Teaching and Learning on the Verge: Democratic Education in Action

Teaching and Learning on the Verge: Democratic Education in Action



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Our changing world demands that all students become agile thinkers who can grow sturdy interpersonal and civic relationships. This book proposes that teachers who think of learning as "playing with power" tap the creative and subversive energies of young people, making academic work far more consequential than a piece of paper with a grade on it. Young people must learn to play democracy just as they might play a violin or a sport: not as a game of "let's pretend," but fully participating in the language, spaces, and possibilities of public life. Based on 20 years of teaching experience and research in schools across the country, Teaching and Learning on the Verge demonstrates how educators in all disciplines can integrate civic engagement, multicultural literacy, and leadership into their classrooms and programs. Featuring voices from literature and philosophy in dialogue with the living stage of classrooms, streets, and community spaces, this book offers an imaginative and practical guide to democratic education.

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ISBN-13: 9780807756416
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 06/19/2015
Series: Multicultural Education Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Series Foreword James A. Banks ix

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction: Playing with Power 1

Democratic Education: Contradictions, boundaries, Identities 8

Experiments in Democratic Education 17

1 Social Action as Ritual 24

Environmental Justice and the Literature Classroom 33

From Service Learning to Democratic Education 45

2 Leadership in Love and Struggle: Learning to Be Allies 53

Highlander Folk School: Learning Leadership-in-Alliance 62

Relational Learning: Cross-Cultural Exchange as Counternarrative 69

Sooking Up Stories: Oral History for Democratic Learning 76

Questioning Hierarchical Power: Adult Allies and Youth Leaders 78

3 Unruly Teachers: Collective Reflective Resistance 81

Civil Disobedience Class: A Pedagogy of Hearing Many Voices 85

Arts of Teaching and Learning dissent: Cross-School Educators in Public Spaces 96

4 Public Play: On Hull-House, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Other Democratic Spaces 110

The Play of Democratic Life 110

Death and the Maidens: Theatre of the Oppressed with Students at the National Museum of Mexican Art 118

Closing Public Schools: Theatre of the Oppressed with Students and Parents at Francis W. Parker School 130

5 On Accountability and the Educating of Counternarrators 139

Counternarrators: Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy in chicago 139

Resistance and Power: June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco 148

Holding Power Accountable: Urban Academy in New York 153

6 Building Sustainable Education: A Dissenting Democratic Countertradition 172

Notes 189

References 205

Index 217

About the Author 224

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