyck
Chapter 12 An Attempt to Study the Process of Learning To Teach From an
Integrative Viewpoint

Jan Broeckmans
Chapter 13 Describing Teachers’ Conceptions of Their Professional World
Staffan Larsson
Chapter 14 What is ‘Personal’ in Studies of the Personal
D. Jean Clandinin and F. Michael Connelly
Chapter 15 Personal Practical Knowledge At Bay Street School: Ritual, Personal
Philosophy and Image

F. Michael Connelly and D. Jean Clandinin
Chapter 16 Self-Evaluation: A Critical Component in the Developing Teaching

Miriam Ben-Peretz and Lya Kremer-Hayon
Chapter 17 Teachers’ Beliefs and Classroom Behaviours: Some Teacher
Responses to Inconsistency

B. Robert Tabachnick and Kenneth M. Zeichner
Chapter 18 Role Over Person: Legitimacy and Authenticity in Teaching
Margaret Buchmann
Chapter 19 Forming Judgements in the Classroom: How do Teachers Develop
Expectations of Their Pupils’ Performances?

H. Manfred Hofer
Chapter 20 Conflicts in Conciousness: Imperative Cognitions Can Lead to
Knots in thinking

Angelika C. Wagner
Section C Teacher and Teaching: Theories and Practice
Chapter 21 Ten Years of Conceptual Development in Research on Teacher

Christopher M. Clark
Chapter 22 Kelly’s Theory of Personal Constructs as a Paradigm for
Investigating Teacher Thinking

Miriam Ben-Peretz
Chapter 23 The Use of Concept Mapping in the Study of Teachers’
Knowledge Structures

F. Elbaz R. Hoz, Y. Tomer, R. Chayot, S. Mahler and N. Yeheskel
Chapter 24 A Cognitive Model of Behaviour and Learning as a Heuristic
Method of Theory-Based Teacher Training

Hartmut Thiele
Chapter 25 How to Change What Teachers Think About Teachers:
Affirmative Action in Promotion Decisions

Alan F. Brown
Chapter 26 Arguments for Using Biography in Understanding Teacher Thinking
Richard Butt
Chapter 27 Access to Teacher Cognitions: Problems of Assessment and Analysis
Günther L. Huber and Heinz Mandl
Chapter 28 On the Limitations of the Theory Metaphor for the Study of
Teachers’ expert Knowledge
Rainer Bromme
Chapter 29 Post-Interactive Reflections of Teachers: A Critical Appraisal
Joost Lowyck
Chapter 30 Teachers and their Educational Situations They are Concerned

About: Preliminary Research Findings
Jan R.M. Gerris, Vincent A.M. Peters, and Theo C.M. Bergen

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