Teachers Doing Research: Practical Possibilities

Teachers Doing Research: Practical Possibilities

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Teachers are often reluctant to change their practices in response to each new staff development workshop that appears on the horizon. What then compels a teacher to explore teaching and learning in his or her own classroom and then implement change that affects the life of that classroom? What is the nature of the collaborative process that can engender teacher research leading to subsequent change? How can educational leaders facilitate this process? These are central questions addressed in Teachers Doing Research.

The process and application of developing, implementing, and evaluating teacher action research in collaborative group settings is explored. A practical approach to doing teacher research — including descriptive analysis of initiating the inquiry, gathering data, analyzing results, and evaluating the project — is set within the larger context of qualitative research, and draws on the research and literature of teacher as researcher coupled with that on staff development in school and university settings.

In this text:

• chapters providing the conceptual framework and process descriptions are interwoven with nine teacher researchers' narratives of their classroom research in a variety of grade levels and school contexts;

• concrete connections are made to curriculum development approaches and instructional decision making;

• the important role that students may play in classroom inquiry is recognized, with numerous examples given of how young people can be co-researchers to enhance their own learning; and

• "Practical Possibilities" sections provide activities, questions, and writing opportunities designed to contribute to teachers' professional development.

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ISBN-13: 9780805822540
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/01/1996
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 224
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Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. D. Hobson, Beginning With the Self: Using Autobiography and Journal Writing in Teacher Research. N. Brankis, Teacher Research: Discovering the Real Learner Within: Journal Keeping With Children. V. Schaffel, Teacher Research: Shifting Gears: An Urban Teacher Rethinks Her Practice. Practical Possibilities: Topics and Themes for Further Discussion. J.C. Fischer, Open to Ideas: Developing a Framework for Your Research. R. Moon, Teacher Research: The Personal and the Professional: Learning About Gender in Physical Education. Practical Possibilities: Topics and Themes for Further Discussion. G. Burnaford, A Life of Its Own: Teacher Research and Transforming the Curriculum. M. Newton, D. Nash, L. Ruffin, Teacher Research: A Whole Language Trilogy: The Covered Bridge Connection. Practical Possibilities: Topics and Themes for Further Discussion. D. Hobson, Learning With Each Other: Collaboration in Teacher Research. N. Hubbard, Teacher Research: Taking a Risk: Learning About Physics With Young Children. C. Hill, Teacher Research: Finding Meaning: Chemistry Reconstructed With High School Students. Practical Possibilities: Topics and Themes for Further Discussion. L.S. Tafel, J.C. Fischer, Lives of Inquiry, Communities of Learning and Caring. G. Burnaford, Supporting Teacher Research: Professional Development and the Reality of Schools. K. Visconti, Teacher Research: Stay In or Get Out? A "Twenty-Something" Teacher Looks at the Profession. S. Goff, Teacher Research: Experienced Teachers and Action Research: A Model for Professional Development. Practical Possibilities: Topics and Themes for Further Discussion. S. Jungck, Teacher Inquiry in the Traditions of Social Science Research: "Is It Real?" E. Koller, Teacher Research: Overcoming Paradigm Paralysis: A High School Teacher Revisits Foreign Language Education. Practical Possibilities: Topics and Themes for Further Discussion. Afterword.

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